10 Best Dogs For Kids: Dog Breed For Kids and Families

Best Dogs For Kids: According to the latest scientific studies, children living with a dog from birth are half as likely to suffer from allergies and asthma attacks in adulthood. In addition, animals teach the child independence and social interaction skills. What the breed will be – large or dwarf – does not matter.

The main thing is that the character of the pet reflects the lifestyle of the family. For the convenience of choosing, we publish a rating of the best dogs for children: for preschoolers and adolescents. We also talk about breeds that need to be started with caution. Some of them are potentially dangerous.

TOP 10 Best Dog Breeds For Kids

The rating of the best dog breeds for children includes companion dogs, shepherds, rescuers, and undersized hunters. The company was selected according to the principle of minimal manifestation of aggression towards a person. Therefore, dogs with outstanding guarding skills drop out of the competition ahead of schedule.

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a direct descendant of Newfoundland. The animal ranks 7th in the ranking of the smartest breeds on the Koren scale. Great for keeping in an apartment, easily tolerate frequent moves, and is considered one of the most successful dogs for preschool children.

The pet is human-oriented, swims well, and can withstand moderate physical activity. However, the crown quality of the dog is the tray of objects. The Labrador is ready to play sport for hours, carefully bringing the ball, stick, or plate of frisbee even to 3-year-old children.

Thanks to the “soft mouth”, the dog will never grab or injure the child’s hand. A stable psyche will allow you not to react to loud screams and careless touches.

Among the disadvantages is a tendency to obesity. Due to the craving for overeating, the animal quickly gains weight and loses its mobility. Therefore, the choice of food for dogs will have to be approached with special care and monitor portion sizes.

10 Best dogs for kids | Labrador Retriever | Rean Times

2. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever (Golden Retriever) is another large dog that can be purchased for a child. The breed lends itself well to training and is absolutely not prone to aggression, even bark. At the same time, she is ready to serve all family members equally.

If the children asked the dog, and the parents are engaged in it, as is often the case, the animal will continue to follow their commands and retain love and affection, even if all basic needs are covered by adults, and the child interacts with the animal only during the game.

Goldens are patient and sociable. The breed is often used as therapy dogs for pet therapy sessions in children’s rehabilitation centers. However, to maintain physical fitness and mental health, you will have to walk a lot and go out into nature. Otherwise, unspent energy can result in hyperactivity. And the animal will begin to gnaw on things in the house or pull on the leash for a walk.

Dog, Golden Retriever, Retriever, Puppy

3. English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a dog with a brutal appearance typical of fighting breeds. However, there were almost no fighting qualities in him.

Bred for bull-baiting, the bulldog remained in the shadow of its specialization for a long time. But after the official ban on baiting, the breed had to be retrained into a companion dog. Since then, any outbursts of aggression have been selectively ruled out.

Today, English Bulldogs are gentle and little lazy pets who like to climb onto a soft sofa and spend time with their owner in front of the TV or play with his children. Daily walks take no more than an hour and may be limited to the courtyard of your own home.

The only negative is the physiological characteristics due to the shape of the muzzle. Bulldogs are bright representatives of the brachycephalic type (short muzzle, flat nose). So get ready for the animal to grunt, gasp in the heat and drool. This is due to the structure of the respiratory tract – and these features will have to be reckoned with throughout your life. For example, do not leave the dog in a stuffy room and do not walk with it under the scorching sun.

English Bulldog, Bully, Dog, English, Bulldog, Canine

4. Pug

The pug is the most good-natured dog from among the decorative ones. The animal adapts well to the daily routine of the family and literally copies the habits of the owners. At the same time, they are quite independent and can distract themselves while all households are busy or have gone to work.


The dog is moderately playful and agile, gets along well with children of all ages, and is restrained at the sight of strangers. The reason for this is a balanced psyche without sudden mood swings.

Observe how your pet walks next to the stroller and does not tear it to the side. Internal restraint is genetically inherent in the breed. However, it can only be developed to the absolute in a family with a strong leader. The pug needs a solid, consistent approach to parenting. If you do not lay the foundation from childhood, the animal will grow up too independent.

PUG BEDTIME | Pangpang the Pug is feeling like a sleepy pug (YouTube Short Live) - YouTube

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an agile and mischievous dog for children of all ages. The animal fearlessly makes contact and finds an approach to absolutely everyone. At the same time, acquaintance with a gentleman is always emotional and sincere. The animal has a developed intuition and feels well the mood of a person.

Therefore, he instantly switches from an active invitation to the game to a guilty expression on the muzzle or uncomplaining submission to authority by laying on his back and turning his head away.

Always cheerful and active, the gentleman charges both adults and children with his mood. The dog will be a great companion and best friend for any family. However, the breed lacks guarding skills. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are good-natured and welcoming to anyone who takes an interest in them.

At the same time, their natural fearlessness pushes them to get to know strangers better, which is often not pleasant to the owners, who expect unconditional loyalty and indifference to strangers from the dog.

King Charles, Cavalier, Pet, Spaniel, Dog, Canine

6. Rough Collie

The Rough Collie (Scottish Shepherd) is a sports dog with a balanced psyche and innate kindness, extending not only to children and their parents but also to other animals in the house.

The dog easily adjusts to the owners’ daily regimen. At the same time, unlike many companion dogs, it does not overload them with communication. The animal has a unique trait – to be close and at a distance at the same time. The only thing that will give the pet away is loud barking. Like many herding breeds, collies are considered highly vocal.

Of the possible difficulties of maintenance – the need for frequent and intensive walking. Collie is the best choice for owners who want to play canine sport with their dogs. For example, agility or frisbee. But it is not enough for an animal to spend evenings at the feet of the owner.

