Top 10 Best Penalty Takers Of All Time 2022

Best Penalty Takers Of All Time: On the one hand, taking a penalty is a simple task, because there is only a goalkeeper on the way and there are no defenders who could pick up the ball. However, in reality, scoring a goal from a point is quite difficult and, as statistics show, only 70% of penalties are realized in football. 

Best Penalty Takers Of All Time

The pressure on the penalty kick performer is simply enormous and there is little confidence that there will be a goal. With each approach to the ball, the goalkeeper gets closer and seems to be an impenetrable wall, and the dimensions of the goalposts seem to decrease.

On the other hand, goalkeepers who save a penalty can be real heroes for fans and teammates, especially if the decisive kick is saved in a game. However, in most cases, goalkeepers come out as losers in such a battle.

Top 10 Best Penalty Takers in The World 2022

As you understand, it is very difficult to score a penalty and even the best football players in the world are often not able to drive around from the point. Only a small part of the players managed to master the art of taking penalties, and in this post, they will be presented in full. clarification! The data with players’ penalties is current at the time of publication of the post.

10: Francesco Totti (Italy)

  • 86 out of 105 penalties scored
  • Implementation 81.9%
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“Emperor of Rome”. This is one of the nicknames Francesco Totti has earned during his brilliant club career. Totti was the symbol of Roma, whose colors he defended for 25 years. At the club level, the “golden boy” failed to win many trophies (1 Serie A title and 2 Italian Cups and Supercups each), and also won gold at the 2006 World Cup with Squadra Azzurra.

Totti, despite playing a lot as an attacking midfielder rather than a striker, scored quite a lot (307 goals in 785 matches for Roma). Francesco is one of the most productive strikers in football and the player scored a lot of goals from the penalty spot. 86 hits from the point were successful for Totti, although 19 balls did not reach their goal.

9. Alessandro Del Piero (Italy)

  • 77 out of 92 penalties scored
  • Implementation 83.6%
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Del Piero is considered the best player in the history of Juventus, as well as the club’s top scorer with 290 goals. Short, but insanely technical and fast, Allesandro simply destroyed the opponent’s defense and scored goals one after another, and also often assisted teammates.

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During his career, Pinturicchio has won many trophies, including 6 Serie A titles, 4 Italian Super Cups, the UEFA Champions League, and the 2006 Mundial. Del Piero is a master of penalties and in this regard, a football player can give odds to many famous players. Up, down, for strength, as soon as the 11-meter Italian goalkeeper did not break through, and most often the goalkeepers were absolutely powerless against such shots.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

  • 134 out of 160 penalties scored
  • Implementation 83.75%
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Ronaldo in recent years has only been fighting Leo Messi for setting new records. The Portuguese have won 5 Golden Balls, a bunch of league titles with different clubs, as well as 5 UEFA Champions League Cups. Today, the Portuguese is one of the top 10 scorers in the history of football and it is very likely that he will soon become the first.

Despite his age, CR7 continues to play at a high level and remains the leader of Juventus and the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo is synonymous with a goal. From any position, from any distance, the forward knows how to drive balls into the net.

Recently, Krish has been often criticized for allegedly improving his goalscoring statistics thanks to goals from penalties. Indeed, the penalty taker Ronaldo is excellent and scores a lot from the point, but he also differs a lot from the field and hits the gates of absolutely any opponents, not only the weak ones.

As you can see, Cristiano also has a lot of misses from 11 meters, although it is likely that he will correct this situation by the end of his career.

7 Steven Gerrard (England)

  • 47 out of 57 penalties scored
  • Implementation 85.1%
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This Liverpool legend needs no introduction. Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest midfielders in the history of the English Premier League, having played for 17 years at Anfield. Gerard grew up in Liverpool and spent his entire career at the club, winning the Champions League, the FA Cup, and the English Football League Cup with the Reds, although the Premier League never submitted to the player.

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Gerrard stood out for his versatility and leadership qualities. In young goals, the player showed high stamina and, in general, he is one of the best box-to-box midfielders. Gerrard was Liverpool’s leader and captain and took often penalties. The cold-blooded Englishman responsibly approached the implementation of 11-meter strikes, which is why he has such excellent statistics on accurate targets.

6. Frank Lampard (England)

  • 60 out of 70 penalties scored
  • Implementation 85.7%
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As Gerrard was a legend and a star for Liverpool, so was Frank Lampard for Chelsea. In 2001, Frankie left West Ham and moved to Chelsea for £11 million, where he played for 13 years, after which there was Man City and an overseas career. Lampard is a TOP midfielder who possessed a wonderful accurate passing, excellent vision of the field and showed good goalscoring skills.

