Top 10 Funniest Family Games in 2022

Playing a game is timeless and one of the coziest and most fun ways to spend some time with the whole family. Playing a game together with grandpa, grandma and the children on Sunday afternoon strengthens the family bond and provides many beautiful moments.

The best family game is Ticket to Ride. This board game looks fantastic and is very easy to explain. The aim is to claim various train routes to get the most points. Not a fan of this genre of game or do you prefer to play a different kind of game with the family? Check out the other options in this list for more inspiration. With the number of board games and family games on the market, you quickly lose the overview.

10 Funniest Family Games

The best family games are suitable for everyone, do not take too long, and have a specific theme. These are the top 10 funniest family games.

1. Ticket to Ride

In first place is Ticket to Ride, the family game with which you get on the train. Players have to travel from one destination to another while collecting as many points as possible. Ticket to Ride is quite competitive because everyone wants to take the best route as quickly as possible. 

Once you start this family game, you won’t get finished. It starts with one game, but soon the children want to play Ticket to Ride all evening. Because Ticket to Ride is easy to learn, this family game is the perfect board game to play with the whole family!

2. Codenames

Codenames are the perfect game for families who want to compete against each other. Teams start with a starting set of 25 cards with a word on it, and the team leader sits down with the other team. They give their team a description consisting of a word, and the team has to guess which cards belong to it. 

The goal is to score as many points as possible, but teams must be careful not to choose the words of the other team. Codenames is guaranteed to provide a few hours of fun, especially when the whole family gets into the team spirit and wants to win.

3. Catan

On three is Catan, the board game with various expansions. You can play Catan with three or four players, and a game lasts about 90 minutes. The goal of Catan is to build settlements and become the biggest player on the island. This family game is easy to learn, but not easy to win. 

Since everyone is equal, you have to be smart with the tiles to beat the other family members. Catan is a popular family game because you understand everything within a few rounds, and the whole family can enjoy it.

4. Mayans

Return to the time of the Mayans with this fun family game. In Maya, the aim is to earn points by building plantations and cities. It seems quite simple, but there are a number of caveats. The number of plantations is limited, and cities must be built tactically around the crops. 

Maya is different every time and ideal for playing with the children or in small groups. You only need 2 to 4 players to play around.

5. Monopoly

The most famous family game in the world is number 5. Monopoly has been played with the family for generations and is a favorite during the holiday season. Roll the board around, buy streets and build hotels. It may look simple, but winning a game of Monopoly can be quite difficult. 

Relatives who betray each other, children who suddenly ask for a higher price for a street, and grandfather who secretly tries to steal some money from the bank. Monopoly makes for entertaining stories years after a game has been played. The family bond will never be the same again.

6. The Great Tour

In The Great Tour, the whole family goes on holiday through Europe. In the minibus, players have to try to get from A to B faster than the other family members. Whoever travels the fastest to the Arc de Triomphe or Milan gets the most points. So choose your tickets wisely!

The Great Tour is perfect for the whole family, and it helps children to develop themselves through play. Creativity and spatial awareness are addressed during this family game, where you travel to all the beautiful places in Europe.

7. Twister

The classic Twister should not be missing in our top 10. This classic provides hours of fun with the whole family. You get into the craziest positions while playing, and kids love it. Someone spins the twister, and all players must then place one hand or foot on that specific color. 

The game board is life-size and needs some space on the floor. Whoever falls is eliminated and has to wait for the next round. You can play twister against each other, or compete as teams in real tournaments. Twister is a must for family gatherings in the summer!

8. Carcassonne

At Carcassonne, the game starts with a single tile. Each player places more and more tiles against it, in order to build roads, cities, villages, and farms. Followers are placed on the board and may be taken back if someone places an entire town or village. This is how the points are collected.

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Carcassonne has many options, and nowadays also various expansion packs. As a result, every game remains different, and you can always try a new strategy to beat other family members. 

9. Pandemic

At Pandemic, the whole family must work together to save the world. At the beginning of the game, everyone chooses a character with their own characteristics. Research centers must be built, infected cities must be healed and human lives must be saved. 

Pandemic therefore only works if everyone works well together. You don’t play against each other, you win or lose together. The family game is suitable for everyone from the age of 10, allowing children to beat a global pandemic together with grandparents.

10. 30 Seconds

At 30 Seconds you play in small teams where you have to guess as many words as possible within 30 seconds. One of the players draws a card containing 5 words. At the end of each round, the number of words guessed is subtracted from the number rolled with the die.

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Whoever gets to the center of the board first wins. 30 Seconds provides a lot of fun and a little bit of chaos. The cards with words are balanced so that young and old always recognize something and everyone in the family can play along.

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