Top 10 Highest Goal Scorers in Football History (Updated)

Highest Goal Scorers in Football History: The goal is the essence of football. It is very common to ask who are the top scorers in the history of this sport because there are many footballers who have pierced the net since its creation. The fan jumps and vibrates with each goal that he scores for his team and it is necessary to know the most complete statistics regarding the goal.

It is possible that you know some of the names that we are going to mention since they are included in other rankings of the best players in history or even as the best strikers in the world today.

In 2022, in a match against the rivals Tottenham Hotspur, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 807th goal of his career. This goal put the Portuguese in first place in terms of the Highest Goal Scorers In Football History.

All Time Highest Goal Scorer in The World

Ronaldo’s rival, Lionel Messi, makes it to the top five scorers. Messi and Ronaldo are the only active players in the top 10.

Ranking of The Top Scorers in History (updated 2022/2023)

TG: Total Goals | GP: Games Played | G/M: Total Goals/Matches played

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
816 1130 0.72
2.Josef Bican
805 530 1.58
3. Lionel Messi
775 985 0.79
4. Romario
772 961 0.80
5. Pele
767 812 0.93
6. Ferenc Puskas
746 741 1.01
7. Gerd Mueller
735 793 0.93
8. Jimmy Jones
647 614 1.05
9. Robert Lewandowski
612 845 0.72
10. Zlatan Ibrahimović
572 958 0.60
11. Eusebio
547 596 0.94
12. Jimmy McGrory
528 522 1.01
13. Isidro Langara
525 [414/437] [1.2/1.27]
523 773 0.68
15. Hugo Sanchez
517 883 0.58
16. Luis Suarez
515 837 0.63
17. Alfredo Di Stefano*
509 706 0.72
18. Ferenc Bene*
508 493 1.16
19. Roberto Dynamite
507 838 0.60
20. Jeff Mermans
500 629 0.79
21. Gunnar Nordahl*
498 548 0.91
22. Johan Cruyff
493 712 0.57
23. Uwe Seeler
489 592 0.83
24.Stjepan Bobek
480 554 0.87
25. Imre Schlosser
475 388 1.23
26.Henrik Larsson
471 874 0.54
27. Jimmy Greaves
466 660 0.71
28. Albert Spencer
450 662 0.68
29. Gyula Zsengeller*
448 433 1.03
446 1033 0.43
31. Thierry Henry
443 918 0.45
32. Sergio Aguero
443 802 0.54
33. Dixie Dean**
442 601 0.74
34. Mario Alberto Kempes
435 730 0.60
35. Sebastian Abreu
435 852 0.51
36. Edinson Cavani
435 767 0.58
37. Raul Gonzalez
432 1034 0.42
38. Diego Maradona
431 665 0.52
39. Ronaldo
Nazario 1993-11
429 623 0.62

Some sources suggest that he could have scored more goals and played more games.

** His recognition is doubted.

⚠️ NOTICE: The data is not an official source although we have based it on the references that appear on Wikipedia, and IFFHS. Depending on the sources you consult, you will surely find different figures associated with the goals scored by Josef Bican, Romario, and Pelé above all. In this exercise, unofficial parties are left out of the list.

Top 10 Highest Goal Scorers In Football History

10. Tulio Maravilla – 575 goals

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Tulio was born in Brazil and spent almost his entire career at home. Maravilla changed 33 clubs, having played both at the highest level and in teams from the lower divisions.

Maravilla has become the top scorer in eight national and regional leagues. He won the title of the best goalscorer in the main championship of Brazil three times.

Tulio played most of his matches at Botafogo. According to the RSSSF, Maravilla played in 223 team games and scored 159 goals. Together with this club, Tulio won the national championship in 1995. Maravilla is ranked eighth in Botafogo’s list of all-time top scorers.

Tulio managed to play in Europe as well. In 1992, the player left for the Swiss Sion for a year, and in 2002 for the same period in the Hungarian Ujpest.

Maravilla played for the Brazilian national team. He played 15 matches for the national team, in which he scored 13 goals. This is not the best indicator in the national team, with him Maravillier would hardly have managed to remain in the history of the team, if not for one goal in America’s Cup in 1995.

In the quarterfinals of the tournament, Tulio scored 1: 2 against Argentina. Maravilla’s goal helped the Brazilians reduce the match to a penalty shootout and beat Argentina. As a result, Brazil reached the final, in which they lost on penalties to Uruguay.

