Back Pain While Pregnancy – What Helps? Tips To Relief

Back Pain While Pregnancy: Many pregnant women suffer from back pain. What helps with minor complaints and how expectant mothers can prevent them. Back pain while pregnancy – what helps?

Back Pain While Pregnancy

Some are only just a few weeks pregnant and not even visibly pregnant, others have been carrying their baby bump around with them for some time. But they often have one thing in common: there is a pinch in the back.

When There is a Pinch in The Back

“About 25 percent of mothers have back pain during their pregnancy,” says Dr. Nina Ferrari, a sports scientist at the German Sport University Cologne, who develops projects to promote health and exercise for pregnant women. Sometimes women only notice a slight pulling in their lower back, sometimes the pain is so severe that those affected no longer know how to sit, lie or stand.

Are The Hormones To Blame?

Where does it come from? It is the physical changes that occur during pregnancy that encourage such ailments. One cause: the release of the hormones relaxin and progesterone. “They ensure that ligaments, joints, and muscles become softer and the pelvis stretches.

Important prerequisites for the baby to be born,” says Heike Gross, pelvic floor trainer and yoga teacher for pregnant women in Munich. In combination with the weight of the child, this can lead to the smallest shifts and entanglements in the pelvis, which cause pain.

Attitude Changes

Another reason: the increasing stomach changes the posture. Usually, our abdominal wall is closed, the abdominal muscles form a corset that supports the back. “To make room for the growing baby, the straight abdominal muscles move to the side, creating a gap, the so-called diastasis rectus,” explains Heike Gross.

Now the weight of the stomach can pull forward, the pelvis also tilts forward. The result is a hollow back and the waddling gait typical of pregnant women. And that, in turn, leads to tension and pain in the back.

Back pain while pregnancy - what helps? | Rean Times

The Pelvic Floor No Longer Supports

In addition, the pelvic floor, which normally helps keep us upright, no longer offers good support as the pregnancy progresses. “These muscles are connected to the back muscles, their weakening has a direct effect on the back,”

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Yoga Relieves Discomfort

Women who have already had a child are more likely to suffer from back problems in later pregnancies – especially if there is only a short interval between the births of the children. Women who regularly strengthen their pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles, for example with yoga, Pilates, or dancing, and pay attention to their posture, suffer less often from the symptoms.

To Keep Moving

Please be sure to note: In the case of sharp pains and those that persist for several days, you are very limited and cannot be relieved by gentle movements, as well as in the event of numbness or other newly occurring symptoms, please see a doctor!

Only use pain relievers in consultation with your doctor! No pregnant woman has to put up with the pain. There are some things that bring relief:

“During pregnancy, the body has to constantly reorganize itself, the whole feeling changes, sometimes even every day,” says Heike Gross. That is why for all three experts one point comes first when it comes to relieving back pain: moving as much as possible! Not only small entanglements and shifts in the joints can be jerked back with it.

Back pain while pregnancy - what helps?

  • Sports scientist Nina Ferrari recommends taking at least 10,000 steps a day – that’s a good basis for every pregnant woman.
  • If you sit a lot, you can help yourself like this: get up, again and again, take a few steps, stretch, stretch and loll around.
  • Circling your shoulders and head more often, place your left ear on your left shoulder and your right ear on your right shoulder.
  • “Stand with your legs apart and let your pelvis circle, preferably several times a day,” says Nina Ferrari. Alternative for more variety: “Imagine a brush is attached to your tailbone and you use it to paint circles or numbers on the floor,” recommends Heike Gross. You can also do this exercise while standing on four feet.
  • Make sure to allow time for a walk during your lunch break.
  • Whether at the desk at home or at work: a wedge or ball cushion ensures that you sit more upright. With a ball seat instead of an office chair, you sit a little more agitated yourself.
  • Good for in between in everyday work and at home: go into the four-legged position, loll around, and feel – which movement is good for me? Where is tension loosening? By the way: employers are obliged to provide resting places for pregnant employees. “Ask about it and use it to relieve your back,” says Zohra Schardt.
  • Very important: the posture. “I recommend my pregnant women to consciously sit up straight after getting up in the morning and start the day upright. To do this, first, stretch yourself while standing, straighten your pelvis, bring your stomach towards you, keep your head straight, and take your shoulders back and down, “explains midwife Zohra Schardt. The best thing to do during the day is to remind yourself briefly and to straighten up again.
  • Exercise as regularly as possible – at least once a week, more often would be better. “Swimming, walking, Pilates, yoga or training in the gym – a combination of strength and endurance training is ideal,” says Nina Ferrari. Recommended: Special courses for pregnant women particularly address the complaints that arise.

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Relax The Muscles

The motto here is: ” Everything that relaxes and is good for you also helps your back,” says Zohra Schardt. Warmth and massages are particularly effective in relieving tension. Both can be easily applied at home with little effort.

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  • Cherrystone pillows or hot water bottles bring pleasant warmth exactly where it hurts. Simply put it on the painful area – and enjoy.
  • A warm bath not only relaxes your back but also gives you a little break from stress and hectic pace.
  • A cherry stone pillow can also be used as a massage aid: Put the pillow on the floor, place the painful area on it and roll your back over the cherry stones. “If lying on your back is no longer comfortable, clamp the pillow between a wall and your back and move your back and forth, up and down,” advises Heike Gross. A soft hedgehog ball is also suitable – both on the floor and on the wall.
  • Also very pleasant: a massage. Depending on your stomach size, you can either lie on your stomach, on your side or sit astride a chair and bend over the back of the chair. “Instruct your partner: How hard can he press and knead? Should he concentrate on the lower back or also include the upper body and shoulders?” Says Zohra Schardt.

There are no bans, what is allowed is what is pleasant. If you want, treat yourself to a break with a massage therapist, some have special loungers with belly holes for pregnant women. The health insurance company may contribute to the costs – ask your doctor.

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Relieve The Back

With so many little tricks, the back can be effectively protected in everyday life:

  • As the weight increases, it goes better on flat, good shoes than on high heels, especially if you have long stretched in front of you.
  • To lift heavier objects, bend down on your knees and lift the load close to your body with your back straight. A special feature applies to pregnant women: “Bring your feet into a slight step,” explains Heike Gross.
  • When you get up in the morning, move over your side from lying down to sitting down.
  • Sleep in general: If it becomes difficult, relax a pillow under your stomach, back or legs. “Try out where you need a pillow,” recommends Zohra Schardt. Sometimes the height of the pillow does not match the new condition either – just test whether a higher or flatter one feels more comfortable. Back pain while pregnancy – what helps?.

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