10 Best Board Games Of All Time 2022

Best Board Games Of All Time: Throughout human history, board games have been popular in almost all walks of life. Games can be based on strategy, luck, or a combination of the first and the second, and most often the main goal must be achieved before the opponent.

There are many different types and genres. I grew up in America, surrounded by a large number of popular board games before no one knew about video games. While America gradually shifted to an urban lifestyle in the 19th century, the middle class experienced a surprising increase in income and more free time. The American household has become a major pastime.


Many things are considered obsolete, but board games are still popular. Plus, games that have been around for literally thousands of years are now available for smartphones. Here are the ten best board games of all time (in my opinion).


Chess, Board Game | BEST BOARD GAMES OF ALL TIMEChess is a purely strategic board game for two, played on a chessboard consisting of 64 squares arranged on an 8 by 8 grid. It is one of the most popular and ancient games played by millions of people around the world.

There is no exact information, but it is believed that chess appeared in India during the existence of the Gupta state.

For me personally, chess is the only game that can test logic with such a prostate. Only 64 cells symbolize 2 opposing nations, which are waging a war against each other, fighting until there is one king, cornered, forced to admit defeat. What I love most about this game is that it is a real test of intelligence. It is impossible to win here by relying on luck.

Nowadays, you can easily find instructions on the Internet, but chess is not subject to the instruction manual. To learn, you need to learn from someone who learned from someone else, and so on. I love this feature, a tradition that connects the past with the present.


How to Play Stratego? Rules & Strategies | Bar Games 101

The modern Stratego game based on the Napoleon theme was created in the Netherlands by Jumbo. In 1963 it was acquired by Milton Bradley for sale in the states.

Stratego is a two-player strategy game played on a 10 by 10 board. Each player has 40 pieces of personal soldiers and officers of the army. The goal of the game is to locate and capture the enemy flag, or capture as many enemy parts as possible so that your enemy can no longer take a step.

Players cannot see each other’s pieces, so intelligence and misinformation are important parts of the game. The game is easy to learn and my nephew seems to love the thing. Another great board game from Hasbro.


Monopoly, Canadian, Game, Playing, Dice
In 1933 a game called “Monopoly” was released. It is named after an economic term for complete market control by one company or organization. It was created and sold by Parker Bros.

When it comes to Monopoly, there is usually no mixed feeling, you either love it or you hate it. It doesn’t matter if you hate it or love it, Monopoly seems to have achieved its goal, either for fun or just to kill time. Everyone has memories of Monopoly. Everyone was desperate over the disappointingly long game.

It feels like the best game on earth when everyone is almost broke and you have premium real estate. Monopoly has, of course, evolved and changed over the years. This is a reworked interpretation of an earlier game created by political activist Elizabeth Maggie Phillips in 1903.

Then the game was called “Landowner”. Here are some interesting and little-known facts about Monopoly Parker Bros. initially rejected the game in 1933, citing its many fundamental flaws. The longest game in Monopoly lasted over 1600 hours. In Cuba, Fidel Castro came to power and ordered the destruction of all sets of the game.

The three most mundane squares in the game are GO, B&O Railroad, and Illinois Avenue.
During World War II, there was a special edition of Monopoly for prisoners in Nazi prisons. The game boxes contained cards, real money, and other things needed to escape.
The total amount of money in the classic bank “Monopoly” is $ 15,140.


How To Play 2 Player Risk Game Using Neutral Armies - YouTube
Another game created by Parker Bros. is a strategy turn-based game with two to six players. In the standard version, the game board depicts the political and territorial map of the Earth, which contains six continents and 42 territories. By throwing the dice, players control the armies with which they try to seize other players’ territories.

Risk is ideal for those who are possessed by the idea of ​​world domination. I discovered Risk when my friends were playing at school. I sat obediently, watching until I got into the essence of the game. After a few games, I was already pretty savvy.

