Top 10 Best Computer Brands in 2022

Best Computer Brands in 2022: The computer has become an indispensable tool for many people these days. It is sometimes difficult to choose from the multitude of models and brands available on the market.
However, some brands stand out for the quality and performance of their computers. To facilitate your computer purchase, you can also consult the comparison of the best sites to buy a computer.

What are The Best Computer Brands in 2022?

We have selected the best brands of laptops and desktops for you, whether for work, gaming, or simply for everyday use.

Comparison of The Best Computer Brands in 2022

Check out our Top 10 best computer brands in 2022.

1. Apple – The Best Computer Brand

Apple is one of the best laptop and desktop computer brands: Top 10 Best Computer Brands in 2022: Rean Times

The Apple brand was created in 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs. It is today one of the best brands of computers and computer products in general. Apple has become known worldwide for the quality and ease of use of its products. 

The firm is best known for its ability to innovate and revolutionize the market with products like the famous Macintosh, or more recently the MacBook or the iMac. Apple has two distinct laptop models. The MacBook Air is lighter, more compact, and more affordable, while the MacBook Pro is more powerful and has longer battery life.

At the desktop level, Apple offers a selection of iMacs, as well as more specific computers, such as the Mac mini or the Mac Pro.

In addition to computers, the Apple brand is famous for its famous iPhone and is also one of the best smartphone brands. Its products also include accessories such as Air Pods or the Apple Watch.

2. Asus – The Best Value For Money Computer Brand
Asus is one of the best laptop and desktop computer brands: Top 10 Best Computer Brands in 2022: Rean Times

Asus is a Taiwanese brand founded in 1989 by four former Acer engineers, including TH Tung and Ted Hsu. It quickly becomes one of the best brands of computers and computer parts. Indeed, Asus now ensures a third of the world’s production of motherboards and produces parts on behalf of other manufacturers, such as Apple, HP, or Dell.

The quality and lifespan of Asus products allow the Taiwanese brand to place high in this ranking. There are many different laptop models, including ZenBooks, VivoBooks, and even Chromebooks. Asus offers an excellent choice of laptops, with more specific models for creators or gamers.

The Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) line of computers is specifically designed for gaming. Asus also offers a wide variety of desktop PCs, with classic desktops, but also Mini-PCs or all-in-one computers.

3. Acer – The Best Rugged Computer Brand

The Acer brand was founded in Taiwan in 1976 by Stan Shih, initially as Multitech. Initially specializing in the production of microprocessors, Acer developed rapidly and became one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world. In 2022, it is among the best laptop and desktop computer brands.

Acer’s PCs are built with high-end components and above all renowned for their robustness. Acer has a great selection of laptops, including classic laptops like the Aspire line, ultrathin laptops with the Swift line, or convertible laptops with the Spin line.

The Taiwanese brand also offers solutions for gaming or works with specialized ranges. At the level of fixed computers, there are classic towers, but also all-in-one computers.

4. MSI – The Best Brand of Gaming Computers

Founded in 1986, Micro-Star International (MSI) is a computer hardware production company based in Taiwan. As one of the three largest producers of computer parts in the world, MSI mainly specializes in computers for gaming.

The wide variety of models among the different ranges of MSI computers makes it possible to find the gaming PC adapted to your own needs. The brand offers powerful and high-end computers, which explains the slightly higher than average prices.

MSI has several lines of laptops. These include the GT Titan series, which includes high-performance models, or the GS Stealth series, made up of ultraportable PCs with very long battery life.

MSI also offers many models of desktop computers, whether dedicated PCs for overpowered gaming or all-in-one PCs more oriented for work. MSI is undoubtedly one of the best computer brands, especially when it comes to gaming.

5. HP – The Best Computer Brand For Everyone

HP is one of the best laptop and desktop computer brands

The Hewlett-Packard brand was born in 1939 in the United States, founded by William Hewlett and David Packard. First of all, the firm specializes in the production of measuring instruments and even counts the Walt Disney Pictures studios among its first customers. 

As early as the 1960s and 1970s, HP produced its first minicomputers and was one of the pioneers in the field of personal computers. HP is one of the best computer brands today. Rather than intended for the general public, the computers of the American brand are available at competitive prices while maintaining satisfactory quality and performance.

Among HP laptops, there are family, professional, or gaming laptops. With the ZBook series, the brand also has workstations for technicians and creatives. Hewlett-Packard of course also offers tower or all-in-one desktop computers, as well as a wide variety of peripherals, such as printers, mice, and keyboards.

