FIFA 22 vs PES 2022 Comparison: Which Will Be Better?

In general, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer fans tend to argue about which is the best game and which is the most fun of the moment. However, again, this year the fight will shift to innovations in the new generation of consoles.

Which Video Game Looks Better: FIFA 22 or PES 2022?

As is well known, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series S / X are already on the market. For this reason, the two IP references in the world of football simulation must face each other on these new platforms. So today we will talk about what we can expect from FIFA 22 and PES 22 on the ninth generation of consoles.

FIFA 22 vs PES 2022 Comparison: Which Will Be Better?: Rean Times


FIFA 22 will be the twenty-ninth installment of the video game saga of the American company EA. Therefore, already fully entered the ‘Next gen’, we can expect a lot of innovations and improvements from what has already been seen in the version for PS5 and Xbox S / X of FIFA 21.

FIFA 22 vs PES 2022 Comparison: Which Will Be Better?: Rean Times

Unfortunately, however, the rumors that have arisen around the next installment are still not confirmed or denied. For this reason, we have compiled the main rumors that surround the best-selling soccer video game of the last decade.

Graphics Improvements

Yes, FIFA 21 fully entered the new generation with an improved version of the video game that originally came out for PS4 and Xbox One. However, the graphic and technical quality and the improvements in the audio disappointed more than one.

Therefore, with more knowledge of how the ‘Next gen’ works, it is likely that we will see a better performance of the EA Sports graphics teamRumors point to improvements in lighting, ambiance, settings, and better cutscenes, and why not? The entry of a new graphics engine.



Performance Optimization

With all the graphic improvements we will surely see a better performance of the video game thanks to the new technologies of the NEXT GEN. Thanks to its designs, powerful graphics cards and the implementation of the SSD, load times have been reduced, the graphics are more realistic and the game is more fluid.

Therefore, for the new version of FIFA, we can hope that all these aspects will be polished even more. Thus providing PC users with better performance and free from errors or crashes.

Exclusive Licenses

FIFA 22, for the time being, will have the same licenses as FIFA 21. However, in the absence of information to confirm this, these could be reduced or increased.

Among them, we have the main European leagues, some South American leagues, and the best continental competitions. Of course, the highlight of the latest FIFA is the exclusive license of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

Therefore, fans of the top European club competition can continue to enjoy the Champions League in the new FIFA.

Updates in Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Volta

For the past few years, Ultimate Team has been one of the most profitable means of generating money in the entire series. For this reason, in FIFA 22 we will continue to see improvements, new cards, new icons, and new factors that will make us want to return.

FIFA 22 vs PES 2022 Comparison: Which Will Be Better?: Rean Times


Similarly, despite the fact that the FIFA 21 Career Mode has improved a lot compared to its predecessors, some changes and recommendations from the community are still needed. So if you listen to your players, we will probably see some improvements in this model.

Finally, Volta will continue to be present in FIFA 22. So, we can’t expect less from one of the best game modes of recent years. We expect new improvements, new fields, stadiums, and new legends to be able to play.

Who Will Appear on The Cover of FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 - Bargain Guide — Maxi-Geek
FIFA 22 Cover

Kylian Mbappé continues to be the great figure in the most played soccer video game worldwide. The talented French striker has been overshadowing the covers since this installment (FIFA 21). However, the big question is whether Donatello will be alone this year or will be accompanied by other players.

In the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X version of FIFA 21, Trent Alexander-Arnold accompanied the Frenchman in various promotional images. Therefore, we can assume that for FIFA 22 we will see Mbappé accompanied again by another young talent from world football. Rumor has it that Robert Lewandowski could take the FIFA world by storm by overshadowing the covers of FIFA 22.

When is FIFA 22 Coming Out?

As we have mentioned before, there is not much-confirmed information about FIFA 22 yet. However, based on the latest release dates of the EA Sports video game we can assume that the release date will be close to the fall of 2021.

Although there are no official dates yet, many specialized media claim that the new installment of FIFA could come out between August and October of this year. However, we will have to wait until the next E3 for this information to be made official.

PES 22

Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 will be the game that will mark a before and after in Konami’s claims to compete with FIFA. For this reason, this should be the year in which they break the market innovating with a new graphics engine, better mechanics, and improvements in the section in which they weaken the most: licenses.

eFootball PES 2022 Official Trailer - NEXT GEN, Unreal Engine - YouTube

However, as in the case of FIFA, everything that PES 2022 will have is not yet officially known. Therefore, as of February 2021, we can only talk about the rumors of the new football video game.

New Graphics Engine: The Reason For The Disastrous PES 2021

One of the few things that are fully confirmed for this new version of PES is the implementation of a revamped graphics engine. The classic Fox Engine will be replaced by the powerful Unreal Engine to take the ‘Next gen’ to a higher point in terms of realism.

A reveal trailer of the PES 22 graphics for the Next Gen was released a couple of months ago and it honestly looks more photorealistic than ever. For all of this, we can only wait patiently to see what Konami wows us with.

Better Animations, Physics, and Cinematics

With the arrival of a new graphics engine, we can expect unmatched improvements in various aspects of the game. To begin with, the animations and physics will be totally improved and raised to another level. Therefore, we can expect the most realistic PES to date.

With all this, it is to be expected that another very important aspect improves with the new graphics engine. The opening cutscenes and introductions are very important to achieve a level of realism unattainable for the competition, and we can assume that PES will bet heavily on an improvement in this area.

Exclusive Licenses

Currently, PES does not have an enviable license catalog. However, it does have some exclusivities that could convince more than one European soccer fan to switch to Pro.

To begin with, it should be noted that PES will maintain its exclusive Camp Nou contract with FC BarcelonaIn addition to maintaining the image contracts of Juventus, Roma, and other clubs worldwide.

Therefore, in the absence of official confirmations, we cannot affirm that PES will be able to exponentially increase its licenses.

Improvements in “Be a Legend” Mode and in The Master League

Again, the lack of information only allows us to give way to speculation and rumors about the changes that will be seen in PES 22. However, it is presumable that the main changes will be aimed at improving its most popular game modes: the League Master and Be a Legend mode.

eFootball 2022' reviled by PES fans, but its bugs are hilarious

Who or Who Will Appear on The Cover of PES 22?

It is likely that for PES 22 we will see one of the most epic covers in the history of football video games. This is because Konami has excellent relations with FC Barcelona and owns the image rights in its entirety of Juventus.

Therefore, everything invites us to think that the next PES cover will feature the two best players in recent history:

When is PES 2022 Coming Out?

Some rumors suggest that PES 22 could be released in the autumn of 2021, like FIFA 22. Therefore, the tentative dates range between September and October of this year. However, this data will likely not be confirmed until E3.

What Video Game Will Dominate in The New Generation of Consoles?

In summary, since we have seen everything that both video games could offer we do not venture to give a final verdict. Above all, since the vast majority of information is mere assumptions and rumors.

Therefore, while waiting for the great annual event (E3 2021) in which more details of these video games will be revealed, we cannot get our hands wet. However, if we want to applaud PES 2022’s willingness to innovate after a rather disappointing year. So we can expect that the Japanese video game has a strong impact on the new generation of consoles.

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