How Many Goals Has Vinicius Jr Scored in His Career: Vinicius Jr (Total Career 2017-2022)

How Many Goals Has Vinicius Jr Scored in His Career: Vinicius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior, born on July 12, 2000, in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, is an elite soccer player who plays in the winger position and is known in football as Vinícius Jr., but today he is known as Vinícius Jr. He makes himself known mainly with adjectives such as stargenerational talent or, simply put, as one of the best players on the planet.

Vinicius Jr Goals, Assists, Statistics, and Titles

The versatile winger has played for Real Madrid since 2018 and since 2019 he has represented the Brazilian national team. However, from his debut to the present, Vinícius has had a spectacular evolution, but it has not been easy, In its beginnings, it left many doubts and it was even considered that it did not have a military level in the White House.

However, after a masterful year in which he silenced his detractorshe left behind his nicknames and negative qualifiers, which cruelly called him Fictícius, failed or failed. In fact, his own teammate, Karim Benzema, even claimed that Vinícius was a player who seemed to play against his own team. To the day of today, the Brazilian is the best partner of the French.

Today, Vinícius Jr. is not only one of the best left-wingers in the world but has even earned the honor of being nominated for the Ballon d’Or, is considered one of the best players in the world and one of the great jewels of world football, since his premature age will allow him to continue having a career that points to history.

So, with the intention of giving great coverage to his career, we have decided to review his main statistics ( goalsassiststitlesgames playedrecords, and more ), in addition to making a brief summary of his short but intense race.

Statistics of Vinícius Jr. throughout his career: goals, assists, games played…

Although Vinícius Jr. had a very premature debut with Flamengo‘s youth teams, here we will summarize his statistics since he started playing football at a professional levelfrom 2017 to the present.

These are all the goals and assists that the talented Brazilian winger has added with the shirt of Real Madrid, the Brazilian National Team, and Mengão. With these figures, we can see that Vinícius is not a player for whom the statistics do him a great favor, since his goalscoring and assist averages are not great, but after a masterful season in 2021/2022, these figures could start to inflate year after year.

How Many Goals Has Vinicius Jr Scored in His Career

Real Madrid FC381740.21
Real Madrid Castilla450.80
CR Flamengo10490.20
Brazilian National Team1140.07

How Many Assists Has Vinícius Jr Had in His Career

real Madrid FC451740.25
Real Madrid Castilla150.20
CR Flamengo4490.08
Brazilian National Team0140.00

Goals and Assists Vinícius Jr. – Season 2022/2023

The league2130.660.33
European Super Cup0110.001.00
UEFA champions league
Copa del Rey
Spain Supercup

AVERAGE GOALS FOR THE 2022/2023 SEASON: 0.50 goals/game.

The current season is the perfect continuation of the crazy year that Vinícius Jr. signed with the meringues. The Brazilian is playing at his best level, showing that he is not only in the elite in his position, but that he is earning, and with great merit, a place in the list of the best in the world for his unchecking, his improved goalscoring instinct and the ability to generate danger and play for his teammates.

Goals and assists Vinícius Jr. – Season 2021/2022

The league1713350.480.37
UEFA champions league47130.300.53
Copa del Rey0020.000.00
Spain Supercup1020.500.00

AVERAGE GOALS FOR THE 2021/2022 SEASON: 0.42 goals/match.

The 2021/2022 season for Vinícius Jr. was not only historic for being his best season, so far, wearing the colors of the merengue club, but it is a period that will go down in the history books for what the Brazilian has achieved, since he was key in winning the LaLiga Santander trophy and winning Real Madrid’s fourteenth Champions League, also scoring the victory goal against Liverpool in Paris.

Goals and assists with Real Madrid Castilla (2018)

Second B4150.800.20


Despite having a short but very fruitful stint at Castilla, Vinícius left very good impressions wearing the Madrid B shirt. Because of this, he quickly earned a place in the first team, from which he has never left.

