Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Programs For PC in 2022

Best Free Video Editing Programs For PC

To help you make a choice, we have listed the best ones. These are the top 10 best free video editing programs.

1. Blender

Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Programs For PC: Rean Times

Blender is the gold standard when it comes to free video editing programs. The software is open-source and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac users. The program itself has video editing functions, but can also be used for 3D animations.

When it comes to editing, you can do almost anything with Blender. All standard functions such as cutting the video, syncing, and transitions. But the program also includes more complex options such as video masking and waveform visualizations. Blender has an active community in which you can find a lot of information, tutorials, and tips so that you can also get started with the program as a beginner.

2. Shotcut

Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Programs For PC: Rean Times

Shotcut is completely open-source and packed with useful video editing features. The big advantage of Shotcut is the ability to save videos in 4K without having to pay or download extra plugins.

The program has a neat interface, and you don’t have to load your videos into the editor. All the necessary functions are there to edit videos, and it is perfect if you want to edit a video project in HD.

3. Openshot

Video optimization for YouTube 1080p Full HD in OpenShot - YouTube

The strength of Openshot lies in the simplicity of the program. Through a clear interface you have access to various functionalities in this powerful editor. With the basic functions, anyone can quickly and easily edit a video in Openshot.

In the program you can, among other things, add real-time transitions that can be viewed directly via a live preview, create different audio layers, split videos and correct colors. A great free video editing program for novice users.

4. DaVinci Resolve

Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Programs For PC: Rean Times

If you are experienced in video editing, DaVinci Resolve is the program you need. This is a very advanced free video editing program with professional capabilities.

DaVinci Resolve has options to trim videos, Multicam editing, and options to correct the colors at a detail level. In addition, DaVinci Resolve also has a built-in option to master the audio in the video. This program may be too extensive for novice users, but a very good option for experienced users.


VSDC Video Editor BEST Export Settings 2020 | Lowest Size + Highest Quality - YouTube

VDSC is a powerful editor with all kinds of useful features to take video editing to the next level. VDSC is available for free on Windows but has no versions for Mac or Linux.

VDSC has a free and paid version. For most edits, you can go to the free version. Here you can, among other things, apply advanced color corrections, stabilize the image and adjust the audio in different layers so that it forms a perfect whole. The program is fairly easy to learn and has all the features clearly arranged in the program.

6. Videopad

Advanced Features in Video Pad Pro (Professional) by NCH Software Part 2! - YouTube

Videopad is a good program for anyone who is just starting to edit videos. The user-friendly program is easy to use and has several standard functions and templates to get you started.

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The editing program has an extensive library of special effects, preconfigured transitions, and sound effects. It allows you to process videos in a few minutes. For advanced users, the program may be a bit too simple, but for starters, it offers a good foundation.

7. HitFilm Express

Old)Using Hitfilm Express for animation compositing and tweening-tutorial - YouTube

HitFilm Express is a good free editor for people with a lot of experience. The program can do as much as most paid variants and comes with a huge list of options.

In addition to the standard video editing options such as trimming, slicing, and transitions, the program also has 180 standard special effects built-in. You can also edit green screen videos in it, and it has a store where you can download even more advanced add-ons. To make the most of HitFilm Express, it is recommended to follow the tutorials. But once you know how everything works, you have a powerful video editing program in your hands.

8. InVideo

How to Edit Videos for YouTube in 2020 - InVideo Tutorial - YouTube

InVideo is a simple but good free video editing program that focuses on editing videos quickly. The tool is not the most extensive, but suitable for people who quickly need to make a few adjustments to a movie.

The program allows you to add overlays, add brand names or logos, and stabilize videos. InVideo also has a number of standard templates in which various effects and adjustments are automatically processed. A good tool for, for example, social media managers or influencers who want to quickly edit self-shot videos.

9. iMovie

How to edit video with iMovie (2018) - YouTube

iMovie is the default video editing program for Mac computers. The software is included as standard with new MacBooks and is very intuitive to use. iMovie uses a simple drag & drop interface, allowing you to quickly edit a number of videos.

Although it takes a little longer to import and render videos than other programs, iMovie has some interesting features. For example, you can slice videos, stabilize the image, adjust the audio or just choose from a number of preconfigured transitions so that you can put together a beautiful video within minutes.

10. Avidemux

Merge Videos with Avidemux - YouTubeAvidemux is a very simple, yet user-friendly program to perform simple operations. The program is suitable for making the most standard adjustments in videos such as applying filters, correcting colors, and synchronizing audio.

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Although the program lacks advanced features for advanced users, Avidemux is easy for beginners to get to grips with. You don’t have to read through the documentation or follow tutorials to get started with the video editing program.

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