6. Dell

Dell is one of the best laptop and desktop computer brands

Dell is one of the largest manufacturers of computers in the world, both for individuals and for businesses. Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, the American brand even became the biggest PC seller in the United States during the 2000s. Even if Dell is no longer at the top of sales, it remains among the best computer brands in 2022.

There is a very wide variety of computers among the different ranges offered by Dell. In addition to ordinary laptops for individuals, the American brand also offers 2-in-1 PCs, as well as more specific computers for creation or gaming. Since 2006, the famous brand of gaming computers Alienware has also become a subsidiary of Dell.

The brand of course also offers desktop PCs, whether classic towers or all-in-one computers. Dell offers all the necessary accessories to accompany a PC, such as screens, sound equipment, keyboards, and mice, as well as many spare parts.

7. Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the best laptop and desktop computer brands

Lenovo is a computer hardware production brand that was founded in China in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi. Besides being one of the best PC brands on the market, Lenovo also produces phones, smart TVs, and computer servers.

Gradually, the Chinese brand made a name for itself among the biggest computer brands, before becoming the world’s leading PC manufacturer by units sold in 2015. Lenovo has a wide range of desktop and laptop computers for all needs and desires. Among the laptops, there are of course classic laptops, but also two-in-ones, ultra-light laptops, laptops for gaming, as well as Chromebooks.

For desktop computers, Lenovo offers high-performance PCs for video games and workstations. Like most major computer brands, the Chinese brand also produces useful PC monitors and accessories.

8. Gigabyte

gigabyte computer

Gigabyte Technology is a company that was founded in 1986 by Pei-Chen Yeh in Taiwan. The Gigabyte brand is best known for selling motherboards, of which it is the world’s second-largest manufacturer after Asus.

In addition to motherboards, Gigabyte produces other PC components, such as graphics cards or power supplies. Today, the Taiwanese brand also has personal PCs and is one of the best laptop brands, especially for gaming.

Gigabyte offers many models of high-performance laptops, including the famous AERO and AORUS lines. Gigabyte computers are mostly high-end, and prices are therefore higher than average. There are also mini-PCs or all-in-ones among the choice offered by the brand.

9. Huawei

Huawei computer

The Huawei brand was founded in 1987 in China by Ren Zhengfei. First specialized in providing telecommunications networks to operators, Huawei has diversified over the years.

In 2020, the Chinese brand became the world’s leading smartphone seller and is now also one of the best laptop brands. Indeed, Huawei has an interesting range of consumer-oriented laptops.

The series of laptops, called MateBook, has both simple models at accessible prices and more powerful computers, such as the MateBook X Pro. Huawei has also recently moved into the production of stationary computers, with the all-new MateStation S model.

10. Microsoft


Microsoft was founded in 1975 in the United States by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It first specialized in the development and sale of computer programs before dominating the operating system market with MS-DOS. Microsoft has since become the world leader thanks to the famous Windows.

In addition to its extensive software, Microsoft now produces smartphones, computers, and even game consoles.

Microsoft’s Surface line of computers includes regular and 2-in-1 laptops, desktops, and tablets. It is possible to configure each model according to its own needs and budget. Microsoft is one of the best computer brands today.

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FAQs About Best Computer Brands

Which Brand of Computer To choose?

Choosing a computer brand is a rather personal act based on your needs, your budget, and your preferences. Indeed, it is important to study the traits you are looking for in your future computer in order to choose a good brand.

We cannot guide you toward a choice that does not take your criteria into account! For example, some will feel more comfortable on a Microsoft interface, while others will favor the simplicity of an Apple computer.

Sometimes, some computers offer their own operating system, like Chromebooks! Thus, you will have to make sure that the brand of your choice is able to work with the operating system that you prefer.

What Are The Most Reliable Computer Brands?

Since this ranking presents the 10 best brands of computers to date, it goes without saying that reliability was an imperative criterion in order to establish our selection. Impossible to say from an unreliable brand that it is one of the best of the year! So, rest assured that all the brands mentioned in this article are reliable, without exception.

Determining the reliability of a product requires evaluating a lot of information, ranging from data protection to program execution speed, for example. In this case, all the brands we have told you about are recognized for their effectiveness and have proven themselves on the market.

In addition, the durability of their computers is well established, and often you can take out a warranty offer when purchasing, depending on the seller.

What is the Best Laptop Brand?

The best laptop brand is of course the first in our ranking, we named it Apple. Dominating the market for several years, this brand knows how to remain innovative and at the service of its users.

It is one of the first to have developed models of computers that are fast, efficient, and above all very compact! Ergonomics and design are pillars of Apple, which can be observed at all points in their computers.

