Top 5 Best Fitness Apps For Workouts, Sports At Home, office and Travel

Best Fitness Apps For Workouts: You don’t have to buy an expensive gym membership to go in for sports. Even a smartphone will help to keep fit.

5 Best Fitness Apps For Workouts

We have selected the best apps for sports fitness that will help you create an individual training schedule that takes into account your sports interests and physical fitness.

1: Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club: Top 5 Best Fitness Apps For Workouts, Sports At Home, office and Travel : Rean Times

The best apps for sports fitness app contains various video workouts: yoga, stretching, warm-up before running, strength training for different muscle groups. A convenient filter will help you choose the sport that suits your needs, the level of physical fitness, and the availability of sports equipment.

For example, you can choose to train leg muscles without the use of additional equipment for beginners. All sessions last from 5 to 50 minutes.

The exercises are shown clearly and clearly. Coaches are encouraging but not annoying. The exercise base is frequently updated, so the application does not get bored for a long time. Periodically there is special training from famous athletes. You can save what you like to your favorites.

  • Cost: Free
  • Suitable for: Runners, fitness fans, and beginners.
  • Advantages: laconic design, clear instructions, nothing more.
  • Disadvantages: You can’t put together your own workout.
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2: 8fit

8FIT Fitness Workout App - Top 5 Best Fitness Apps For Workouts, Sports At Home, office and Travel

This app is a real fitness trainer inside your phone. When registering, you must indicate your gender, age, height, weight, and sporting goal. For example, lose weight, gain muscle mass, or become more active and energetic. Based on this, the app will create a workout plan for eight weeks.

Exact training days and times can be set and the app will remind you of your activities. The feature of the paid version of the application is a healthy eating plan. The database contains more than 800 recipes, adapted, in particular, for vegetarians and adherents of the paleo diet.

Before drawing up an individual plan, you can indicate which foods you dislike, how much time you can spend on cooking, how many times a day you prefer to eat.

  • Cost: the free basic version, advanced plan from 375 rubles per month.
  • Suitable for: lovers of clear plans and clear instructions.
  • Benefits: Complete exercise and nutrition plan, tailor-made to meet your goals.
  • Disadvantages: Significant limitations of the free version: no meal plan and many workouts. This best apps for sports fitness app is entirely in English.
  • Download

3. Freeletics

Workout App Reviews - Freeletics APP - YouTube

The app draws up an individual training plan for 12 weeks ahead. You must first indicate your gender, age, weight, height, and available sports equipment. There are plans for classes with their own weight.

You can customize your activities to suit your needs. For example, indicate that classes will be held in a confined space. The application has a built-in adaptive algorithm.

This is not just a set of workout videos, but a personalized plan that adapts to your personality, fitness level, and speed of progress. The best apps for sports fitness.

  • Cost: the free basic version, paid account from 249 rubles per month without a meal plan, from 375 rubles per month with a meal plan.
  • Suitable for: travelers and busy people.
  • Benefits: Adaptive training plan, ability to train in a confined space and without equipment, tracking runs, advanced statistics.
  • Disadvantages: there are no short workouts, a significant part of the useful information is only in English, it is impossible to fully use the application in a free format.
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4. Tabata Timer: Interval Timer

Wake Me Up (Tabata)" by TABATA SONGS | Tabata Timer - YouTube

App for interval 4-minute workouts. Each lesson consists of several exercises that must be repeated in a circle. It sounds simple, but in reality, Tabata is complete strength training. In one run, you can perform several tabatas for different muscle groups.

It will help you recharge with energy in the morning and warm up during your work break. There are several built-in workouts for different muscle groups. You can also design your own workout and set up reminders. The best apps for sports fitness.

  • Cost: the free basic version, full access is purchased one-time for the amount of your choice from 179 rubles.
  • Suitable for: fitness enthusiasts with a good command of the exercise technique.
  • Advantages: simple exercises, quick settings, no unnecessary information.
  • Disadvantages: unrealistic voice acting of exercises with a computer voice, the correct exercise technique is not described.
  • Download

5: 7 Minutes Workout

Top 5 Best Fitness Apps For Workouts, Sports At Home, office and Travel: Rean Times

Application-constructor of short 7-minute lessons. There are ready-made workouts for different muscle groups. You can also compose your workout by selecting exercises from the database. For gamblers, there are 30-day challenges. For example, a test of endurance or a month of fat burning. There is an individual training schedule and set reminders.

  • Cost: Free 7-day trial period, access from 332 rubles per month.
  • Suitable: For busy people with little free time.
  • Advantages: large library of short workouts, nice design.
  • Disadvantages: no video demonstration of exercises, all workouts are animated.
  • Download

The technique for performing the exercises is not described. Therefore, the application is suitable for people with experience in fitness who already know how to do basic movements correctly.

So all these best apps for sports and fitness are clearly structured and nicely drawn. You can quickly figure it out and start studying.

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