Vinicius Jr Goals and assists with Real Madrid (2018 – Present)

The league  Santander26231200.210.19
UEFA champions league8123. 40.230.35
Copa del Rey38140.210.57
Spain Supercup1040.250.00
European Super Cup0110.001.00
Club World Cup0110.001.00

Vinicius Jr AVERAGE GOALS WITH REAL MADRID: 0.21 goals/match.

Vinícius Jr signed for Real Madrid at a very premature age, when he was 16 years old, in an operation criticized and praised in equal parts, since Viní would stay in Brazil until he came of age, for which the merengues fans did not know much about this talented winger for whom they would pay close to 45.00 million, whom they cataloged as “the new Neymar”. Turned 18, the carioca packed his bags for the capital and, despite starting at Castilla, he began to gain the trust of his coaches.

Over time, Vinícius began to gain a foothold in the eleven, having very good and very bad performances, earning criticism from teammates and professional colleagues (shout out to Joaquín, who classified him as “very bad” in the middle of the game against Betis). However, with hard work, the Brazilian managed to shake off his critics from him, and today he is untouchable in the merengue team, being the perfect partner for Karim Benzema.

Goals and assists with CR Flamengo (2017 – 2018)

Brazilian Championship Series A74370.180.10
Libertadores Cup2050.400.00
South American Cup1070.140.00


2017 was the year of Vinícius Jr. in Brazil, since that year he had the opportunity to debut with the Flamengo first team, playing practically everything at the tender age of 16, being just 17 years old. 

Viní played matches in the Série A in Brazil, in addition to having the opportunity to play in the Libertadores and the Sudamericana, in which he also stood out. However, little did Vinícius know that that same year he had already caught the attention of Madrid, and the merengue team wasted no time, officially closing the deal to sign him on May 23, 2017.

Vinícius would have to wait until he came of age to be able to join his new team, so his career with the Flamengo first team was short but very, very intense.

Vinicius Jr Goals with CR Flamengo Juvenil (2014 – 2017)

2014 – Flamengo Sub-151N/A90.11N/A
2015 – Flamengo Sub-1515N/A250.60N/A
2016 – Flamengo Sub-150N/A100.00N/A
2016 – Flamengo Sub-1712N/A190.63N/A
2016 – Flamengo Sub-203N/A60.33N/A
2017 – Flamengo Sub-2011N/A101.10N/A

Vinicius Jr AVERAGE GOALS WITH YOUTH FLAMENGO: 0.52 goals/game.

Vinícius ‘s rise with Flamengo began at a very early age since at just 14 years old he began to play matches with Mengão ‘s U-15 division. Already in 2016, he had the opportunity to move up three categories in the same calendar year, going from U-15 to U-20 in the blink of an eye, consolidating himself as one of the great jewels of Brazilian football.

In 2017 he played his best year in the under-20 category, which allowed him to rise to the first team that same year, earning his place in the Brazilian professional team with hard work.

Goals and assists of Vinícius Jr. with the Brazilian team (2019 – Present)

World Cup qualification1070.140.00
America Cup0040.000.00


Vinícius Jr. has started his career with the Brazilian National Team in a somewhat bittersweet way since, although it is true that he is barely gaining Tite’s trust, he has not yet been able to become a starter in the Canarinha. Despite this, the talented winger has already managed to score his first goal for the five-time champion, scoring the second goal in the CONMEBOL qualifiers in a 4-0 victory against Chile.

With Qatar 2022 just around the corner, Vinícius will have the opportunity to add his first title with the senior team, since he was at the gates of the Copa América in 2021, after losing the final against Argentina.

