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Sitcom Comedy Series

A sitcom is a comedy series in which situations take place, most of the time, in the same place and with the same characters. We all have to list some of the best sitcoms Comedy Series in history such as Friends and Giants Central Perk or Cheers Cafeteria and Bar, which is the name of the series.

The comedy series became popular during the sixties and if you follow short, entertaining episodes and easy-to-follow stories regularly with the same characters.

We already know what the characteristics of a sitcom are: they are always the same characters in the same place. For example, forced parents, we will not leave the family at home and this is where all the adventures will take place and always with the same character.

Best Comedy Series on Netflix

Fun, simple, entertaining series and one of the best choices when you arrive home and want to see something you don’t think you want. Here are the best comedy series on Netflix.

1. Friends

Probably the best-known sitcom and thanks to Netflix for watching history, its many commissions, and the possibility of watching it again. With a lot of fans worldwide, Friends is still one of the best comedy series you can see in full and will never go out of style.

Furthermore, the correct formula of its chapters is: short, full of gags and love stories between characters.

The Funniest Moment in Every Season of Friends - YouTube

Chandler, Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, and Ross sneaked into half the world’s homes in the 1990s and are still the benchmark for a successful sitcom series. Its meetings in the Central Perk Cafeteria, its mess, its impending drama, and the thousands of circumstances generated in its 236 episodes make Friends a unique and perfect series that you need to hook up to.

If you’ve already watched more than once, you can swallow several chapters in one afternoon without moving or skipping between your favorites.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 1994
  • Chapters: Ten Seasons, 236 Episodes
  • Duration per episode: about 25 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Sitcom
  • Recommended age: over 13 years

2. How can I Meet Your Mother

A series that became an instant classic and one we can remember again and again on Netflix. The adventures of Ted Mosby and his gang of friends were told by the protagonist himself to his children in the future, thanks to millions of viewers due to humor and audacity, Ted in search of love.

Ted and his friends, the well-known Robin, Lily, Marshall, and Barney, will star in a series as the autobiography of their protagonist’s children.

Every Intervention - How I Met Your Mother - YouTube

In the Friends genre, a gang of friends also meet at once and their experiences are the focus of this story. Matters of status and love between him and the funny stories between him and the mother of his children. Its final season was an event and a group of fans was formed who know each chapter of How I Met Your Mother.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2005
  • Chapters: Nine Seasons, 208 Episodes
  • Duration per episode: about 25 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Sitcom

3. Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Sheldon are two physicists at the California Institute of Technology who live together and whose lives change when Penny moves into the apartment on the other side of the aisle, an aspiring waitress from actress Leonard falling in love with her when she sees him She goes.

The series is one of the greatest sitcoms of recent times and has 12 seasons. It is gaining more and more followers, expanding the characters’ payroll.

Big bang theory

Try to attract Leonard’s difficulty Penny Some social skills of Genius Sheldon and Raj and Howard’s secondary quarrels make the Big Bang Theory one of the funniest series that aired this century and now we first chapter on Netflix Or review it for the first time if we have not yet entered their particular universe.

  • Platform: Atresplayer Premium
  • Year: 2007
  • Chapter: Twelve Seasons, 279 Episodes
  • Duration: approximately 20 or 22 minutes per chapter
  • Genre: Comedy

4. Prince of Bel-Air

Here we saw the first time Will Smith characterized himself as a series in which he, along with his uncles and cousins, lived in a luxurious house in the residential neighborhood of Bel-Air, a rebellious child in Philadelphia, where he believed Was and he lived without much attention.

His move to a world of luxury, rules, and people of another social class generates many fun situations and allows us to discover many of the most unforgettable characters on television.Prince of bel air

Despite the years passing, The Prince of Bel-Air never goes out of style and his humor is still applicable and it is undoubtedly one of the most legendary series that we remember from our childhood. Right now you can watch it again or review only the chapters that were stored in your memory and which made you very funny.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 1990 – 1996
  • Chapters: Six Seasons, 148 Episodes
  • Duration: approximately 23 minutes per chapter
  • Style: Sit

5. Modern Family

Modern Family is an intelligent series, with lots of fun and characters from people who don’t forget you. This thrill and misunderstanding reveal the three families united by the ancestral side, Jay Pritchett.

It is shown in a false documentary mode as if the heroes knew all the time that there are cameras. In fact, many times we see them speaking directly from the camera as if they were scenes of a confidant.

modern Family

They are three completely separate families that cover a broad representative area of ​​society. Latin women, gay couples, and adopted Asian girls will give rise to endless misunderstandings and crazy plots.

A perfect series to watch as a duo and one of the best comedies made in recent years. Also, this is a good option if you are looking for one to improve your English series thanks to the number of different accents you will find.

