Top 10 Best Netflix Series For Men 2022: Best series to watch on Netflix

Best Netflix Series For Men: Enjoy an evening on the couch alone or with friends, and the best Netflix series for men. When you watch with your girlfriend or family, as a man you often have to add some water to the wine. Series are usually set up that are loved by others, while you prefer to set up a horror or action series yourself. Fortunately, you can also turn on Netflix when you’re alone, and enjoy the great range of series for men.

10 Best Netflix Series For Men

If you do have some time for yourself, then of course you want to have the best series for men ready. Netflix has not forgotten the men, and there are dozens of series on the platform for a men’s evening. To ensure that you can find the best series , we have listed them. These are the top 10 best Netflix series for men.

1. Peaky Blinders

In first place is the best series for men, Peaky Blinders. The series travels to Birmingham around the turn of the 20th century. Thomas Shelby and the other members of the Peaky Blinders are followed in their efforts to work their way up the criminal circle. 

In this top series, Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson and Tom Hardy proved that together they are the real Peaky Blinders. The story, the actors, the action and the environment ensure that you absolutely cannot miss this series. The 5 seasons each consist of about 6 episodes, and after watching you even start talking like a real Peaky Blinder.

2. Breaking Bad

Walker White lives a normal life as a chemistry teacher until he is diagnosed with lung cancer. In order to leave his family with enough money, White makes a separate decision, he decides to start producing drugs. He gets involved in the criminal circuit, and this creates a series that you absolutely should not miss.

Breaking Bad has been named one of the best series ever, and has won several awards. With multiple seasons, you can go ahead for the time being. The series was such a huge success that a sequel was even made, Better Call Saul. 

3. Narcos

Narcos is based on the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The series follows life from when Pablo Escobar is still an unknown boy, to his rise in the Medellín Cartel at the top of the underworld.

The actors have managed to put down a top performance in Narcos. The story combines historical facts with the necessary action. You often wonder how some things could have happened in real life. And Pablo, who is one remains a mythical figure in South America. So sit down, because three seasons of Narcos will keep you busy for a while.

4. House of Cards

House of Cards follows Francis Underwood, who has launched a merciless campaign to work his way up to the White House. Together with his wife Claire, they are willing to give everything to get higher in politics. House of Cards was a great success, received several awards, and soon got a sequel.

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The series was therefore a pleasant surprise, which has managed to conjure up the world of political intrigue and betrayal on television. Do you want something different than action and excitement? Then put on a season of House of Cards.

5. The Last Kingdom

Uhtred is captured by the Normans at a young age and grows up there. When he grows up, he must choose, fight for the Normans to conquer England, or choose his native land. 

The historical series set in the early Middle Ages is a gem. Beautiful shots are combined with great fights and of course the much-needed betrayal. The series is very well put together, and you get the feeling of being teleported to 872.

6. Black Sails

In Black Sails we go back to the golden times for the pirates. There are no laws on New Providence Island, and the pirates rule it out. So is Captain Flint, who is feared at sea.

Black Sails shows the dark sides of piracy in a series full of action and of course a good portion of violence. The characters are unique to say the least, and show that being a pirate wasn’t always easy.

7. Sons of Anarchy

Heavy motorcycles, crime and armed motorcyclists should of course not be missing on Netflix. Sons of Anarchy manages to combine this brilliantly into a thrilling multi-season series.

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Jackson Teller is a member of the Sons of Anarchy, a motorcycle club that is increasingly involved in the criminal circuit. This of course includes the necessary violence, and rivals come into play. Charlie Hunnam does a great job in the role of Jackson, and Sons of Anarchy is worth watching with some friends .

8. Prison Break

Prison Break has been around for a number of years, but that doesn’t make the series any less. Michael Scofield deliberately lets himself be picked up so that he ends up in prison, where his brother is imprisoned. 

His plan is to break out of prison together and save his brother. Every episode in Prison Break is full of suspense, so we recommend watching the episodes one after the other. You get a glimpse into prison life, and the (disturbed) minds of the inmates. 

9. Spartacus

Do you want to fill a few evenings with some old-fashioned violence from the Roman era? Then Spartacus is a great series. The series steps back in the time of the gladiators. We see strong men competing in bloody battles, supplemented by a lot of feminine beauty that comes by in the series.

The storyline in the series is interesting. You follow Spartacus, who has been sentenced to the Arena. The battles are complemented by an exciting story, and you get to see the necessary plot twists in every season. 

10. The Punisher

The Punisher is based on the books and comics of the same name. Frank Castle is a veteran who loses his family at the hands of criminals. But Frank doesn’t stop there. 

He tackles crime in a heavy-handed way in his own way. The series is therefore full of over-the-top violence, but at the same time provides insight into Frank and the demons he himself must struggle with to survive. Unfortunately, The Punisher is only two seasons long, but fans of Marvel should not miss this series.

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