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When it comes to agility, speed, and grace, creatures on this list of the fastest animals in the world are the best of the best – on land, in the air, and in the water. Their bodies, wings, fins, and paws have been shaped by evolution to give them the edge they need to survive, hunt for prey, and move around.

The Fastest Animals in the World

Usain Bolt became the fastest man in the world in 2009 when he ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds at a top speed of 44.7 km per hour, but he can’t compare to some of the animals on this list.

1. Peregrine Falcon ( Fastest Animal in The Sky) – 385 km/h

A dashing dive-bomber: the peregrine falcon | fastest animals in the world

This magnificent bird of prey is not only the fastest in the sky but also the fastest in the entire animal kingdom. On average, a peregrine falcon flies at a speed of 65 km per hour to 100 km per hour, but when entering prey it can reach a maximum speed of 385 km per hour.

Peregrine Falcon is found on almost all continents and lives mainly in coastal areas. An adult peregrine falcon can have a wingspan of up to 1.2 m.

They catch ducks and other species of birds and can travel thousands of kilometers in one day using wind currents.

2. Golden Eagle – 320 km/h

Golden Eagle | fastest animals in the world

Golden eagles can reach speeds of up to 320 km per hour in pursuit of prey. This type of eagle is the best bird for falconry.

Golden eagles have excellent eyesight.

3. Brazilian Fold Lip – 160 km/h

Brazilian foldlip | fastest animals in the world
fastest animals in the world

These mysterious cave dwellers are capable of flying long distances quickly. Their maximum speed reaches 160 km per hour. These bats live in America in large numbers (up to hundreds of thousands in one colony) and eat millions of kilograms of insects a year. fastest animals in the world

One of the largest colonies is located in Texas, near San Antonio.

Baby bats feed on their mother’s milk when they are born and grow rapidly. In just a few weeks, they are ready to fly independently and participate in long flights with adults.j

4. Dove – 156 km/h

Dove | fastest animals in the world

The rock dove is a ubiquitous bird found in parks and urban areas around the world. Greenish purple markings on the necks and gray feathers make them easily recognizable. fastest animals in the world

They have the supernatural ability to find their way home from anywhere, so they were used to sending messages. Pigeons are well adapted to long-distance flights, their maximum speed is 156 km per hour.

5. Black Marlin – 132 km/h

Black marlin | fastest animals in the world

This large, majestic fish is native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. When hunting or while fleeing from danger, she can swim at speeds of up to 132 km per hour.

They are predominantly solitary creatures, feeding on small fish, squid, and even octopuses, and using their distinctive sword-like nose to catch their prey.

Although the black marlin is the fastest marine animal, its popularity in deep-sea sportfishing makes it defenseless against its biggest threat – humans.

6. Albatross – 125 km/h

Albatross Stock Photos | fastest animals in the world

The albatross is an adorable bird that has long been considered a symbol of good luck for sailors. Not only does it have the largest wingspan of any bird, but albatrosses can travel the ocean for years without stopping for a second on land.

They can even sleep during the flight. Their maximum speed reaches 125 km per hour. These birds are carnivores and use their superior sense of smell to hunt krill and squid.

7. Cheetah – 100 km/h

Cheetah | fastest animals in the world

This large, graceful cat holds the title of the fastest land animal. In the endless expanses of the African savannah, cheetahs can reach speeds of up to 100 km per hour.

Cheetahs are generally short-distance runners. Most feral cats hunt in the dark, but cheetahs are diurnal. They often search high places to find possible food sources and use highly developed tracking skills to follow their prey by smell.

8. Sailboat – 109 km/h

The sailboat, with its unmistakably needle-sharp nose and “sail”, is one of the fastest creatures in the water element at a speed of 109 km per hour. Along with sharks and whales, they are some of the largest predators in the ocean.

Like black marlin, they are in high demand at sporting events and trophy fishing competitions. They prefer to hunt and travel in groups and are mainly found in the Atlantic Ocean. In the wild, sailfish can live up to 15 years.

9. American Quarterhorse – 88 km/h

American Quarter Horse Lifespan: How Long Do These Beautiful Horses Live?

As a descendant of Spanish horses, this particular breed has adapted to run fast on sports tracks. In fact, the horse’s name comes from its optimal running distance, which is measured at a quarter mile or less. The fastest American quarterhorse in history reached a speed of 88 km per hour.

Quarterhorses can live to be 35 years old, but their racing career is short-lived and usually lasts no more than five years. Aside from horse racing, they perform well as ranch horses and are generally the most common horse breed found in rodeo competitions

10. Leo – 96 km/h

a lion | fastest animals in the world

The African lion is a wild cat that can be, reach incredible speeds. Although they do not have the stamina to maintain speed for extended periods of time, they can chase their prey in short sprints at 96 km per hour. fastest animals in the world

Lionesses who hunt in a group tend to hunt down prey at dawn at dusk. Lions usually eat every four or five days and can eat up to 9 kg of meat in one sitting.

Unlike other large cats, lions live together in large groups called pride.

11. Yellowfin Tuna – 75 km/h

Yellowfin tuna | fastest animals in the world

Yellowfin tuna, with a top speed of 75 km / h, is found in most of the world’s oceans. Tuna populations have been heavily fished to meet the needs of the restaurant industry.

In this regard, the International Union for Conservation of Nature noted that the tuna population is declining, and called it “almost extinct”. These fish make very long migrations throughout the year in search of food and breeding grounds.

12. Mako Shark – 72 km/h

The Mako shark is another animal from the Red Book. This shark species can reach a body length of 4 m and swim at speeds up to 72 km per hour. fastest animals in the world

The largest mako shark caught weighed over 450 kg. They can swim in deep seas, but prefer warmer temperate zones such as the tropics.

13. Hyena – 64 km/h

Hyena | fastest animals in the world

Hyenas sprint at a speed of 64 km per hour. They need this speed to escape from their main predators: lions and people.

Hyenas travel in groups of up to 80 individuals and are usually led by females. In addition to their famous “laughter,” they are well known for their ability to feed on carrion and dead carcasses that have already been gnawed by other animals.

14. Wombat – 40 km/h

Wombat | fastest animals in the world

There are three types of wombats: southern, northern and common, they all live in Australia. Although they spend most of their time grazing on the grass, if threatened, they flee rather than fight. fastest animals in the world. Wombats can move at speeds up to 40 km per hour.

15. Komodo Dragon – 20 km/h

Komodo dragon | fastest animals in the world

Although many people mistakenly think that the Komodo dragon is a slow, sluggish reptile, it can actually run quite fast – at speeds up to 20 km per hour. They are found only on a few islands in Indonesia and are considered the largest lizards on the planet.

Komodo monitor lizards love meat from birds, snakes, and rodents, but they also eat carrion.

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