Top 10 Best Scariest PC Games of All Time

If you ask any person to name the strongest emotions, then FEAR will be in the top three. This is probably why horror games will always be popular with gamers. 

Many people experience a real rush of adrenaline when they escape from a ferocious maniac with a chainsaw, fight an army of the walking dead, or plunge headlong into the underworld.

Top 10 Scary Games

Of course, such games are most loved by representatives of the stronger sex, and of different ages – from teenagers to retirees. But many girls do not mind-tickling their nerves.

10 Best Scariest PC Games

We have compiled a list of the scariest PC games that can instill real horror in you. We invite you to familiarize yourself with it.

10 – Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Our selection starts with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which was released on PC in 2010. This is a first-person horror adventure game.

The main character is a young man named Daniel. He woke up in a mysterious castle and does not remember anything from his past. But then he finds a note, which he himself wrote. It says that he did something terrible, and in order to fix everything, you need to go down to the deepest cellars of this castle, find a certain Alexander and kill him.

The place Daniel found himself in is very creepy. Cockroaches and spiders crawl along the walls, the portraits on the walls come to life and follow our hero, frightening sounds are constantly heard. And outside the window it is even worse – there is a thick fog, someone howls and tries to get inside. 

But the most dangerous creature is the ancient monster that settled in the castle. Daniel cannot kill him in any way, so you must always be on your guard, move as quietly as possible, and if something happens, immediately run away.

9 – Dark Souls: Remastered

Dark Souls: Remastered is one of the best horror stories of 2018. It was released only in May, and, in fact, is a re-release of the classic “Dark Souls”, which delighted gamers 7 years ago. It’s just that the graphics have become better, the movements of the characters are more realistic, and so on. The third-person view is used.

But the plot remained unchanged. The kingdom of Lordran has been struck by an ancient curse. All living beings died overnight and became some kind of hollow substance. Everyone – except for the main character. 

He is a knight, and he is also a dead man, but his transformation is not yet fully completed. Therefore, only he can challenge Evil and defeat him.

Gamers will have to explore several dozen locations in the world of Lordran. Fight against numerous enemies – the dead, dragons, sorcerers, and other evil spirits.

In addition to ordinary opponents, a really frightening boss will await you at each level. After the death of enemies, their souls will pass into you, with their help you can pump your character.

8 – Alien: Isolation

This first-person horror game based on the legendary Alien was released in 2014. The main character is Amanda Ripley, the daughter of that same Ellen Ripley. Like her mother, she faced an evil alien monster. And what is interesting, on the same spaceship “Nostromo”.

And now the girl’s task is to survive! She is not able to kill the Alien, the ship simply does not have the necessary weapons. Therefore, you will have to hide, crawl along the air ducts, crawl over, and so on.

The goal is to get to the exit of their ship, seal the monster in it and blow everything up. The only thing in Ripley’s arsenal is the numerous items scattered in her path. Of these, she can make traps that will delay the alien a little or distract his attention.

But besides the Alien, there are other enemies on Nostromo. These are the members of the crew, distraught with horror, and the androids gone from the reels.

7 – Silent Hill

“Silent Hill” is a game on which the entire genre of computer horror stories was built. It was released in 1999 and is considered a real classic.

The main character is the writer Harry Mason, who lost his daughter Cheryl in the city of Silent Hill. And then he found out that fans of the mystical cult settled there, who want to sacrifice the girl and thereby free the ancient deity.

Controlling the character from a third person, gamers will have to fight numerous enemies, find the right items and solve various puzzles. An interesting feature of the game is poor visibility, as there is always fog in the city. So you can face the monster head to head. 

And also, depending on the tactics of the passage, there are five (!) Different endings.

6 – Doom 3

This first-person shooter was released in 2007 and is a remake of the classic Doom. Even the plot has remained unchanged. You will play as a special forces soldier who arrived on Mars. 

A distress signal was sent from the local scientific station where the genetic experiments were carried out. It turns out that numerous monsters broke free and killed almost all of the staff. We’ll have to take up arms and stop them.

The main feature of “Doom 3” is the oppressive atmosphere. Some kind of grinding, shuffling, voices are constantly heard. Plus, almost all the premises of the station are heavily darkened, and monsters can pop out from anywhere. 

And the enemies themselves can scare anyone by their appearance – from the walking dead (former scientists) to the Devil himself with horns. You will definitely not be able to play calmly – you will flinch with every movement and are constantly afraid to take a step forward.