If there were VAR in 95, Tulio's goal would not have been counted. The Brazilian played with his hand - in a volleyball manner he threw the ball under the blow after the cross and shot right into the goal.

Tulio devoted most of his life to football. He played for 31 years and only retired in 2019, at the age of 50. Tulio Maravilla is in the 10th position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

9. Uwe Seeler – 575 goals

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The seller was born in Germany and spent his entire playing career at the club in his city – Hamburg. Only at the age of 42, did the footballer play for another team – he took part in a sponsorship match with the Irish Cork Celtic.

Seeler stayed at Hamburg not because of a lack of offers from other clubs, but because of his loyalty to the team. In 1961, Inter Milan was interested in the football player and offered 1 million German marks for Seeler. At that time, this transfer could become one of the most expensive in history.

Seller made a name for himself in the very first match for Hamburg – he scored 4 goals for Holstein in the German Cup (8: 2). In the future, Uwe constantly confirmed his effectiveness. He was the top scorer of the Bundesliga in the 1963/64 season and was voted Germany’s Footballer of the Year in 1960, 1964, and 1970. In 1960, Seeler finished third in the Ballon d’Or.

Together with Hamburg, Seeler won the German Championship in 1959/60 and the National Cup in 1962/63.

Seller actively played for the German national team. He competed in four world championships. In 1966, Seller’s national team reached the final, where they lost to England (2: 2 in regular time and 2: 4 after extra time).

Uwe’s career lasted 19 years. He was then president of Hamburg for three years and left the post due to a financial scandal. The legendary Hamburg player was not involved in the scandal but claimed responsibility for the incident. Uwe Seeler is in the 9th position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

8. Ferenc Deak – 576 goals

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Deak is a Hungarian striker. He spent his entire career in local clubs. Ferenc has scored in almost every match. In his first team “Sentljorinz” Ferenc, on average, sent 3 goals into the opponent’s goal per game. At the time of leaving the club, the footballer had 220 goals in 72 matches.

After leaving Sentljorinz, Deak scored fewer goals, but was still a very productive player. In his next team, Ferencvaros, Deak averaged 1.4 goals.

Ferenc could have taken a higher place in the list of top scorers, but history played against him. The peak of Deak’s form fell during the years of World War II, there were no international tournaments, so Ferenc did not have the opportunity to play for the national team.

Ferenc began to play for the Hungarian national team only in 1946 and played 20 matches for it. During this period, the player chalked up 29 goals. Ferenc Deak is in the 8th position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

7. Gerd Müller – 735 goals

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Gerd Müller is a German footballer whose career peaked in the 60s and 70s. At the height of his career, he played for Bayern Munich, where he played as a center forward. Gerd scored 365 goals for the club and became the top scorer in the history of Munich and the Bundesliga.

Müller has been the top scorer in Germany seven times and the highest-scoring player in Europe twice. Also on account of Gerd two titles of the football player of the year in Germany and one – the player of the year in Europe.

Gerd Müller made history for the German national team. Before Miroslav Klose, Müller was the team’s top scorer with 68 goals. Gerd helped West Germany win the 1974 World Cup at home. In that tournament, he scored 4 goals and became the team’s most productive player.

Müller won the world championship in Munich at the Bayern stadium. In the final match, Germany met with the Netherlands national team, for which the legendary Johan Cruyff played. With the score 1: 1, Müller scored the winning goal in the match.

Gerd Müller is in the 7th position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

6. Ferenc Puskas – 746 goals

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Ferenc Puskas began his career in 1943 with the Hungarian club Honved and ended 23 years later, in 1966, playing for Real Madrid.

These two teams became the only ones in the playing career of Puskas. With both clubs, he won 10 championships: five in Hungary and the same in Spain. In Real Madrid, Ferenc became the most productive player in four won championships, while the footballer was the league’s top scorer three times.

At the national team level, Ferenc managed to play for two countries – Hungary and Spain. Puskas was a member of the Golden Team, the legendary Hungarian national team of the 1950s. Together with his partners, Puskas did not lose over 32 matches. During this period, the Hungarian national team won the 1952 Olympic Games. 

At the Olympics, Puskas scored 4 goals and, together with Peter Palotas, became the team’s top scorer.

