eFootball 2023: All News, Master League, Release Date

eFootball 2023: Just as FIFA has announced the change of its name, thus starting a new franchise, the same thing happened with PES, becoming eFootball.

eFootball 2023: All the News

Until now we have not had much news or developments regarding the new release of eFootball that we will have in 2023 compared to last year’s eFootball . The only thing that the creators of eFootball have officially revealed to us on their official Twitter account is the Master League. Something that many of the fans missed in the new release we have so far, eFootball 2022.

For now, we are not going to have the Master League, but until the next year 2023, this event will come to eFootball but as paid content. For now, we can only wait for them to officially pronounce themselves to let us know the new details. Even so, this time we will comment on other details about the new edition of the year 2022 and its updates.

Lobby Match, here each of the users will be able to play soccer games, making a versus between the teams that were created in Dream Team, as well as creating online rooms. We will be able to find all this after the end of the summer season this year. Another novelty is going to be certain editing functions, which we are going to know and be able to use after the winter.

Crossplay Between PC and Consoles

Another of the novelties that we will find in eFootball is the crossplay that will take place between the computer and video game consoles. We will also have this change in the winter of 2022. All this is the news that we have so far about the free content that we will have this year.

Regarding the changes that we will have in terms of paid content, we will find in a more relevant way the number of teams that we will be able to use in each of the leagues. Also, the clubs are going to be expanded and will be distributed in paid content way by the end of 2022.

Regarding the Dream Team mode that we found in eFootball 2022, at the moment they are still free. The big modes, which we do not have available so far, will most likely be put as micropayments.

Each of these updates and novelties is mostly executed taking into account the comments of users or fans. Therefore, it is very likely that in addition to the news that we have mentioned before, others will also arise that we will end up knowing the next year 2023.

Calendar of the Contents that we will find for eFootball 2022 and 2023

We are going to present to you in detail by means of a list of all the details of the changes that we will find in this edition of eFootball. Also the one we will have in the 2023 edition.

Free Content

  • Summer 2022 – Online gaming rooms will be created between Dream Team or Dream Team clubs.
  • Winter 2022 – We will find new features in the editing mode.
  • Winter 2022: we will have cross-platform support between video game consoles and PC

Paid Content

  • End of 2022: we will be able to find the extension of the number of leagues and also of teams that we will be able to use.
  • 2023 (Date to be confirmed): For this date, we are going to have the long-awaited Master League.

eFootball 2023 Release Date

Recently, several photos have been leaked through social networks in which a team of people with cameras was seen, making it very clear that they are carrying out a work session. Among the people on that team was one who wore the eFootball 2023 shirt.

eFootball 2023 news
eFootball 2023 news

It was also announced that the Konami company made recordings with world-class players such as Messi, Neymar, and another series of soccer players, who are presumed to be the ambassadors of the next edition. One thing they have talked about is that the marketing part of eFootball 2023 is already working.

If there is no type of delay during its execution, the announcement of eFootball 2023 will be on July 23, and as for the launch of this new edition, it will possibly be in September. Although there are also chances that it will be in October, just as Konami had been doing with PES.

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