Forest, Dog, Rough Collie, Animal, Domestic Dog, Canine

7. Welsh Corgi

It is no coincidence that the Welsh Corgi is another representative of herding breeds in the ranking of the best companions for children. This is a restrained, well-trained dog, which will become a child not only a partner for outdoor games but also a full-fledged friend at all stages of his growing up.

The most dangerous dog breeds in the world in 2021

Representatives of the breed do not single out one owner but are devoted to all family members at the same time. However, they always take into account who cares about them more. Corgi is the best choice for dog training. At the same time, the animal perfectly adapts to life in a small apartment.

The main thing is to provide the pet with decent walking and physical activity for the development of breed qualities. The dog is suitable for families with preschool children and people who already have pets. The animal treats babies with tenderness and even seeks to take care of them.

The only drawback common to most shepherds is the habit of pinching their feet. This instinct has been preserved in dogs at genetic damage. However, with due zeal, the behavior of the animal can be adjusted.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Corgi, Dog, Puppy, Pet, Animal

8. Beagle

The Beagle is an irrepressibly cheerful mobile dog for a friendly family with children of primary and secondary school age. The dog will become the best friend and partner in outdoor games.

At the same time, he will never pretend to be a nanny. Why do children like it even more? You can only walk a beagle in an urban environment on a leash. The animal has a pronounced hunting instinct, so it can chase a yard cat or birds and lose control.

The character of the beagle is light and positive. However, be prepared that the breed can be quite stubborn and go through the general training course with noticeable effort. Bigley’s are poor at generalizing information when tasks are complicated. At the same time, they can cheat and play misunderstandings in order to quickly move from boring activities to games.

Dog, Race, Beagle, Domestic Animal, Mammal, Animal

9. St. Bernard

St. Bernard is one of the strongest rescue dogs, safe to live with young children. The animal is distinguished by high diligence and kindness to humans. And his calm, slightly phlegmatic nature balances out a formidable appearance that inspires fear in strangers.

The size of the animal is really impressive. Partly because of them, St. Bernard is not recommended for keeping in an apartment.

Why do dogs attack Humans?

The dog needs long walking and exercise to develop its breed qualities. In addition, St. Bernards are intelligent dogs. Therefore, they require regular mental stress. Including a complicated course of general training.

Dogs are good at mastering complex commands. And although they are often inferior to shepherd dogs in the speed of learning, they always bring the exercises to the end and do not allow disobedience.

The only thing that should not be expected from the breed is the manifestation of guard qualities. St. Bernards are distinguished by their underestimated level of aggression. However, if the owner and members of his family are in danger, they can even fight a bear.

St, Bernard'S Dog, Bernard, Dog, Alpine, Breed

10. Bichon Frize

The Bichon Frize (French lapdog) is the only hypoallergenic dog on the list. The texture of her coat resembles that of a poodle: it is just as pleasant to the touch, does not emit a specific dog smell, and does not shed. However, it requires careful grooming and regular haircuts.

Bichon Frize dogs belong to the category of companions, the least aggressive towards children. In one popular test, the breed scored the highest in the child prank tolerance category. At the same time, dogs are actively used as volunteers in pet therapy sessions (animal treatment).

For example, for the socialization of children with autism. Animals have a high need for communication and can find a common language with absolutely everyone, even the most reserved child who is afraid of dogs.

Bichons have an easy character, love outdoor games, and are friendly to all people. This is partly why they are born in families with preschoolers. A dog that looks like a plush toy will appeal to everyone.

Dog, Bichon Frise, Animal, White, Pet, Bichon, Portrait

Dangerous Dog breeds For kids

Potentially dangerous dogs for living together with children are aborigines, some representatives of the service group, and tall hunters.

Representatives of fighting dogs are assessed ambiguously, but they are in no hurry to start them as the first pet for children. Small breeds, on the other hand, are very popular. However, the danger is not directly related to the size of the animal and the size of its teeth, and can even come from a decorative dog.

Dangerous Dogs For Children

Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world. However, with a lack of upbringing, the animal can show aggression unusual for many small breeds.

Representatives of the breed are complex in nature and can be jealous of the owner of other family members. Therefore, the role of a family pet is a stretch. In addition, there are age restrictions for keeping a Chihuahua in a house with children – only for children over 7 years old. It is easy to drop a small dog out of hand and injure its paw. In addition, Chihuahua puppies are born with an unhealed fontanelle and are prone to head injuries.

Precautionary Measures

  1. Consider working qualities. If you have a dog in a family with children, pay attention not only to the appearance and size of the pet, but also the breed qualities that are cultivated in it for breeding purposes. For example, service dogs have innate aggression, shepherds – vigilance, companions – human orientation.
  2. Choose your nursery carefully. The responsible breeder must provide all documents for the parental pair and motivate his choice of a male for mating. Animals participating in breeding work must pass genetic tests and meet the declared breed standards. Consider organizations that are ready to issue a puppy test, which can later be exchanged for the pedigree of the Russian Cynological Federation. The character of mongrel puppies is unpredictable, and it is almost impossible to guess what an adult dog will be.
  3. Do not leave your puppy unattended with children. The dog may be intimidated by loud noises or careless touching and have negative experiences that will manifest itself in the future.
  4. Provide briefing. Explain to the children how to pet and play with the dog correctly. Many toddlers provoke puppies to bite while playing, resulting in a potentially dangerous dog in adulthood.
  5. Ask the children not to give commands thoughtlessly. If the dog does not follow the command, and immediately receives the next one, this is a signal that it is not necessary to obey the owners. If the child is already an adult, explain that any spoken command must end with its execution.

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