Goals and assists of Vinícius Jr. with the Brazilian youth team

Brazil U-156N/A61.00N/A
Brazil U-17172190.890.10
Brazil U-200140.000.25


Collective Titles of Vinícius Jr. (Total Career 2015-2022)

Vinícius Jr.’s individual track record, at least for now, is not the most impressive thing in the world. However, with only a few years of career, he has already managed to taste the glory that many other players have never been able to have within his reach. For this reason, his list of collective awards for him can only go up and even more so now that he has managed to find the best version of himself in the European elite:

South American U-15 (2015)Brazil U-15
Rio de Janeiro U-17 Championship (2016)CR Flamengo Youth
Taça Guanabara Sub-17 (2016)CR Flamengo Youth
Taça Rio Sub-17 (2016)CR Flamengo Youth
South American U-17 (2017)Brazil U-17
Guanabara Cup (2018)CR Flamengo
Club World Cup (2018)real Madrid FC
Spanish Super Cup (2020)real Madrid FC
Spanish First Division (2020)real Madrid FC
Spanish Super Cup (2022)real Madrid FC
Spanish First Division (2022)real Madrid FC
UEFA Champions League (2022)real Madrid FC
UEFA Super Cup (2022)real Madrid FC


Vinícius Jr’s Individual Titles (Total Career 2017-2022)

Best player of the South American Sub-172017
Golden Boot of the South American Sub-172017
Golden Boy nomination2018
Golden Boy nomination2019
Player of the month for November – LaLiga 2021/20222021
Ballon d’Or nomination2022

Other Goalscoring Records and Data

How Many Goals Has Vinicius Jr Scored From Free Kicks?

Unfortunately, either due to a lack of opportunities or a lack of initiative from Vinícius, we haven’t been able to see a goal from a direct free kick by the player from Rio for many years. In his entire career, there is only a record of two goals from free kicks and he scored both wearing the Castilla shirt in the 2018/2019 season.

Therefore, while waiting for Viní to win the opportunity to take free kicks at Real Madrid or with the national team, we will have to wait a long time until we can add another goal to this list.

Real Madrid CastillaUnionistas (41′) – Second B, Matchday 4, Season 18/19
Real Madrid CastillaCelta B (83′) – Second B, Matchday 9, Season 18/19


How Many Goals Has Vinícius Jr Scored From The Penalty Spot?

Surprising as it may seem, Vinícius Jr. has not scored a single penalty in his entire career. That’s right, the versatile player is anything but a penalty shooter since in none of the teams in which he has played has he had the necessary weight to take the ball from one of his teammates to shoot from eleven steps. Therefore, except for a last-minute update, the number of penalties scored by Vinícius Jr. is zero.

How Many Times Have Vinicius Jr Scored Three or More goals in His Career

Although little by little Vinícius is ending his bad fame related to his bad shots, the Brazilian is not a born goalscorer. Therefore, it is not surprising that from his debut to the present Vinícius Jr. has not managed to score a large number of triples, pokers, or re-pokers.

Real Madrid (2022)Hat-trick (1) vs Espanyol
TOTALHat-trick (1) – Poker (0) – Repoker (0)

What is Vinicius Jr record for Goals in a Match?

At the moment, Vinícius has only scored one game with three goals or more and it was against Levante UD, at the Santiago Bernabéu in the 6-0 win against Granotas. In that match, Vinícius scored three of the six goals for the meringues and since then he has not returned to score in triplicate.

What is Vinicius Jr record for Goals in a Season?

Since his arrival in Madrid, Vinícius Jr. was surrounded by criticism for his poor performance, so the 2021/2022 season should have been his consecration and, indeed, that was the case. Viní was key in the fourteenth season, scoring a total of 22 goals and handing out 20 assists, having an almost perfect season in which he generated 44 total annotations for the merengues.

For this reason, for the moment, this has been his best season wearing the colors of the meringues, but this could change very soon if he maintains the level that today has him at the top of the world.

The league1713350.480.37
UEFA champions league47130.300.53
Copa del Rey0020.000.00
Spain Supercup1020.500.00

AVERAGE GOALS FOR THE 2021/2022 SEASON: 0.42 goals/match.

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