5 Best Websites For Mining Cryptocurrencies

There are several categories of web resources used for cryptocurrency mining. These can be browser miners using the power of your PC, or cloud mining rental services. Both formats can charge a fee for their services or be completely free. So in this article, we will talk about the 5 Best Websites For Mining Cryptocurrencies.

However, when choosing the best sites for mining cryptocurrencies, you should take into account not only your individual capabilities (PC power, investment size) but also the reliability of the resource, potential profitability, as well as the list of coins available for mining.

Websites for software and browser mining

In practice, browser manning is a special mining site that automatically uses the power of your hardware to mine tokens. As for software mining, it provides for the installation of special software on your PC for mining cryptocurrencies.

5 Best Websites For Mining Cryptocurrencies

To get started, you need to register in the system and launch the site in a browser or a program on your computer. Earnings on such services are minimal and rarely cover the cost of electricity. Therefore, it is better to use such miners in the background. You can test software or browser mining on the following sites:

1. Angryminer

This site provides an opportunity by installing their program on a PC under any 64-bit version of the Windows operating system to earn ~ $ 50 / month from one computer, which is superior to many competitors. In this case, it is not even necessary to have a discrete video card. Any processor is suitable for mining, even a not very powerful CPU.

The system provides for the production of 12 cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Expanse, Monero, Musicoin, SOILcoin, Signatum, Zcash, Bytecoin, Decred, Ubiq, ZenCash.

You can withdraw the earned money once a week to QIWI, Steam account, or phone balance. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5, and there is no commission for withdrawal, which is pleasantly pleasing – you get exactly as much as you withdraw.

2. FreeBitcoin

This resource is often called a faucet (sites that pay bitcoins for viewing ads) since it allows you to receive satoshi even on the simplest equipment. The resource works exclusively with bitcoin coins. In the settings, you can arbitrarily choose the number of cores used on the PC or the percentage of processor use in general.

When you close the page, mining stops. Withdrawal of funds is possible when the amount reaches 0.0003 BTC, provided that your bitcoin wallet is indicated in your personal profile. The service commission depends on the withdrawal time and ranges from 0 (within a week) to 56 satoshis (in 15 minutes).

3. BrowserMine

The page of this miner can be opened in the background, which is very convenient. It works in various types of browsers on both PCs and smartphones. To get started, you need to go through a quick registration, select the mining power and disable all ad blocking programs (prerequisite).

The service works only with bitcoin coins, while you can withdraw them from the system directly into real money (payment cards and EPC).

4. Hash2Cash

This site has been online since September 2017. It allows authorized users to automatically mine Monero coins. Withdrawals start from 0.013.

In addition to mining, users are given the opportunity to earn money through the referral system, which somewhat increases the profitability of using the resource.

5. Minergate

Initially, this resource is a pool for miners from all over the world, but in addition to standard services, it also provides the ability to mine through a browser. At the same time, you can simultaneously mine 14 types of popular cryptocurrencies.

The speed of mining through a browser is significantly lower in comparison with installing a miner program on a PC, which is also provided on the download service. So these are the top 5 Websites For Mining Cryptocurrencies.

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