TOP 10 Best Photo and Video Editors For iPhone 2022

On modern mobile devices, including the iPhone, you can shoot high-quality videos – 4K is no surprise! By activating a few system options, Best Photo and Video Editors For iPhone you can stabilize the picture and set your iPhone to an appropriate frame rate.

All this allows you to create real masterpieces on your smartphone – you can post them on the Internet, share your creativity with the world.

Best Photo and Video Editors For iPhone

In this list, we decided to share with you the best photo and video editors that are completely safe for iPhone and help you create truly amazing videos and pictures. Be sure to check out the apps!

10. Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express - Review 2021 - PCMag UK
It is difficult to imagine our life without photos – we go somewhere, see something and there is a desire to share it with others. Not everyone likes to leave the resulting photos in their original form, so the great helper of photoshop comes to the rescue!

Photoshop Express is the highest quality and best Photoshop you can find. The application allows you to process photos to your liking, and this does not affect the quality in any way.

The program is absolutely free and sharpened for the touch screen. It is positioned as for smartphones, but, of course, it is more convenient to use it on a computer.

9. Quik

Honor 8 Pro Smartphones to Feature GoPro's Quik Mobile Video Editing App
With this program, when editing a video, anyone will feel like a real pro! The Quik app caters to all photos and is capable of making quality videos. It has a lot of useful features that you will definitely want to try: you can add text to the video, rotate pictures in the desired direction, change the focus, and more.

You can add music to the video if you wish – accompanied by it, the photo series looks even more attractive! This program is quite suitable for both beginners and experts.

I am glad that this program is very easy to learn (one day is enough). Your video remains in the program’s memory, so you can return to it later.

8. Phonto

If you take pictures with your phone, edit on the road, are used to image processing, then we are happy to share with you the Phonto program, which is designed for both beginners and pros. It is easy to understand yourself and the program is quite smart. You do not need to pay for its installation and use.

Editing is available from:

  • Google Photos;
  • Google Drive;
  • Yandex.Disk;
  • from phone memory.

You can do whatever you want with photography! The key here is to create – you can draw, add effects, stickers, etc. Of course, there is the possibility of editing: cropping, rotating, working with color, and so on.

By default, photo masterpieces are stored in the Photo Studio folder in your phone memory and you can return to them later.

7. Adobe Premiere Clip

Many users treat Adobe Premiere Clip with great love and respect. It is ideal for video editing, including the preparation of videos on YouTube. It was created specifically for professional editing, but even a beginner in this business can master it.

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Adobe, as always, is on top, so its products are unlikely to screw up. The main advantage of the program is stability – it works without crashes. The second plus is the abundance of settings, the program comes with a large number of special effects that can be expanded if desired.

For reference: in Adobe Premier Clip, you can work as a team. This is a very important point for film companies making films. You can install the utility, install the project on the server and set the compatibility mode.

6. Clips

Apple’s simple and intuitive video editor is reminiscent of the Instagram story shooting menu, designed for short videos for social media. The application allows you to compose photos and videos into bright videos with the addition of music, beautiful effects, and animated titles.

There is another plus – you can insert stickers with your favorite cartoon characters. Clips video editor is your personal movie studio on your smartphone!

It is worth noting that Siri is used to displaying audio comments in the form of text – this function requires an Internet connection. Since the library contains few sounds, you can use your own tracks.

5. Darkroom

Darkroom photo editor for iPhone and iPad rebuilt with major performance improvements, more - 9to5Mac
Once you download the Darkroom app, you will immediately fall in love with it, want to check it out? Everything here is done to make the user feel comfortable.

Photos do not need to be imported from the photo stream, since the application immediately opens a library with all the photos. Optionally, you can create your own filters, which is good news.

The application has a wide range of possibilities:

  • photo cropping;
  • adjustment of brightness, saturation, etc.;
  • filters;
  • curves, etc.

In a couple of steps, the Darkroom app will transform and edit your photo, select the right filter and show you the history of changes. To save a photo, drag it down, and it will open a new panel that will allow you to save the photo or share it with a friend.

4. Action Movie FX

Action Movie Fx Editor for Android - APK Download
Action Movie FX allows users to apply Hollywood special effects to captured images on iPhone and other smartphones. The program is very easy to manage – even a preschooler can master it. You just write and the program does the rest.

In addition to the visual effect, the application adds a realistic sound that perfectly conveys everything that you see on the screen. According to users, Action Movie FX applications are unmatched in terms of entertainment. If you install IapCracker from Cydia, you can buy additional effects for free.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Review | PCMag
We all take photos from time to time – have you thought about diversifying and improving them somehow? With the Adobe Lightroom application, you can make any idea come true! This application is very popular among Instagram bloggers because it allows you to choose a single style. A huge plus of the application is simple for any user.

The application interface is intuitive, you can take pictures natural, bright, or vice versa – gloomy, it all depends on your taste. Using the application is a great pleasure, moving the sliders, the pictures change before your eyes, becoming brighter and more interesting. Download and enjoy!

2. iMovie

iMovie for iPhone and iPad is updated with HDR and 4K 60fps support | WorldMagazine NewsPaper Online
iMovie is a handy video editor for short videos. All its charm is that you can quickly and conveniently mount the video. It is not suitable for professional installation, because. it has few features compared to PC editing.

However, the program still boasts functionality: we can apply effects, sounds, flip, crop, etc. Even if by chance you exit the application, the video is automatically saved. The program is intuitive, so you do not have to spend time analyzing the nuances.

For reference: the program has the ability to comment on the shooting, and during the filming process, the music stops.

1. Artisto

Artisto – Video and Photo Editor with Art Filters on the App Store
You can give a graphic style to photos not only on iPhone but also on Android using Artisto. Many people like to make funny avatars to diversify their profiles. Using the program is nowhere easier: you need to upload a picture and click on the button with the filter you like – you’re done!

I am glad that the application is free, and anyone can master it. It does not have annoying ads, and if you want additional options, you can purchase them for an additional fee. If you want to diversify your pictures, be sure to use this application

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