5 – The Evil Within 2

The second part of the game “The Evil Within” was released in 2017 and continues to tell the story of detective Sebastian Castellanos. He learns that his daughter, whom he believed to be dead, is actually alive, but locked in some other world. And now the man is ready to descend into Hell itself to rescue his child.

Together with the main character, gamers will have to explore an almost limitless map – solve various puzzles, crush enemies, collect various important items and move step by step towards their goal. And also find fragments of ancient manuscripts, from which you can learn a lot about how to save a girl.

4 – Dead Space

The third-person shooter “Dead Space” in the plot is very similar to “Alien”. The main character – the scientist Isaac Clarke – is locked in a spaceship. And there are a lot of monsters around.

This is the crew of the ship, which, under the influence of the virus, turned into the walking dead, as well as various alien creatures. The task is to survive and get out of the ship.

The game has several unique features. Firstly, all weapons are a kind of self-propelled gun, created from simple objects, for example, a flamethrower from a blowtorch or an improved version of a chainsaw. 

Secondly, the equipment includes several interesting things – a module for moving objects, a device for slowing down movement, a power unit for improving the characteristics of the equipment. 

And, thirdly, there are zones on the ship with altered gravity, that is, the character will float in the air or hang upside down, as well as depressurization zones, where an oxygen cylinder cannot be dispensed with.

Well, and, of course, all the elements that distinguish a good horror are present – frightening sounds, semi-illuminated rooms, enemies popping out from around the corner, and a truly psychoactive atmosphere.

3 – The Walking Dead

The game “The Walking Dead”, which was released in 2017, opens the top three leaders in our top ranking. Here the name speaks for itself, and therefore the plot can be guessed without problems. 

The main character – teacher Lee Everett – woke up from a coma and found himself in the middle of a real zombie apocalypse. And now he must find out what happened to the people, and how to return all the dead to their normal state.

Unlike most similar games, The Walking Dead does not have to run right through the map and crush all enemies (although you will have to fight). The main thing here is survival. You need to look for various resources (food, matches, warm clothes, etc.), as well as communicate with other characters that come across along the way.

Interestingly, a lot depends on these dialogues, not only in a particular scene but also in the further development of the gameplay. Therefore, the Walking Dead can be played several times, changing the model of behavior.

2 – Outlast 2

The second place in our collection is the new episode of the game “Survive”, which was released in 2017. The action takes place in a small town in Colorado, which is inhabited by religious fanatics.

They kidnapped the wife of the main character – journalist Blake Langermann. And now he needs to snatch his wife out of the hands of the mad, otherwise, they will sacrifice her.

The main feature of this game is that the hero is much weaker than his enemies and therefore cannot cope with them. He is forced to hide all the time, to slip away and make his way without being noticed. 

Well, and if it lit up, then all that remains is to run. In the arsenal, there are several useful things – a flashlight, a microphone with which you can distinguish sounds at a distance, an infrared camera. Plus, everything else gets in the way.

Another interesting detail is that there is no health regeneration in the game. And if the main character is injured, then you need to use medicines, otherwise, the trouble will not be avoided.

1 – Resident Evil 7

In the first place, we decided to put the last part of the famous “Resident Evil”, which was released in 2017. Unlike many previous episodes, this is pure horror, in which the atmosphere of horror and a frightening plot comes to the fore.

The protagonist Ethan Winters somehow ends up in a mansion where a whole family of cannibals lives. Naturally, he cannot get out into the street through the front doors. Therefore, he will have to explore the house to find a secret passage and break free. If it doesn’t work out, it will become a festive dish on the table of the madmen.

There are few action scenes in the game when you need to destroy enemies with all available means. Although you still have to fight, otherwise it would not be interesting at all. But on the other hand, there is a huge number of puzzles – finding the necessary items, guessing passwords, reading diaries in search of clues, and so on.


Unfortunately, good horror games require powerful computers. But if your iron does not pull, do not despair.
So, you can play the game “Slender Man: Quiet Streets and a Forest of Horror”. This is a first-person shooter in which you have to explore a ghost town and find a killer maniac. This is a real monster that has already exterminated dozens of people. And he only comes at night. And therefore, you will have to catch him at night, which, of course, will add gloom to what is happening and will pretty much tickle your nerves.

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