The Best Signings in The MLS History

Best Signings in The MLS History: The MLS is about to start the new 2022/2023 season and along with it, new signings will arrive. For some years, Major League Soccer has had the luxury of hiring world-class players, some of them being considered the best in their positions. 

13 Best Signings in The MLS History

In addition, for this new season, there will also be top signings, in which various teams have paid a considerable amount of money for various players. That is why here we are going to list the best signings made in past or present seasons.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Swedish soccer player is currently no longer playing in Major League Soccer, but at the time of his signing with this league, he really was one of the top hires made by a team in that league. He played the entirety of two seasons with the LA Galaxy, having an ERA of 58 games played and 53 goals, really excellent results. 

2. David Beckham

Another of the star signings in the MLS was that of the world-renowned David Beckham. This was one of the best signings made by the league in 2007 by the LA Galaxy. Without a doubt, more than numbers in Major League Soccer, he left changes causing the restructuring of the regulations, marking the beginning of a new era in this soccer.

3. Lorenzo Insigne

The 31-year-old Italian arrives in Major League Soccer in an excellent season for him, looking to stay in shape and give great results to Toronto FC. He is another of the most important signings made by this league, having a fairly loose contract. 

He will be looking to be one of the most important strikers in the league and he has the experience, talent, and ability to do so. He is one of the most important players and one of the players who will be an excellent tool for Bob Bradley, the current coach of the team.

4. Paul Arriola

This player is the full international of the United States national team and plays as a right back for his current team, FC Dallas United. He was a key and important piece last season. But in this new one, it is hoped that he, together with the team, can take the club to a new level, since last season they did not obtain the expected results.

5. Xherdan Shakiri

Born on October 10, 1991, in Gnjilane, the Swiss soccer player, barely 1.69 meters tall, is quite an important signing for the Chicago Fire team. This player played as a midfielder for both Bayern Munich and Liverpool and it was this winter when he was transferred from the French Lyon team where he did not have a very good season. 

He really is a player who comes to MLS to be a key player in the Chicago Fire team. He can play as a midfielder, at 8 and 10, and can also play on the wings. His token cost the Chicago team a total of $8 million.

6. Douglas Costa

The Brazilian player, known throughout the football world, is another of the best signings in MLS in recent times. He came to play in prestigious clubs such as Bayern Munich. Also, he was part of Juventus. He really is a player who will have a lot to give in to his new LA Galaxy team trying to get back in shape.

In his last seasons as a professional player, he has had a series of difficulties to obtain the desired results and we were used to having him on his side. He played four seasons in Italy, Germany, and Brazil, in which he only had six goals and a total of 9 assists. Costa will seek this new season to give the maximum and start again to show what he can become.

7. Gareth Bale

Really the signing of the star Gareth Bale is a bomb for the market, being recently hired by the LA FC team of the MLS. The Welsh footballer comes to Major League Soccer after completing his contract with Real Madrid in June. There were also several rumors that he was going to join teams like Rayo Vallecano or Getafe, but he ended up with LAFC. 

The extreme player does not come from very good recent seasons, playing with Real Madrid he had a very good start to the season, showing agility, speed, scoring ability, and more. The signing of Gareth Bale from Los Angeles FC is a real acquisition and it is expected that his journey through this league will be good enough to reach his usual level again.

8. Carlos Salcedo

A very important signing that has to be taken into account is that of the Mexican Carlos Salcedo. The 29-year-old young footballer has played as a central defender and has had football experience in Italy, Germany, and of course Mexico, his country of origin. 

Toronto FC will have among its players a very versatile and seasoned footballer, who will surely give a lot to the team this season. As for the cost of his token, it is not yet known exactly, but it may be among the most expensive this season.

9. David Villa

This was another of the top signings in Major League Soccer that gave a lot to talk about back then. Today he is no longer active as a professional soccer player, but during his time in the MLS, he achieved good numbers. 

The Spanish striker left a record of 26 games played, in which he scored 15 goals, 53 balls recovered, and a total of 478 successful passes. Without a doubt, he has been one of the most outstanding signings made by Major League Soccer.

10. Thiago Almada

Another Major League Soccer team that made a good contract was Atlanta United, a card that cost 16 million dollars. He is a 21-year-old young talent, born in Argentina. This attacking midfielder will seek to strengthen the club’s offensive capacity and it is expected that with his skills the results will begin to be seen this season.

11. Facundo Torres

This player is another of the most important young signings made by MLS to date. And it was the Orlando SC team that hired the services of the 21 – year – old Uruguayan forward.

He is an athlete who comes from Peñarol, which is the club of his childhood and has been summoned 10 times by the senior team of his country. He is a well-liked soccer player recognized by local soccer fans in Uruguay. He is a player who has come to the MLS to show what he is made of and thus is able to make himself known much more internationally.

12. Alan Velasco

Another of the teams that for this season has been armed not only with veterans but has also opted for young talents, is FC Dallas, being the 19-year-old Argentine, who plays as a midfielder and winger is one of his chips. The MLS club has paid a significant sum of 7 million dollars and is expected to give good results.

13. Jairo Torres

The 22-year-old Mexican soccer player is one of the most expensive signings made by an MLS team this new season. It was 6 million dollars that the Chicago Fire paid. Torres comes from playing as a regular with the Atlas, being of great benefit to the team during his stay.

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