Carrot Bread Recipie 2022


When Serve to 10 peoples

250ml        Carrot juice (unsweetened)
0.63cube   Yeast
156¼g       Sunflower seeds
3¾             Carrots
250g          Wholemeal spelled flour and some flour to process
1¼tsp        Iodized salt with fluoride (heaped)

Carrot Bread Recipie

STEP – 1

250ml Carrot juice (unsweetened), 0.63 cube yeast, 156¼g Sunflower seeds, Carrots
Heat the carrot juice lukewarm, dissolve the yeast in it, let stand for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, roast the sunflower seeds in a pan without oil until golden, set aside.

STEP – 2

375 g Spelled flour (type 630), 250 g Wholemeal spelled flour,  tsp Iodized salt with fluoride (heaped)
Mix the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl, add the grated carrots, sunflower seeds and the yeast brew. Knead for at least 15 minutes with your hands, the dough hook of a hand mixer or with the help of a food processor, until a smooth dough is formed.
Carrot bread: TCarrot Bread Recipie - Rean Times
Cover and let rise at room temperature for at least 1 hour, but preferably 3-4 hours.

STEP – 3

At the end of the walking time, knead the dough briefly and shape it into a round loaf (round shape). Place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and cover and let rise for another 45 minutes.

STEP – 4

Place an ovenproof dish filled with water in the oven. Bake the bread on the middle rack for 50 – 60 minutes ; reduce the temperature twice every 20 minutes by 20 degrees Celsius. If it passes the knock test (i.e. it sounds hollow when you knock), it is done.
The low-calorie root vegetables contain the soluble fiber pectin. Pectin ensures long-lasting satiety and has a positive effect on cholesterol and fat metabolism.
Adequate intake of pectin and other dietary fiber can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
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