7 Free Sites For Language Learning

How can a student develop a full skill set if they are not attending regular classes? The secret is to use the right sites!

And you know what? Even good free sites can give you the balanced body of knowledge you want and deserve.

Just use at least one resource from each category to develop all of your most important language skills. And the great thing about these sites is that you don’t need any budget – you can learn languages ​​for free.

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7 Free Sites For Language Learning

Read on to find out seven free websites to learn foreign languages.


Think of the entertaining videos you regularly watch in English. What if you could watch such a video in your own language? FluentU makes it possible!

FluentU takes real-life videos – music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspirational conversations – and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. Each video is subtitled, so you can easily see the meaning of any word, sample sentences, and the corresponding picture. If you want to study a word in more detail, just add it to your vocabulary so that it is always at your fingertips.


In addition to engaging videos, FluentU also offers quizzes that combine videos, pictures, and example sentences as flashcards, as well as interactive assignments for lively and fun practice. This makes FluentU useful for developing your reading, writing, and listening skills.

Whatever your current level, FluentU can meet your learning needs and goals. You choose what to watch, how much, and at what pace. Meanwhile, FluentU’s algorithm tracks your progress and suggests questions that are right for your level based on what you already know.

As well as using FluentU online, you can also use the iOS or Android app to learn on the go.


That’s right – your addiction to Netflix can take your listening practice to the next level. Netflix offers countless foreign-language movies and TV shows, and you can enjoy them with an existing subscription.

7 Free Sites For Language Learning - Rean Times

Just enter “TV” or “movies” in the search engine of the language in which you are learning a foreign language. For example, Hispanic viewers can enjoy a series such as “La Casa de Papel” (literal translation: “Paper House”; English name: “Money Heist”). Lovers of French cinema can watch “Je ne suis pas un Homme facile” (“I’m not an ordinary person”).

The Netflix site is great for language learners as it offers flexible subtitle choices. You can watch any content with or without English subtitles. For some movies (including original Netflix movies), you can even add subtitles in the target language so you can read them while you watch.


Tandem is another option for communicating with native speakers. You can use Tandem to find your interlocutor or even chat with them directly through the app. You can also set your language level so that other users know how good your language skills are.

Tandem allows you to exchange audio and video calls, SMS, and audio messages. The app can even provide you with text translations if you need more help with your communication, making Tandem a great choice for language learners.


Bilingual is another language learning app, but with one cool feature. It can offer you thematic sentences and phrases!

7 Free Sites For Language Learning - Rean Times

Some students find it difficult to communicate because they just don’t know what to talk about. If this is your case, then Bilingua’s sentences with topics and phrases can be a vehicle to help you start using your language skills.

But what if you need to take a break from your communication? Bilingual has a solution for that too! You and the person you are talking to can play games together to have fun.

Conversation Exchange

Conversation Exchange is a site to help you find your dream language, exchange partner. And for users looking to practice their writing skills, the Conversation Exchange has a huge bonus: you can filter other users looking for pen pals too, which is a great way to practice your writing skills with a native speaker.


Reddit is the place to find the latest funny photos or chat with like-minded people who are just as passionate about unique interests as you, but you know what? Reddit can also be a great place to practice your target language writing skills.

7 Free Sites For Language Learning - Rean Times


Lingua.com offers many authentic texts such as dialogues, stories, and articles. These texts are conveniently organized by level, making it easy to select an option that suits your current skills.

The texts are usually short and each is followed by a series of questions to test understanding. After answering the questions, the site will offer you other texts that you might like.

Lingua.com also offers printable PDFs with readable texts, questions, and answers. The Lingua website contains texts in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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