The Best Real Madrid Players In History Of All Time: Top 10

Best Real Madrid Players In History: These are the Real Madrid footballers who have marked the history of the club with their performances, participating in winning titles and making it the best in history

Making a list of the best players in its history is not an easy task, but we are going to try to select the 10 best white footballers taking into account all those who have worn the jersey since its creation in 1902.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Don’t let any white or any other team fan get angry. This classification is made with the intention of giving an opinion, not an absolute truth. It is very difficult to agree on these ranking issues when dealing with such good players.

Ranking With The 10 Best Footballers in The History of Real Madrid

Before starting with the ranking, we are going to explain the way in which we are going to score each player

10 Best Real Madrid Players In History

Above all so that you can see that we will base ourselves on data, as well as opinion, to determine who are the most influential and decisive footballers in the history of Real Madrid.

10. Michel Salgado

  • Citizenship: Spain Spain
  • Position: defender
  • Year of birth: 1975

Salgado arrived at Real Madrid twenty years ago after brilliant seasons at Celta. On the field, he is a defender, but he is remembered as an excellent offensive player. He played 341 matches and scored 5 goals while playing for Real Madrid. 

After that, Michel played for Blackburn for another three years, in 2012 the contract expired and the football player ended his career.

9. Guti

  • Citizenship: Spain Spain
  • Position: midfielder
  • Year of birth: 1976

During his time at Real Madrid, he was not very lucky. He was a good player for this club, but not so excellent that he was equalized with the stars of Madrid. No less offensive were statements about his effeminate fashionable appearance.

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He spent more than any of their star players in the Spanish club, was there in the darkest times. During all this time, he spent 542 matches and scored 77 goals.

8. Pepe

  • Citizenship: Brazil Brazil / PortugalPortugal
  • Position: defender
  • Year of birth: 1983

At first, he was considered the wildest and crazy defender in the world. Pepe received a large number of red and yellow cards, once he was suspended for 10 matches. 

On July 10, 2007, he signed a contract with Real Madrid and made a different impression: he was fond of only when necessary and completely devoted himself to work. For 10 seasons, he played 327 matches and scored 14 goals.

7. Iker Casillas

  • Citizenship: Spain Spain
  • Position: goalkeeper
  • Year of birth: 1981

The famous goalkeeper spent almost his entire life playing for Real Madrid. At first, he made mistakes, but they were forgiven, relying on perspectives and talent. He spent the next five years at the highest level and received the nickname “Saint”.

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In 16 seasons, he played 725 matches. He later suffered a hand injury. And in the summer of 2015, he moved to Porto.

6. Sergio Ramos

  • Citizenship: Spain Spain
  • Position: defender
  • Year of birth: 1986

Moved to Real Madrid from Sevilla for a very impressive amount, although at that time he had only spent one good season. They were skeptical about it. But he justified himself and almost independently won cups for the national team. 

He spent  671 games and 101 goals (although he is a defender). He is currently the captain of Real Madrid.

5. Luis Figo

  • Citizenship: Portugal Portugal
  • Position: midfielder
  • Year of birth: 1972

He is the first star of Real Madrid. He moved to the club very unexpectedly and controversially: from Barcelona. Initially, he did not occupy such an important position, but this did not affect the intensity of his game. During this time, he spent 237 matches and scored 57 goals. He has now completed his football career.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Citizenship: Portugal Portugal
  • Position: Midfielder / Forward
  • Year of birth: 1985

He came to Real Madrid as an accomplished football player and never fell below his level. Sometimes he has unsuccessful matches, but in general, his game is a real pleasure for football lovers. Ronaldo has 450 goals in 438 games. In 2018, Cristiano left Real Madrid at his own request and moved to Juventus.

3. Zinedine Zidane

  • Citizenship: France France / AlgeriaAlgeria
  • Position: midfielder
  • Year of birth: 1972

Something unusual and unpredictable was always expected from him. Everyone loved him. And his name can already be called a household name. Playing for Real Madrid, he played 225 matches and scored 49 goals.

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He left the club in 2006, then played for the French national team. Now he is the coach of the same “royal club”, where he once played brightly, strongly, and beautifully.

2. Ronaldo

  • Citizenship: Brazil Brazil
  • Position: Forward
  • Year of birth: 1976

Moved to Real Madrid after the 2002 championship. Prior to that, he had experienced two injuries, but during his time at the club, he showed the highest class. For five seasons, he spent 177 matches and scored 104 goals. Ronaldo had disagreements with new coach Fabio Capello. 

The footballer was less and less released on the field and his story at Real Madrid ended in a scandal and a transfer to Milan.

1. Raoul

  • Citizenship: Spain Spain
  • Position: Forward
  • Year of birth: 1977

If Real Madrid were a man, it would be Raul (King of Madrid). His career lasted a very long time and a detailed description will take a long time. He played 741 matches and scored 323 goals. After that, due to age and the inability to maintain the same level, Raul moved to Schalke 04.

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