How Many Free Kicks Has Messi Scored in His Career 2022: Messi Total Free Kick Goals

How Many Free Kicks Has Messi Scored in His Career: We analyze the direct free kicks of the Argentine soccer player since he debuted as a professional in 2003 until today. All the set-piece statistics from 10 for both Barça and the Argentine National Team.

How Many Free Kicks Has Messi Scored in His Career

Lionel Messi is possibly one of the best free-kick takers on the planet. The Argentine star dominates practically all the facets and skills of football when it comes to attacking play. Over the years he has been perfecting the free-kick, achieving a greater number of goals from direct free-kicks season after season.

His rivals have tried to stop this dangerous weapon in different ways, even putting a player under the sticks. Anything goes when you can’t stop Messi with the conventional method, although being one of the top scorers in history, we already see this type of play as normal.

Lionel Messi Free Kick Statistics

This table accumulates the total number of free-kick goals that he has executed and the goals that Lionel Messi has achieved throughout his career. You can see his progression from his professional debut to the current season. Undoubtedly, direct free kicks are one more reason to evaluate the duel between Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo. If they played on the same team, it would be necessary to see who would be responsible for executing the fouls.

Lionel Messi Free kick Goals For FC Barcelona


As you can see, Messi did not start shooting direct free-kicks from day one. That role is assumed by the specialist of each team, and at FC Barcelona there was a certain Ronaldinho who hardly left room for doubt. The Brazilian was a consummate expert in the art of direct free kicks, so his opportunity would not come until his third season (2006/07) at the Camp Nou.

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Lionel Messi Free kick Goals For Argentine

Argentine National Team8

The number of goals with the Argentine National Team is lower than that obtained by the Argentine soccer player with his club. This could be explained both by the number of free kicks executed by Lionel Messi in one place and another.


FC Barcelona50
Argentine National Team8

Messi’s free-kick total rises to 58 goals adding up his appearances at both club and national team levels. He has a percentage of success of 8.7% without taking into account the figures with Argentina. Without a doubt, some figures make it clear that we are above all a specialist indirect free kicks.

Lionel Messi Best Free Kick Goals

Here we do enter a field that can be somewhat subjective. Despite this, I’m sure we’ll agree on some goals. When it comes to cataloging Messi’s best shots, we value that he ends up in a goal, the goalkeeper’s performance, and the precision with respect to the distance of the direct free kick.

Messi Direct Free Kick Against Liverpool (2018/2019)

Possibly the most aesthetic free-kick goal of Barça’s ’10’ in his entire career. The distance, the goalkeeper, the spin, and the precision made the shot unique. Alisson Becker under the sticks, semifinals of the Champions League, More than 30 meters away and ball from outside to inside that slips through the squad.

The goal was the prelude to the Anfield debacle (voted the best stadium in the world) with Liverpool’s historic comeback (4-0), but it will go down in the annals of Champions League history.

Messi Free Kick Goal Against Real Madrid (Supercopa De España)

El Clásico is always a good game to score a great free-kick, right? The Barça vs Real Madrid matches is full of stars, tension, good play, and quality details within the reach of very few players.

That’s where Messi comes in to leave his mark, as he did in European competition, scoring one of the best goals in the Champions League.

Messi Free Kick Goal Against Atlético De Madrid (LaLiga)

This direct free kick enters through the ingenuity rather than the beauty of the goal. The goalkeeper, a young Thibaut Courtois, was not placed but that is more merit of the Argentine ’10’ than the demerit of the Belgian. Throwing a free kick with such precision with so little preparation is not done by just anyone.

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Atlético de Madrid has been one of the teams that have suffered the most from the ‘flea’, either from set-pieces or in any other way. It is one of the teams in LaLiga to which he has scored the most goals.

What is Lionel Messi’s free-kick goal that you liked the most? Do you think he can be considered one of the best free-kick takers in the world? We read you!

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