Guide To Study in New Zealand 2022: Requirements, Scholorships, and Universities

Guide To Study in New Zealand: Thinking of studying in New Zealand? If you dream of traveling to this destination in Oceania to live an unparalleled academic adventure,
Below you will find all the information and resources to study in the country of the mountains of the Lord of the Rings.

Complete Guide To Study in New Zealand

For most people, New Zealand is an exotic destination due to its remote geographical location, as well as its unique culture and stunning natural surroundings. However, the enormous possibilities of studying in New Zealand are also part of the attraction of this destination.

So is! Education in New Zealand is recognized throughout the world for its high quality and its internationally focused perspective, so through this guide, you will learn how to study in New Zealand and what opportunities the Kiwi academic system offers foreign citizens.

Without further introduction, let’s begin!

Requirements To Study in New Zealand

Before embarking on this adventure, you must know the requirements to study in New Zealand. Although these may change depending on your nationality, the type of training you wish to take, or some other more specific detail, these are some basic conditions that you must meet to study in the Kiwi country:

  • Have been accepted to a New Zealand university accredited to receive foreign citizenship.
  • Have a student visa or other authorization to study in New Zealand.
  • Have health insurance
  • Proof that you can cover the expenses generated during your stay.

Additionally, the immigration authority or the institutions where you plan to study could request:

  • Certificate or level test to prove your command of the Anglo-Saxon language before accepting your application.
  • Specific medical tests.

Of course, the most important requirement is still the Student Visa, whose general conditions for obtaining it are:

  • Confirmation letter showing that you have been accepted to a course accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority including the name of the course, minimum time required to complete it, proof that the course and provider meet the requirements for international students, proof that the course has been paid in full, or if the course is for more than one year, the first annual fee.
  • Payment of the necessary fees for the application of the migratory authorization.

Options To Study in New Zealand

Being a destination with a high level of education, full of opportunities for students of foreign origin, there are multiple options to choose your studies in New Zealand, from English courses to university degrees, diplomas, postgraduates, masters, etc..

Next, we will review the main options to carry out your studies in New Zealand.

English Courses in New Zealand

When we talk about a destination whose official language is English, spoken by 96% of the population, signing up for a course to learn or improve your skills with the Anglo-Saxon language is an experience worth considering.

It is a great way to obtain your student visa, since to apply for the authorization you only need to be enrolled in a course of at least 20 hours a week, in a category 1 school, with a minimum duration of 14 weeks.

You will have alternatives such as general English courses, the possibility of obtaining your IELTS certificate in New Zealand, Cambridge qualifications, as well as training that includes activities in English to take your language skills to another level.

Exchange Programs

If you want to live a transformative cultural experience, going on an exchange, both with public and private universities or institutes is always an option to consider.

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Exchanges generally appear under the category of Study Abroad Programs, that is, programs for international students who are interested in studying a semester or a year of their degree at a New Zealand university. 

Several of the most important universities in the Kiwi country have these programs, such as the University of Auckland.

In addition, these types of programs usually open the possibility of choosing between around 120 subjects that allow you to obtain credits for your specialty, as well as explore new academic areas, including disciplines that are not offered at your home university.

Best Universities To Study in New Zealand

New Zealand universities are highly recognized and respected in academic communities around the world for their prestigious undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, aimed at intelligent and motivated adventurers who want a memorable academic experience.


Here are some of the most popular universities for international students in New Zealand:

The University of Auckland

University of Auckland, Guide To Study in New Zealand 2022: Requirements, Scholorships, and Universities: Rean Times

The University of Auckland has the most comprehensive course offerings in New Zealand, with teaching and research across eight faculties and two large-scale research institutes.

It appears among the best 100 higher education institutions in the world and stands out for its training in areas such as medicine and engineering.

University of Otago

The University of Otago… | Guide To Study in New Zealand 2022: Requirements, Scholorships, and Universities: Rean Times

Founded in 1869, Otago is the first chartered university in New Zealand.

It enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence, balancing the success of the traditions of its history with the scholarship and innovation of modern research.

University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury - Guide To Study in New Zealand 2022: Requirements, Scholorships, and Universities: Rean Times

The University of Canterbury describes itself as “a community of change-makers”.

All students and faculty are engaged, empowered, and making a difference through local engagement, global connection, and impactful research within degrees in the humanities, commerce, education, engineering, art, law, music, social work, speech therapy, science, sports management, among other disciplines.

Victoria University of Wellington 

Kelburn Park and Victoria University, Wellington, New Zeal… | Guide To Study in New Zealand 2022: Requirements, Scholorships, and Universities: Rean Times

Established in 1897, Victoria University of Wellington is another public university that is divided into four campuses, which contain various faculties.

One of its greatest qualities is the number of extracurricular activities, in fact, it has 130 clubs and societies of sports, social, cultural, religious, martial arts, cinema, and different groups ideal for international students.

Massey University

File:New Zealand - Massey University - 8736.jpg - Guide To Study in New Zealand 2022: Requirements, Scholorships, and Universities: Rean Times

Located in the North Island city of Palmerston North, Massey University is the only university in the country to offer programs in aviation, conflict resolution, veterinary medicine, and nanotechnology, attracting many international students interested in these fields. disciplines.

Scholarships To Study in New Zealand

If you don’t have the budget to take an English course or study at a university in New Zealand, one of the options presented is scholarships. There are scholarships and special financial aid to have a lower burden on your academic development goals at an international level.

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The most important scholarships to study in New Zealand, are: 

  • University of Canterbury First-Year International Scholarship: The University of Canterbury offers this scholarship to high-achieving international students commencing a degree program at the University. The scholarship is currently awarded in values ​​of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000.
  • Excellence Scholarship for International Students of the University of Auckland: This scholarship is made available to new international undergraduate and postgraduate students with more than one year of duration, who apply to study at said higher institution. The main objective of the scholarship is to attract new highly qualified international students to the Kiwi country.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in New Zealand

Some very common doubts that may arise when considering carrying out your studies in New Zealand territory are:

What Is The Average Cost of Living For an international Student in New Zealand?

It is very difficult to establish a general budget to live and study in New Zealand. It all depends largely on your lifestyle and the area in which you decide to reside; however, on average the basic monthly expenditure in the country is usually NZ$1,300, that is, around 800 euros.

Does the New Zealand Student Visa Allow You To Work And Study Simultaneously?

Yes! The New Zealand Student Visa allows you to work up to 20 hours a week for the duration of your visa.

In some cases you can even work full time, meeting certain requirements.

Can You Stay in New Zealand After Finishing Your Studies?

Yes. One of the great advantages of this country, which distinguishes it from other international destinations, is that there are two types of visas that allow you to stay and work in New Zealand after having obtained a degree from a Kiwi university. 

If you still do not have a job offer, you can stay one year to look for a job and work in the country, while if you have a job offer standing, you will be authorized to stay two years working in the country.

Conclusions About Studying in New Zealand

In short, going to study in New Zealand is a very tempting option.

With a high quality of life, a high level of education, different courses, programs to distribute, and endless possible adventures that this country in the southwest of the Pacific makes it have to become ideal for those who seek experience of studying abroad.

With this guide, you are finally aware of everything you need to make this dream a reality, so now it’s your turn to take the next step: Would you go to study in New Zealand?

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