Then I immediately acquired my own game for myself, and now I can confidently say that this is one of the best games I have ever played and still play today. It’s a little strange to play with someone who is close to you because it always ends in betrayal, but, to be honest, there is a certain magnetism in this.


Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization PC Games - YouTube
In the game Colonizers, participants act as settlers; each player tries to acquire buildings, as well as purchases and trades the necessary resources. As the player’s individual settlement increases, he earns points. The player who reaches the required number of points wins.

What I love most about the game is that the board is subject to change, and no game is going to be the same. The game is quite popular in the United States, where, thanks to the Washington Post, it was nicknamed “the board game of our time.” If you’ve never played colonizers, then it’s worth giving it a try. I’m sure after the first try you will be eager to play again.


Positive Letters, Scrabble, Text
The Scrabble word game can be played by 2 to 4 participants who score points by dragging the letter tiles on a 15×15 board. The goal of the game is to connect letters, form as many words as possible, and thwart your rivals. The game encourages participants to improve their vocabulary and literacy.

However, this game gave my friends and my family many hours of fun and greatly improved our spelling and vocabulary. For me, this is definitely one of the best board games of all time.


576 BEST Battleship Game IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS | Adobe Stock
In the early 1930s, it was published by many companies as a newspaper game, and in 1967 Milton Bradley finally released it as a full-fledged board game. Moreover, Sea Battle is one of the very first board games to be converted into a video game.

Before the start of the game, players secretly choose a strategic position for their ships. Each ship occupies the given coordinates of squares located either vertically or horizontally. Depending on its type, the ship occupies a certain number of cells.

A few weeks ago, I saw children playing this game and remembered my childhood. Took the game to my nephew. He didn’t know anything about her, and now he adores her. Now whenever I visit my sister, we play with him.


Cluedo, the classic board game, is plotting its own animated television series | Dicebreaker
Cluedo is an adorable 5-6 player murder mystery game created by Anthony Prat of Birmingham, UK. Now published by Hasbro, the game aims to figure out who killed the victim, Mr. Boddy. It is also necessary to find out where and with what weapon the crime was committed.

I remember how I played this game when I was growing up and how much fun it was. There are many modern versions of Cluedo now, but I prefer the original one.

The “murder weapon”, as well as the board and cards, were made of quality materials. I would definitely recommend this game for those who like to solve good riddles.


Royal Court (fan expansion for Dominion) | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
A lesser-known game that I was familiar with is Dominion, developed by Rio Grande Games, and can be played by 2 to 4 people. You act like royalty, a monarch who is the sole ruler of a small benevolent kingdom. You need to conquer as many surrounding and unclaimed lands as possible as quickly as possible.

You have the right to hire an army, build and upgrade your castle in order to protect yourself, and win. At the beginning of the game, all participants receive an identical deck of 10 cards. Then you need to choose 10 action cards from a deck of 25 cards. The rules list specific scenarios for the game, but you can create your own plan as well.

There are no intermediaries or bankers here. All players have equal chances and the same cards. The best part about the Dominion is that the game is 30-40 minutes long. So if you prefer fast-paced board games and love to compete, then you will definitely love the Dominion as much as I do.


Ticket Ride Game High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock
Train Ticket is a railroad board game developed by Alon Moon and published by Days Of Wonder in 2004. Each player receives 45 cards of the same color and then places a token of the matching color on the scoring track. A huge board with a map of America is placed in the middle of the table.

There are 36 cities here, connected by one or two railways. These lines are made using 1 to 6 segments and are colored in one of nine colors: red, yellow, black, purple, white, blue, brown, green, and gray. The deck of tickets is then shuffled and three cards are passed to opposing players. Players can discard one of these cards but must keep at least two with them.

Then the set of cards is shuffled and the four cards go to the opposing players. The remaining cards are shuffled and placed next to the board, after which five of them are turned over and placed next to the drawn pack.

The player with the longest distance goes first and the action continues clockwise around the table. This game won the Origins Award for Best Board Game of 2004, and it really is a well-deserved win.

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