  • Platform : Netflix / Movistar Plus
  • Year: 2009
  • Chapter: Nine Seasons. 223 chapters
  • Duration per episode: about 20 minutes
  • Topic: Family Comedy
  • Age: Recommended for over 13 years

6. Two and a Half Men

The role of the controversial Charlie Sheen is very similar to Charlie Harper, an alcoholic and a single woman who lives alone in his Malibu mansion until his newly divorced brother and his sons Alan and Jake appear on the scene. , Who starts living with her and changes the order that governs her home and her life.

Alan is a loser from head to toe and his luck in life is unlike his brother as well as the power of his greed.

Two and a Half Men

Charlie and Alan must take care and educate Jake, who will grow by taking a small part of the personality of the two and participate in the thousand cases of abuse of these two brothers, who are taken to kill, but who all the time I live and act in one of the best sitcoms of all time, I’m sure you’ve ever watched television and now you can watch the whole video on Amazon Prime.

  • Forum: Amazon Prime Video
  • Year: 2006
  • Chapter: Twelve Seasons, Approximately 260 Episodes
  • Duration per episode: approximately 22 minutes per chapter
  • Topic: Comedy
  • Age: Recommended for more than 12 years

7. Family Boys

The Simpsons style, but with much more humor and adult humor than the Yellow family. Family Guy is one of the best current animated series, although it was released twenty years ago.

In this series, Peter Griffin and his wife Lois run a house with three children: Meg, Chris, and baby Stevie, who talk to the dog Brian and whose plans dominate the world. IT has over 300 chapters filled with this black humor, satire, and hooliganism jokes, this is a series that is not suitable for the whole family, even if it is animation.

Family father

From the American middle class, they deal with all kinds of issues and support secondary characters as mad as the main characters, which create illusory plots and are often taken to be the edge of the absurd.

A great choice if you want to die of laughter and don’t feel like thinking too much by sitting down to watch a series.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 1999
  • Chapter: 17 seasons and more than 300 chapters
  • Duration: 26 minutes per episode
  • Age: Over 16 years

8. Day To Day

Day 1 is one of the best series of 2019 on Netflix, which you can watch on the platform and one of the most interesting of recent times. Day by day he tells us the story of the Lavrez family and their family moments, their moments, and the routines of a single mom, Penelope, who lives with her mother (Lida, a proud Cuban) and her two teenage children.

Curious and very funny personality in a house where grandma’s Cuban nostalgia problems a hipster teenage daughter …

One day at a time

An essential, interesting, intelligent series. Each day, all kinds of current topics that you will find in the media or on Twitter are treated every day: workplace harassment, tolerance, homosexuality, respect, minority, migration… family members and (almost) always leaving home. A criticism and reflection in all areas of daily life, thanks to the unaccompanied dialogue.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2017
  • Chapters: Three Seasons, 39 Episodes
  • Duration per episode: between 25 and 30 minutes
  • Topic: Comedy
  • Recommended age: over 13 years

9. Plenary Meeting

One of the best sitcoms of the eighties was Forced Parents (Full House) in which widowed father Danny Tanner must remain in charge of his three daughters: DJ Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, and Michelle Tanner.

To try to do his best, his best friend (Joey Gladstone) and his brother-in-law (Jessie Katspolis) will accompany him. Pick three girls together and avoid everyday situations.

Plenary meeting

You can watch it on Netflix in its entirety with nearly two hundred episodes and are ideal to watch them all together, in which you’re looking for a great sitcom for everyone. For the audience and with those great moments of the little tenor that more than 30 people remember.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 1987 – 1995
  • Chapters: Eight Seasons, 192 Episodes
  • Duration per episode: about 30 minutes
  • Topic: Series for the whole family
  • Recommended age: Recommended for more than 7 years

10. Fuller House

Surely you remember the forced father, one of the best classic series ever, a series of comedies for the entire family. Thirty-minute short chapters, entertaining, light, and in which everyone will end up hugging. Is a continuation of the normal range of forced mothers.

Now, as the forced father’s children grow up, DJ Tanner is widowed to live with his three children and his sister Stephen Tanner and his friend Kimmy Gibler, so that he can help her with the family. Far from being helpful, they stare at all kinds of fun family moments, in situations in which you need something.

Fuller House

One of the best Netflix sitcoms for the whole family, which has short episodes and a very easy-to-follow threadA current, entertaining series, with all kinds of characters and moments but almost always at the famous Gibler House.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Year: 2016
  • Chapters: Four Seasons, 57 Episodes
  • Duration per episode: about 30 minutes
  • Subject: Family Treatment
  • Recommended age: Recommended for more than 7 years

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