Top 20 Best Travel Destinations in The World To Visit in 2022

Best Travel Destinations in The World 2022

So these are the 20 Best Travel Destinations in The World in 2022 to visit.

1. Slovenia

Slovenia tourism | best travel destinations in the world

Traveling in Slovenia, you can enjoy hot springs, ski in the mountains, visit castles and historic churches, or explore underground caves. Bled is arguably Slovenia’s most popular city, and its capital, Ljubljana, offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere with incredible architecture.

2. Dominica

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This small island has hot springs, mountains, rainforests, and sandy beaches, making it an ideal destination for adventure seekers looking to stroll among the beautiful scenery.

3. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan tourism

Over the past 10 years, Kazakhstan has become a safer state. Start your journey in the capital Nur-Sultan (formerly known as Astana), where you will find many museums, the beautiful Assumption Cathedral, and nearby ski resorts such as Shymbulak.

4. Uruguay

Uruguay tourism

Uruguay is famous for its beaches, some of which even contain magnificent sculptures such as a giant hand rising from the sand. Also, tourists may be interested in the mountains and picturesque nature reserves of the country.

5. Laos

Laos tourism

Neighboring Thailand often dwarfs Laos, although the country can offer much lower prices. Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is loved for its quaint temples and colorful markets.

Luang Prabang is another tourist city in Laos with beautiful architecture, river cruises, numerous temples, and caves filled with Buddha statues. Laos is also a great place to explore pristine mountains and rainforests.

6. Romania

Romania tourism

Many people know Romania thanks to Transylvania – the region where the myth of Dracula was born, but travelers can find many other wonderful places to visit here.

Fortresses, historic churches, and medieval towns are in the middle of picturesque spaces with beautiful landscapes. Be sure to go skiing in mountain resorts like Poiana Brasov. best travel destinations in the world

7. Paraguay

Paraguay tourism

Paraguay is a dream destination for those who love nature. The country is filled with impressive waterfalls and lakes. There are also many historical sites, such as Santisima Trinidad de Parana and the National Pantheon of Heroes in Asuncion. best travel destinations in the world

8. Butane

Bhutan tourism

Located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, Bhutan is the kingdom of Buddhist temples. In addition to traveling through Jigme Dorji National Park, you can also visit famous cities in Bhutan such as Thimphu, Paro, Trongsa, and Punakha, where you can enjoy the monastery architecture and markets.

9. Mongolia

Mongolia tourism

If you have heard about the famous Genghis Khan, you are a little familiar with his homeland – Mongolia. Today, there is still a nomadic culture in Mongolia.

Here you can ride horses and spend the night in a yurt. If nature is not for you, visit Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, full of museums and Soviet-era buildings. best travel destinations in the world

10. Montenegro

Montenegro tourism

The small country of Montenegro can be remembered by tourists for its beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, and medieval villages.

11. Faroe islands

Faroe Islands tourism

The Faroe Islands quickly climbed to the top of the tourist radar last year. The state, consisting of 18 rocky islands, has a small population and a landscape rich in mountains, valleys, cliffs, and a variety of wildlife. best travel destinations in the world

12. Suriname

Suriname tourism | Top 20 best travel destinations in the world

Suriname is perceived by many as an African country, but it is located in the southeast of South America. Suriname is becoming safer and safer but has not yet attracted much interest from tourists, despite the vibrant mixture of cultures.

There are many picturesque waterfalls, rivers, and lakes worth seeing. best travel destinations in the world

13. San Marino

San Marino tourism | Top 20 best travel destinations in the world

Do you know there is a small country in the center of Italy? It is called San Marino. You will be amazed by the local temples, castles, towers, as well as delicious food, similar to Italian, but with a twist of San Marino. Your stay in San Marino will be rewarded with the museums and sights listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

14. Serbia

Serbia tourism | Top 20 best travel destinations in the world

Serbia is the pearl of Eastern Europe. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, attracts a multi-ethnic audience interested in a unique fashion, great coffee, and gorgeous scenery, as well as an unforgettable nightlife centered on trendy bars and nightclubs on large boats by the river. best travel destinations in the world

15. Bonaire

Hotel in het zonnetje: Delfins Beach Resort - Corendon Inspiratie

Some of the best scuba diving in the world is undoubtedly in the coastal waters of the island nation of Bonaire. Book a room at the Courtyard Marriott Bonaire Dive to experience the beauty of the ocean. The hotel is within walking distance of the charming beach and town center.

16. Estonia

Estonia tourism | Top 20 best travel destinations in the world

Enjoy the forests by visiting Lahemaa National Park. You will be amazed at some of the strange activities Estonia has to offer, such as scuba diving in the heart of the flooded Soviet prison in Rummy.

17. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan tourism | Top 20 best travel destinations in the world

Your jaw will fall off when you see the mosques and mausoleums of Uzbekistan. Decorated with colorful tiles, they are a great place to think about.

Uzbekistan attracts many travelers who want to get a cultural experience related to the history of the Great Silk. The country has many historical monument museums dedicated to him.

18. Lesotho

Global Arbitration Review - Lesotho on the hook for stalled solar project

Surrounded by South Africa, the Kingdom of Lesotho is completely safe for travelers looking to see the ancient ruins of the Taba Bossiu Plateau and Semon Falls in the Congo. Like many other places in Africa, Lesotho offers safaris.

Guests can book a mountain lodge and enjoy the view while riding a pony. best travel destinations in the world

19. Latvia

Latvia tourism | Top 20 best travel destinations in the world

You will be amazed at the Art Nouveau architecture in the capital of Latvia – Riga. And also museums and historical churches. The country has many castles and national parks full of hiking trails. best travel destinations in the world

20. Mauritius

Mauritius (Travel Restrictions, COVID Tests & Quarantine Requirements) - Wego Travel Blog

Beach lovers simply have to go to the underestimated island state of Mauritius, located off the coast of Africa. Get ready for some diving, water, and beach sports. best travel destinations in the world.

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