Puskas also distinguished himself at the 1954 World Championship.In the second game, Ferenc was injured and the next time he appeared on the field only in the final of the tournament - in a match with West Germany. Puskas did not have time to fully recover from the injury but scored 1 goal. 
The legendary player's dedication did not help Hungary. Germany scored the winning goal 6 minutes before the end of the match. After 4 minutes, Puskas equalized the score, but the goal was not scored due to an offside position.

In 1956, a revolution took place in Hungary. Puskas at that time was in Spain, where he remained until the end of his career. In 1958, Ferencz began playing for Real Madrid, and since 1962, having received Spanish citizenship, he played for the Spanish national team. As part of the new national team, Puskas played 3 matches at the 1962 World Cup.

Politics prevented Ferenc from climbing higher in the ranking of the top scorers in history. After refusing to return to his homeland, UEFA punished Puskas with a two-year ban. Because of this, the player was unable to sign Milan and Juventus, which actively hunted Ferenc during his performance in Hungary. Ban could be fatal for Puskash. 

The clubs did not want to take the player, they were embarrassed by his age - at that time Puskash was already 30 years old. Ferenc continued his career only at the age of 31, at Real Madrid.

Ferenc Puskas is in the 6th position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

5. Pele – 767 goals

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Taking into account the unofficial matches, Pele is the top scorer in the history of football. He is in the Guinness Book of Records with 1281 goals in 1363 games. In official matches, Pele scored 767 goals and became only the third-scoring player in the world.

Pele made his performance for the Brazilian national team a world legend. In the first match for the national team, Pele played against Argentina. Brazil lost 1: 2, with Pele scoring the only goal for the Brazilians. In his country, he still remains the youngest footballer to score for the national team. During his career, Pele played in four world championships and won three of them. 

At the last world championship in 1970, Pele played at the age of 30. During the qualifying phase, he scored 6 goals in 6 matches. In the main part of the tournament, Pele scored 4 goals, including scoring the first goal in the final match with Italy. In that game, Brazil won 4-1.

In addition to the goal, Pele distinguished himself with an assist, but his role in the team was not limited to effective actions. Pele was actively involved in attacking combinations, and the rally with Pele before the last goal is considered one of the most beautiful in history. 

After a combination involving almost all of Brazil's outfield players, Pele passed a blind pass under the trajectory of Carlos Alberto, who scored the goal.

At his last World Championship, Pele received the Golden Ball as the best player in the tournament. Pele is in the 5th position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

4. Lionel Messi – 775 goals

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Messi is one of only two active players to make the top 10 top scorers in football history. In 965 matches in club championships and international tournaments, Messi scored 761 goals, an average of 0.8 goals per match. 

Messi has won numerous individual awards throughout his career. Among the most prestigious are six Golden Balls as the best footballer of the year in Europe and the Golden Ball as the best player in the World Cup. Messi has been named the best player in La Liga eight times.

Messi vs Ronaldo Trophies 2022 – Who is The GOAT

Together with Barcelona, ​​Lionel won 10 Spanish championships, 8 Spanish Super Cups, and 6 Spanish Cups. The team performed well at the European level as well. With Messi, the Catalans took four Champions League trophies. In the last three victorious rallies, Messi became the top scorer of the tournament. Lionel helped Barcelona win the UEFA Super Cup as well. 

On his account of three victories in the tournament, in two matches Messi was recognized as the best player.

Messi is unlucky at the national team level. Although the player became the top scorer in the history of the Argentine national team, he did not win any significant awards under the flag of the country.

The performance in the Argentina national team influenced Messi's position in the ranking of the most productive forwards. Messi could well overtake Ronaldo in the list of top scorers. At the club level, Lionel scored more than his opponent - 	672 goals against 626 for the Portuguese. 
On average, Messi scores 0.9 goals per game, Ronaldo - 0.7. But the Portuguese is more effective in the national team - on average he scores 0.6 goals per match, Messi - 0.5.

Messi is in the 4th position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

3. Romario – 780 goals

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Romario is a Brazilian player. He played from 1985 to 2009, having played in many teams, including European PSV and Barcelona. As part of PSV, Romario played the most matches in his career – 107 games.