The player’s best years were spent in London’s Chelsea, with whom he won the Premier League and the Champions League. To this day, Frank Lampard remains the Aristocrats’ top scorer in history with 211 goals in all competitions and is the only midfielder in history to score 150+ goals in the Premier League. Lampard had a good accurate shot, he scored a lot from the field, from free-kicks, and also masterfully converted penalties.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)

  • 84 out of 98 penalties scored
  • Implementation 85.71%
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But he is an ageless “lion” on the football field. Ibrahimovic is one of the best strikers in the history of this great game, having played for many famous clubs and won more than 30 trophies. The Swedish footballer has won the Serie, La Liga, Ligue 1, and the Europa League, but the Champions League has never conquered the star.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known for being cold-blooded and arrogant. The player often likes to talk about himself in the third person, praising his exploits on the football field. Despite his scandalous personality, the player Ibra is really cool. His acrobatic goals more than once drove the fans to madness.

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In total, the “golden Swede” scored more than 500 goals for clubs and the national team, and now he continues to play and improve his statistics. Ibrahimovic has scored many goals from the field, but he is also one of the best penalty takers in the world. Zlatan always approaches the point with particular seriousness, although 100% implementation still cannot be achieved, who can?

4. Mario Balotelli (Italy)

  • 37 out of 42 penalties scored
  • Implementation 88%
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He is loved and hated by footballers and has had a lot of ups and downs since he burst into big-time football. Both on and off the field, Balotelli was a very controversial player. Constant quarrels with coaches, conflicts with opponent players, and vivid statements were the negative side of the Italian striker’s career. And, consequently, Mario was a fairly high-class footballer and he was invited to the best clubs in Europe, and also called up to the Italian national team.

In total, during his career, Mario Balotelli scored 165 goals, including for clubs and the national team, while the Italian boasts a large number of won trophies, including victories in Serie A, the Premier League, and even the UEFA Champions League. That’s what Balotelli was cool in, so it was in the performance of penalty kicks, which he implemented one or two.

3. Alan Shearer (England)

  • 63 out of 67 penalties scored
  • Implementation 94%
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Here is another legendary person in our TOP. Alan Shearer has had an amazing career with Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, and England. The striker is the highest scorer in the history of the Premier League (260 goals). The football player shone in Blackburn, with whom he won the Premier League.

The striker also won the Golden Boot of the English Championship three times. Alan’s career in the national team was also prolific and he scored 30 goals in 63 matches. Shearer was a great British striker, one of the best No. 9s, who played every match at a high level, giving all his best 100%. No one has scored more than Shearer’s penalty in the Premier League (56 accurate shots out of 62 attempts).

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Penalty taker Alan Shearer was great: he easily put the balls in different angles with a small run-up with his right foot. Its implementation rate is 94%, which is why it is in our rating.

2. Marco Van Basten (Netherlands)

  • 51 out of 54 penalties scored
  • Implementation 94.4%
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Van Basten could be one of the top 10 players in the world in the history of football if his career had not ended at 28 due to a knee injury. The Dutchman is a netting machine: during his career, the player scored 300 goals in 431 matches, including clubs and the national team.

Marco was not only an excellent goalscorer, but he also stood out on the field with excellent ball control, as well as impeccable football intelligence – he was a very smart player. In 1992, Van Basten was named the best player according to FIFA, and the striker also received 3 Golden Balls (1988,1989, 1992).

With the Dutch national team, Marco won Euro 1988, and at the club level, the player triumphed four times in Serie A and won the Champions League twice with Milan. Playing for Ajax and Milan, Van Basten proved to be an excellent penalty taker, and his conversion rate is simply incredible for today (94.4%).

1. Matthew Le Tissier (England)

  • 47 out of 48 penalties scored
  • Implementation 97.9%
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“God” leads the TOP 10 best penalty takers in the history of football. It was this nickname that Matthew got, who was an attacking midfielder by role and spent his entire career at Southampton. The English football player during his career, which lasted more than 16 years, could not realize only one 11-meter.

The world’s best penalty taker failed to score against Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Mark Crossley. With Southampton, Le Tissier could not get great heights, however, as well as on an individual level. Matthew played 304 matches for the Saints and scored 109 goals. The footballer became the first midfielder in Premier League history to score 100 goals in this competition.

Here is such a modest player who leads this rating. Matthew Le Tissier has no Golden Balls or Champions League victories, but he knows how to do one thing better than Messi, Ronaldo, and all the most famous stars. Le Tissier is the best penalty taker in the world and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to surpass his record in the coming years.

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Oh yes. You ask: “Where is Lionel Messi?”. The star of the Catalan “Barcelona” in his prolific career has often taken a penalty, but his implementation is still lame – 97 accurate shots out of 124 attempts (accuracy rate of 78.23%). The data with the goals of Messi and other players is up-to-date at the time of the publication of the post. So these are the Best Penalty Takers of all time.

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