Top 10 Best UFC Fighters in History 2022

Best UFC Fighters in History: Fame and world records are held by agile, ambitious, and controversial fighters who, without a doubt, have marked the fascinating history of the UFC.Best UFC fighters in history. Do you know the best UFC fighters in history? If there is one thing you must have to compete in wrestling matches, it is discipline and tenacity.

In this way, it is possible to define the professional giants of combat. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a giant in this genre and is responsible for organizing the most important competitions in the world. In this article, you will know who are the best UFC fighters in history.

UFC: From a Local Project To a World Event

In the city of Denver, Colorado, United States, in 1993 an initiative was born whose objective was to analyze which martial arts technique could be the most effective in a fight. Such a project was so successful that one day ESPN arrived to televise it and the rest is history: eventually, it became the greatest mixed martial arts event in the world. Nowadays, we can watch UFC events online and even for free.

The success was overwhelming. In 2009, the fights were already led by great fighters, including artists, who developed great experience and skill and who demonstrated their talent in different disciplines to get the greatest recognition.

Finally, the UFC was consolidated and brings together the best talent of fighters in boxing, wrestling, sambo, taekwondo, judo, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and much more. Everything necessary to make this event gather thousands of fans around their favorite fighters.

The Best UFC Fighters in History

Each of the competitors who have been part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has shown perseverance, discipline, commitment, and, above all, why they have become a legend.

The list is long and some stand out more than others for their good combat technique, victories, and records. However, they have all worked for the same goal: their passion for this discipline and their long history. So it’s time to introduce the best UFC fighters so far in history.

1. Khabib Nurmagomedov: Double Lightweight Champion

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Of Russian origin, this fighter has been a double lightweight champion for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and for the discipline of Sambo. Despite being retired from fighting, he was the first Russian to win the UFC. There are even those who claim that Jabib Nurmagomédov is the best fighter in history. And it is not for less if he was undefeated in his career and today he holds the record of 21 knockdowns in fights.

2. Conor McGregor: The Fastest Knockout in History

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This fighter is synonymous with millionaire fights. Born in Ireland, Conor McGregor has become a legend. He holds the recognition of being the first fighter in this competition to obtain 2 prizes in parallel. Not in vain he won a great record: the fastest knockout in the entire history of the UFC.

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He is characterized by being a competitor as integral as he is controversial. He always stands out in the fights he puts on. Without a doubt, Conor has already made a place for himself among the best UFC fighters in all of history.

3. Jon Jones: The Youngest Champion

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Each of his fights has been a resounding success since he debuted in 2008. So much so that at 23 years old he won the title of youngest winner in the UFC. With more than 23 victories, Jon Jones is considered in this competition one of the most brilliant UFC fighters and with the best combat technique.   

4. Anderson Silva: A Fearful Spider

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His foray into UCF was in 2006 and since then he has been in charge of winning victories and important records such as the knockout he gave Chris Leben in 49 seconds. The spider, as this fighter of Brazilian origin is called, is considered one of the best UFC fighters in history. Nowadays he doesn’t fight anymore, but he’s still a legend.

5. Daniel Cormier: The Impact of a Charismatic

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His track record is brilliant. This American has been a Grand Prix and UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion. His debut was at the age of 34 and he became the brand new winner when he faced Frank Mir.

He is now a former fighter, but that does not stop him from being great in this competition. His legend will live on forever thanks to his important step and being among the best fighters in the UFC. Finally, he won the hearts of his fans.

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6. José Aldo: The First Featherweight

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His full name is José Aldo da Silva Oliveira, Jr. He is a Brazilian who savored the pleasure of having the title for 5 years as the first UFC featherweight champion. Likewise, he has 28 victories and records which makes him one of the most emblematic fighters of this competition. Similarly, he obtained important recognition as Fighter of the Year in 2009. Currently, he competes for the UFC bantamweight.

7. Amanda Nunes: Second-Best Fighter in The World

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The first woman to win 2 simultaneous UFC competitions is Brazilian and her name is Amanda Nunes. She currently competes for featherweight and bantamweight. She has been ranked 2nd among the best pound-for-pound fighters in UFC history and has 24 wins.  

8. Demetrious Johnson: An Athlete With Fighting Talent

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He is 35 years old, is American, and is characterized by being very reserved. His name is Demetrious Johnson and he is a martial arts professional who has marked the history of the UFC since he was the new UFC champion for 7 years in the flyweight category.

He is an active fighter currently competing in the ONE Championship at flyweight. He is a born athlete who stood out in the world of wrestling.

9. Stipe Miočić: Record For Most Fight Victories

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The double heavyweight champion Stipe Miočić is American and has stood out in the UFC for winning more victories in fights in the heavyweight category. This giant has dethroned important legends such as Junior dos Santos, Daniel Cormier, and Fabricio Werdum. In the hexagon, he is the most feared. For this reason, he is considered one of the best fighters in the UFC.  

10. Randy Couture: Triple Heavyweight Championship

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The combination of fighter and artist has given him the power he needs to shine not only on stage but also in the hexagon. Randy Couture was born in Washington, United States, and is recognized as a professional in mixed martial arts. And how not to be if he has been a triple champion in the heavyweight category by the UFC.

The actor also has a double championship for the light heavyweight category and, as if that were not enough, he holds the interim UFC championship in the important light heavyweight category. Currently, this star is retired from wrestling.   

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