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Fifa World Cup Winners List: Find out which are the champions and finalists of all the editions of the World Cup from its creation in 1930 to the present. The best soccer teams in the world are on a historic list of winners.

World Cup winners: World Cup champions 1930-2021Only the best selections are part of the winners of the World Cup. We found a select few to call World Cup champions throughout the history of this tournament that takes place every four years. The final phase of the best national team tournament filters out the best national teams from the five continents, with only one being able to win.

World Cup Winners: Champions and Finalists By Edition

These are the champions and finalists of the World Cup by edition. Only eight teams have the star on their shield showing that it is very difficult to reach that status of world champion and enter this list of winners.

Fifa World Cup Winners List 1930 To 2018

2018 France Croatia Russia
2014 Germany Argentina Brazil
2010 Spain Netherlands South Africa
2006 Italy France Germany
2002 Brazil Germany South Korea and Japan
1998 France Brazil France
1994 Brazil Italy United States
1990 Germany Argentina Italy
1986 Argentina Germany (FRG) Mexico
1982 Italy Germany (FRG) Spain
1978 Argentina Netherlands Argentina
1974 Germany (FRG) Netherlands Germany (FRG)
1970 Brazil Italy Mexico
1966 England Germany (FRG) England
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia Chile
1958 Brazil Sweden Sweden
1954 Germany (FRG) Hungary Switzerland
1950 Uruguay Brazil Brazil
1946 Not celebrated (World War II)
1942 Not celebrated (World War II)
1938 Italy Hungary France
1934 Italy Czechoslovakia Italy
1930 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay

Classification LaLiga Santander 2021/2022: First Division Position Table

Teams With The Most World Cups

These are the teams that have won the most World Cups throughout the history of the World Cup.

Brazil 5  world Cupworld Cupworld Cupworld Cupworld Cup Sweden 1958
Chile 1962
Mexico 1970
The United States 1994
Korea / Japan 2002
Germany 4  world Cupworld Cupworld Cupworld Cup Switzerland 1954
West Germany 1974
Italy 1990
Brazil 2014
Italy 4  world Cupworld Cupworld Cupworld Cup Italy 1934
France 1938
Spain 1982
Germany 2006
Argentina 2  world Cupworld Cup Argentina 1978
Mexico 1986
France 2  world Cupworld Cup France 1998
Russia 2018
Uruguay 2  world Cupworld Cup Uruguay 1930
Brazil 1950
Spain 1  world Cup South Africa 2010
England 1  world Cup England 1966

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