Top 10 Best Animated Movies On Netflix 2022

Best Animated Movies On Netflix: The range of Netflix is ​​large and it covers many genres. One of those genres are animated films. Although there is the image that they are only for children, this is certainly not the case. There are also fun animation films for adults that take you to a completely different world.

Besides the well-known anime, animation films in the Japanese drawing style, there are also plenty of animation films from western studios.

But which animated films should you see now? Fortunately, the Internet Movie Database, abbreviated as IMDb, can help us with that. On this website, people can give films and series a score between 0 and 10, so that each film has a so-called IMDb score.

10 Best Animated Movies On Netflix

In this article, we mention a list of the top 10 animated films available on Netflix, ranked by the IMDb score.

1. Spirited Away

  • IMDb: 8.6

The number one anime film was once again produced by – you guessed it – Studio Ghibli. It tells the story of the 10-year-old girl Chihiro who, during a car ride with her parents, comes across an abandoned amusement park.

They decide to explore it and find a restaurant with fresh food. A witch then turns her parents into pigs. Chihiro flees in time and then encounters a boy, Haku. He tells her what this “amusement park” really is and that she must work in this place full of supernatural creatures to free herself and her parents.

Spirited Away is a very successful film, which in Japan is even the most successful film in the country’s history, based on the film’s revenue. It is often cited as one of the greatest films ever made.

BBC polled 177 film critics around the world to compile a list of the 100 best films of the 21st century, with Spirited Away coming in fourth. The New York Times also compiled a list of the best films of the 21st century, where it came in second. It won a total of 58 awards. It received an average of 8.6 on the Internet Movie Database.

2. Princess Mononoke

  • IMDb: 8.4

When the young warrior Ashitaka’s village is attacked by a demonic boar, he falls ill with a mysterious illness. The warrior will soon have to find a cure and thus travels through the woods.

He then ends up in the middle of a group of people who are using their guns against the forest gods and a young girl, Princess Mononoke. Princess Mononoke was raised by a wolf god, which makes her very brave.

The warrior Ashitaka is neutral in the situation and tries to calm things down. However, this makes both groups think that he is on the side of the opponent, making him distrusted by both groups.

At the time, the highest budget ever for an anime film was made available for the production of this fairytale-like story: approximately 17.8 million euros. IMDb users gave it an 8.4.

3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  • IMDb: 8.4

Teenage Miles Morales lives a normal life and does well in school by learning a lot. One day, Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains similar powers to the original Spider-Man.

When the real Spider-Man and the villainous Kingpin find themselves in a fight, Spider-Man asks Miles to help protect the world from Kingpin. Kingpin wants to use a particle accelerator to retrieve his dead wife and son from a parallel dimension: something that puts the world and the parallel universes in great danger.

A major responsibility for Miles, who has yet to properly discover his newfound powers. The film received an average of 8.4 out of 322 thousand votes.

4. Howl’s Moving Castle

  • IMDb: 8.2

When a witch curses 18-year-old Sophie and gives her the body of an old woman, she heads for the mountains. After encountering a strange scarecrow, she ends up with the wizard Howl, who lives in a moving castle.

Also in the castle lives the fire demon Calcifer, who makes a proposal: if Sophie frees him, he will remove her curse, thus giving her back her young body.

This film is again from Studio Ghibli, so you can see again how many successful films they have produced. The film has received eight awards and has a rating of 8.2 on IMDb.

5. My Neighbor Totoro

  • IMDb: 8.2

Like Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind, this film comes from the renowned Studio Ghibli. This 1988 film with an IMDb rating of 8.2 made this studio breakthrough worldwide.

Two young girls, Satuski and Mei, move with their father because their mother is ill. This way they can be closer to the hospital where she is located. In their new neighborhood, they learn that magical creatures inhabit the nearby forest, which they call Totoros.

When they befriend these creatures, they have magical adventures with them. It’s a peaceful movie: there isn’t one bad person in the movie.

6. Klaus

  • IMDb: 8.2

As the worst mailman in training, Jesper is sent to a snowy island above the Arctic Circle. In this village called Smeerensburg, almost nothing happens and there is hardly any question of sending letters.

The people who live there are not open people, but one day Jesper does get into a conversation with the teacher Alva. He also meets the mysterious Klaus, a man who lives in a hut full of homemade toys. This friendship makes the village blossom and it has a real Christmas spirit.

Klaus’ drawing style is quite unique; the use of light makes the 2D movie look a bit 3D. The film took home this year’s Best Animated Feature Award at the British Academy Film Awards. It was also liked by IMDb users; the animation film received an average of 8.2.

7. How To Tame a Dragon

  • IMDb: 8.1

This time not a Japanese cartoon, but a western 3D film from the American DreamWorks Animation. This is all about Hiccup, a young Viking. He lives in a village infested by dragons.

To impress the girl Astrid, Hiccup wants to become a real Viking warrior. He just doesn’t have the figure of such a warrior, so he is not taken seriously by the warriors-to-be. Hiccup has to stay inside when the dragon attacks, but one day he won’t care.

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He then encounters a dragon, whom he befriends. Through this friendship, the young Viking finds out that the dragons are not as bad as people think, but his village thinks otherwise.

On average, viewers gave the 3D film an 8.1.

8. Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind

  • IMDb: 8.1

Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind started out as a manga: the comic book version of anime. This was later made into an anime film. Both the manga and the anime are among the earlier works of noted director Hayao Miyazaki, who owns Studio Ghibli.

Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind is all about the princess Nausicaä. She lives in the post-apocalyptic Wind Valley, where war is imminent between a few countries. The people who are still alive live along the Sea of ​​Destruction: a jungle where everything is poisonous. The poisonous Ohmu also live in this jungle.

To combat this, an attempt is made to use an ancient biological weapon. The charismatic Nausicaä then finds out that the insects that live there are not poisonous at all and therefore do not need to be eradicated. But the countries think differently about that…

The average of about 142 thousand votes on IMDb is a score of 8.1.

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

  • IMDb: 8.1

If you have seen the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, then you should also watch this movie. This movie is an alternative ending to this series. The original ending was not to everyone’s taste and the studio received a lot of hate and criticism for it. This ending was more popular and it is therefore also counted as one of the hundred best-animated films ever.

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Without giving too much away about the ending, it can be said what happens beforehand in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Fifteen years after an earthquake, so-called Angels attacked the city of Tokyo-3. To protect itself from these monsters, the government teams up with a secretive robot company called Evangelions. The main character Shinji is one of the directors of such an Evangelion.

Before you start watching this alternate ending, you should also watch the Neon Genesis Evangelion series.

10. Laputa: Castle in the Sky

At the beginning of this animated film from 1986, it becomes clear that cities used to be built in the sky. This turned out not to be so successful and all the cities fell back to the ground anyway. But, according to a legend, one city would have survived and would still float: the city of Laputa.

A boy named Pazu then encounters the fleeing girl Sheeta, who has stolen a crystal from a Colonel. By stealing this crystal, both pirates and the government are after her. They learn through an old man that the stolen crystal is one of the most valuable crystals due to the energy it emits. The crystal turns out to be the key to Laputa, the city from the legend.

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