Top 5 Best Fantasy Football Manager Leagues 2022

There are many options we have when choosing a fantasy football league manager or Fantasy Soccer league. As it is not easy to get an idea of ​​what options there are and what we can find in each of these games, we list the best Fantasy Leagues with everything you can find in each of them: Biwenger by AS,  LaLiga Fantasy by Brand Comunio,  Futmondo and Mister of MD.

How Do Fantasy Football Manager Leagues Come About?

Since the foundation of the RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) and the creation of the LFP (Professional Football League), attempts have been made to promote interest in the players and teams that compete in this league competition. However, none of these measures has been as effective in expanding the national soccer championship as the creation of Fantasy Football manager leagues.

It was the sports newspaper Marca that started this phenomenon with its Fantastic League in 1994. Thanks to this virtual game in which you make a team that scores according to the real performance of the players, they have generated overwhelming interest in LaLiga.

The transfer markets become hectic, teams that you didn’t follow before, are now important because you have two of their players in the eleven of the day. Now Getafe or Celta are not just another league team, but you know who their right-back is, even the substitute in the event that they rotate or are injured or sanctioned.

The magic of these Fantasy Soccer Leagues even reaches your workplace. How many leagues will there be set up in companies among their employees? The normal thing is to have a league with your friends, or in your family, but you can also find it in the office.

Top 5 Best Fantasy Football Manager Leagues

Once we know what the origins of Fantasy football manager leagues are, we are going to see the options that exist. Although we can find many online alternatives for this type of game, not all offer the same or have the same gameplay characteristics.

1. Biwenger


Biwenger is the football manager for Fantasy leagues developed by Diario AS and Cadena SER. Previously it was known as Comuniame and after the name change and the new design, it has been postulated as one of the most realistic alternatives to Comunio. He has introduced a series of improvements that make the functionalities of the online platform a hallmark that differentiates it from his competition.

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One of the features that push Biwenger ahead of other football games is that they now give live match results. Being able to follow live the results of the matches of the competition in which you are playing your Fantasy league gives you the possibility of not having to leave the application to know how your players are doing on that day.

Although there are other ways to follow football matches live, in this application you can even know the rating of the players if you have chosen the SofaScore or Statistics scoring system. In the event that you have chosen the spades of the diary Ace chroniclers, you will have to wait until the end of the match to know the points of each player.

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Additionally, in terms of transfers, you can go to the Biwenger market with the certainty that the transactions you carry out will allow you to have the money at the time. In this way, the traditional Comunio system is given a twist (it did not allow receiving the money instantly). More agility when executing transfers allows you to play more easily and efficiently, being a determining factor when choosing a fantasy football manager league.

A new feature is also available, loan players. To do this, whoever requests the transfer will have to pay a minimum of 10% of the market value of the player in question. The transfer may be requested for one day or more, depending on what both parties agree. For users who are not premium, these assignments must be requested with prior viewing of an advertising video.

Lastly, this year the option of being able to see the number of bids that the rest of the players in your Fantasy league have made for a player has been introduced. If you are premium, you will be able to access this functionality without much problem, for the rest, advertising video of 30 ‘at most.

2. LaLiga Fantasy Marca


LaLiga Fantasy de Marca is a great alternative that is assuming a serious competitor for Comunio. Marca’s Fantasy league platform offers great features in terms of gameplay and game options. In addition, this simulator is the official sponsor of La Liga de Fútbol Profesional, which uses the statistics collection system to give the scores to the players each day.

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Although this scoring system is already included in Comunio and Biwenger as alternatives, it is still a point in its favor that it is the official Fantasy league of the competition. There are many users who prefer to play with scores based on statistics that are subject to objective data and not to the perception of a chronicler that can be very fluctuating. 

However, the statistics are joined by the score given by Marca’s chroniclers, without being able to dissociate the scoring system. In this sense, Biwenger does offer the option of playing with one system or another (or a combination of two).

In the section of money for transfers, LaLiga Fantasy de Marca is one of the simulators that give the most budget, and although the transfers are always according to the base money, they can be shot. Each day, depending on the position in which it ends, prizes are distributed for points, players included in the eleven of the day, and MVP. This situation causes that each week, there is more money and that the prices for players that were not very expensive before, skyrocket (what is known as inflation).