We also consider Asus to be one of the best laptop brands. Working with Microsoft, the speed and quality of Asus laptops are one of the most successful of all brands today.

What is The Best Desktop Computer Brand?

For those looking for a computer for more professional use, the best brand of a desktop computer is Dell. Apple also offers very good models to accomplish office tasks! Why is Dell the best desktop brand of the year? It’s simple, their processors are designed to handle large loads of information.

It is these same processors that allow you to open a large number of tabs at the same time, to do tasks simultaneously, and above all, to have no slowdown. And when looking for a desktop computer, efficiency is a criterion not to be neglected. With the Dell brand, you can work in peace without worrying about bugs!

What is the Best Computer Brand For The Price?

Now let’s move on to one of the most important points: the price. Because buying a quality computer is not free, our selection has tried to focus on the most advantageous offers.

Nowadays, it is still possible to find computers at a good value for money, and the best brand to do this is Asus! Whether it’s Chromebooks, laptops, or even desktop computers, Asus offers quality at a really reasonable price!

We think in particular of the Asus Chromebook C423 which, for only 350 euros, can perform all the tasks of a conventional computer and a tablet at the same time, with a full touch screen!

What is the Best Cheap Computer Brand?

If you favor cheaper PC options, we can only recommend the Acer and Thomson brands. These two brands have been everywhere on the shelves for many years, and this is what characterizes their success.

The inexpensive ranges of these two brands are quite capable of accomplishing the same role, and have performances identical to those of high-end computers! So, you can have a Thomson laptop for just 200 euros, which is a hard price to beat considering the demands of the market these days.

Moreover, where some buy a decent smartphone for 300 euros, it is possible to have a new computer for the same amount as the Acer brand! As you will have understood, these are the two best brands to buy a cheap computer. Another alternative to buying a cheap PC is to turn to refurbished ones.

What Is The Best Brand of Rugged Computers?

Having a robust computer is sometimes necessary when you want to ensure the security of your hardware. If the most popular brands like Apple are still very focused on design and practicality with increasingly light computer models, others prefer to guarantee foolproof durability. This is the case with Acer, the best brand of rugged computers.

Since light and compact computers are often fragile, Acer has decided to add its touch and change the situation with robust computers, whether portable or fixed. Thus, the weight of the latter can be surprising in comparison to the latest generation tablet computers:

Some Acer computers can reach a mass of 2 kilos, to be expected if you tend to move regularly! Overall, Acer remains known for its robustness. This earned it the privilege of being a brand with long-lasting products.

What is the Best Gaming PC brand?

For gaming fans who are reading this article right now, it’s time to talk about PC gaming. Of all the brands in our ranking, the best gaming PC brand is MSI. Both practical and well-designed, their portable gaming PC models are known to be as powerful as an entire tower.

The mechanical keyboard also guarantees quality and ergonomics rarely seen on PCs. Moreover, we even find processors from the MSI brand in towers that have absolutely nothing to do, such as the Asus towers example. Like what MSI is really well rated and allows anyone to enjoy the unparalleled performance!

What Is The Best Computer Brand For Everyone?

It sometimes happens to look for a computer without having specific expectations, to carry out simple daily actions such as editing text, sorting through emails, or even browsing the Internet. In this case, there is no need to look at all the offers of all the brands, since this use corresponds to the typical use of a computer.

The brand that we recommend then is HP. Easy to learn, fast, and well designed, HP is the best brand of computers for everyone. This brand is quite affordable and produces quality computers made to make your daily life easier.

Their large internal capacity will also allow you to store photos, and videos, and to have a classic use of a computer. In fact, and since it is a brand for all audiences, it would be perfect for a family for example.

What are The Best Sites To Buy a Computer?

Choosing the best brand of computer according to your needs is a good thing, but being able to buy it from a competent seller is even better! Thus, the best sites to buy a computer are Darty, Fnac, and Boulanger.

These three sites are specialized in the sale of household appliances, computer products, and much more. Relying on their services ensures you quality support and customer service, which will be able to help you in the event of a problem!

In addition, these three brands regularly offer reductions outside sales periods, through destocking for example. This is an opportunity to find good deals!

What Computer Brands Should I Avoid?

We couldn’t end this article without telling you a few words about computer brands to avoid. Without naming any brands, in particular, keep in mind that brands you’ve never seen on the shelves are less well known, and therefore pose a greater risk.


Indeed, we must not forget to take precautions before making a purchase on the internet. To do this, you have to take information about the product, and the brand, and look for user reviews, for example. Anyway, the brands in this ranking will never let you down!

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