Romario played for Barcelona from 1993 to 1994. Josep Guardiola, Ronald Koeman, Gary Lineker, Hristo Stoichkov, Yon Goykoechea, Jose Maria Baquero played in the Catalan club at that time. It was Johan Cruyff's dream team. The Dream Team won La Liga in the 1993/94 season. In this draw, Romario became the league's top scorer.

Romario spent a significant part of his career in various clubs in Brazil. He played in Vasco da Gama, Flamengo and Fluminense. For these teams, he scored 156 goals. This result brought Romario to third place in the list of top scorers in the Brazilian championship. 

Romario played for the Brazilian national team from 1987 to 2005. Together with the national team, he won two America’s Cups (1989 and 1997), one World Cup (1994), and the Confederations Cup (1997). In 1994 Romario received the Ballon d’Or as the best player in the World Cup. In this tournament, he scored 5 goals.

Romario is the fourth-highest scoring player on the Brazilian national team. He has 55 goals in 70 matches. Romario lost only to Pele, Ronaldo and Neymar. Romario is in the 3rd position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

2. Josef Bican – 805 goals

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Josef Bican is a Czech-Austrian footballer. The peak of his career came in the pre-war years and during the Second World War. He played for various Austrian and Czech teams but played most of the matches for Slavia Prague – 217. Bican scored 395 goals with Slavia.

Bican became the top scorer of the Czechoslovak Championship 12 times and the top scorer of Europe 5 times in a row (from 1939 to 1944).

At the international level, Bican played for the national teams of Austria and Czechoslovakia. Bits played for the Austrian team for three years – from 1933 to 1936. While playing for Slavia Prague, Bican changed his citizenship and since 1938 played for the national team of Czechoslovakia.

Josef Bican played in only one world championship – in 1934. Bitzan played for the Austrian national team, which reached the semifinals. At that tournament, Bitsan scored only 1 goal. 

Some of Bican's teammates said that in fact the Czech-Austrian footballer scored at least 5,000 goals in all matches. Bican denied the statement: "Who will believe if I say that I have scored five times more than Pele?"

Bits possessed unique physical data. He was a very fast player and was equally effective at converting chances with both feet. Josef’s records are overshadowed only by mentions that the footballer scored at a time when most of the players capable of competing with Bican in physics were at the front.

After the war, the player tried to sign Juventus, but Bican refused, suggesting that the communists might come to power in Italy. He stayed in Prague, which came under communist control in 1948.

Bican ended his career with Dynamo Prague in 1955 at the age of 42. At the time of his retirement, Josef was the oldest player in the league. Josef Bican is in the second position among Highest Goal Scorers in Football History.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 816 goals

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After a hat-trick against Tottenham Hotspur Ronaldo became the highest goal scorer in football history. Ronaldo started his career in 2002. Over the next 18 years, the footballer played for three top European teams – Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

In the fight for the title of the most productive player in the Champions League, Ronaldo overtook Messi thanks to a longer performance in the tournament. The Portuguese has been in the Champions League since 2003 and has played 169 matches. 

Messi has been performing since 2005 and played in 141 matches. In theory, Messi can make up for the difference with Ronaldo. On average, Leo scores more than Cristiano per match in the Champions League - 0.81 goals versus 0.76.

Ronaldo helped his teams win championships. Together with Manchester United, he won three English championships. In all winning seasons, Ronaldo became the team’s top scorer, and in one of them – the most productive player in the league.

As part of Real Madrid, Ronaldo won two national championships, in each he became the top scorer of Madrid and was second only to Lionel Messi in the fight for the league goal scorer title. With Juventus, Ronaldo managed to take one championship.

In this competition, the Portuguese were again the most productive player of the team, but among all the players in the league, he showed only the fourth result.

Career Achievements By Cristiano Ronaldo: Biography, Stats, Awards, Titles

Cristiano has achieved success in the national team. On March 5, 2014, in a friendly match with Cameroon (5: 1), Ronaldo scored 2 goals and came out on top in the ranking of the top scorers of the Portuguese national team: Ronaldo had 49 goals, and the former leader of the national team Pedro Pauleta – 47. Ronaldo has 99 goals.

Together with the national team, Ronaldo won the 2016 European Championship and the League of Nations in the 2018/19 season.

High performance has helped Ronaldo win many individual awards. Among them, there are 5 Golden Balls and 1 FIFA Player of the Year title. Cristiano Ronaldo is the Highest Goal Scorer in Football History.

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