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As in the case of Diario AS’s Fantasy football league, you can see the scores and statistics of the matches that are in progress in real-time. In the monetary section, money transactions are also carried out at the moment without having to wait to be able to use that money.

Regarding the design, we can say that if it is not the best, it is among the two best soccer manager game App. It has an online platform that combines very good usability with an attractive and clear design. When it comes to being able to access the different options of the application, it is quite easy even for players who are starting to play for the first time.

3. Comunio


Comunio, created by Fabian Loscheck in the year 2000, is one of the most successful managers league online games in Spain. Despite the fact that it is currently not going through its best moment in terms of popularity, it is still the reference for users of this type of manager league.

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One of its big problems is competition, which has been growing and eating ground to one of the pioneers in its sector. Despite this, Comunio has begun to react so as not to be left behind in the face of the new (and not so new) alternatives that have emerged. The scoring system has been changed by widening the range of points to -8 and 12 points.

It has also incorporated the score through the spades given by the Diario As chroniclers to each player based on their performance in the match. This scoring system has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is one of the most chosen by players.

Despite attempts to modernize the platform and streamline certain processes, as well as the connection to its servers, the comparison with other Fantasy leagues does not leave Comunio in a very good place. The transfer market that does not allow you to see the money at the moment, its design, or the crashes of its servers mean that many users have abandoned its platform to try other options.

4. Futmondo


Futmondo allows you to transfer the data you had in your Comunio league to its online platform in case you were thinking of making a change. As we have anticipated before, Comunio has been losing strength over the years and one of its main problems has been the competition that has been arriving.

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This Fantasy league format adds a number of variants that increase the complexity of the game and provide a good challenge for fantasy football lovers who want something different from the usual. Regarding the scoring system, it is quite similar to Biwenger, which allows you to choose between Ace chroniclers’ ratings, statistics, or a combined average between both scores.

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We can say that the similarities with Biwenger do not end there with regard to gameplay options. This manager league also adds the system of money bonuses for including a player in your eleven who has been the best in his position, as well as the possibility of including «Clausulazo» to players who are in the transfer market, making it possible for there to be signings without the need for an offer to be accepted.

In addition, regarding this last functionality, in Futmondo we can block these clauses or increase their value as long as a small amount is paid in mondos (virtual currency in which this Fantasy league operates). This type of virtual currency can be obtained in different ways, both by paying with real money or through the application download system or by filling out surveys (it is a very laborious method, really…) favoring certain users who are willing to invest in-game money.

One of the differentiating factors of Futmondo with respect to the rest of the simulators is that reserves can be included in each position in case your player is not a starter. It is a pretty good option in order to be able to score if there is an injury or rotation that was not included in your forecasts for the day.

In terms of usability, design, and graphics we are very much in the same vein as Biwenger and LaLiga Fantasy de Marca. Attractive and modern design and an easy-to-use and intuitive application. For a user who is starting to use this soccer game, it is quite easy to take the first steps.

5. Mister


Mister is the Fantasy football manager developed by Mundo Deportivo (sports newspaper). It is an app with less visibility than the ones we have seen, although it has some features that make it very attractive. As happens in others, if you want to change Comunio for another manager league, you can take the data to this platform.

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It has prizes per day, being able to play with the times of the transfer market, choose a scoring system between statistics, chroniclers, or mixed, inclusion of termination clauses to sign without negotiating.

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In addition, like Futmondo, it adds the possibility of being able to make changes once the lineup is closed. You don’t have a reserve per line, but you can change a player for the reserve. If you want to make more changes, you can do it but with a paid version.

As far as the design plan is concerned, the App is very elaborate and offers a fairly modern and easy-to-use interface.

Which Fantasy Football Manager League Do I Choose?

Well, with the data that we have given you, we cannot tell you anything else but… it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for design and usability, you could opt for LaLiga Fantasy de Marca or Míster. If you are looking for a functional platform but with a scoring system in the tradition of spades, Biwenger is your answer. A slightly more complex option that can offer you game alternatives: Comunio or Futmondo.

This is our top fantasy football league with a description of the main features of each simulator. Based on what you are looking for, you can choose between the different options so that you can assemble your league the way you want without problems. If you have any questions, you can leave us a comment and we will try to help you.

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