How Often to Replace a Car Battery

How Often to Replace a Car Battery: Few of us pay attention to the battery of our car, one of the most important parts of any modern vehicle. The car battery controls a wide range of tasks and devices, from starting the internal combustion engine to turning on the power in the car computer. How Often Car Battery Replacement.

To replace oil, air filters, and other maintenance work, checking/testing your car’s battery should be an integral part of maintenance. Battered or damaged batteries are one of the main reasons for calls to the roadside assistance service (in countries where the roads are in normal condition), a certain% of breakdowns occur due to batteries that are simply too worn out.

How Often to Replace a Car Battery

In this short article, it will be described – when it’s time to change the AB and how to determine it, how to service it, the ability to extend the life of the AB.

How Often Do You Need To Change The Car Battery?

According to statistics, and from practice, too, the battery can become worn out within 2-3 years. Batteries can operate normally for 5-6 years, provided free maintenance, if the opposite is true, most car batteries will wear out and be inefficient for three years of daily use under normal conditions.

Just as your computer or smartphone battery becomes less efficient with each charge, your car’s battery gradually deteriorates each time it is charged. After three years of operation, it is recommended to replace this part of the vehicle.

After four or five years, most car batteries will be completely unreliable. Old car batteries can be tested for safety and reliability. As practice shows,

How To Avoid Complete Depletion of The Battery

As a rule, onboard computers on modern cars are more complex and powerful, so some BCs work even when the engine is not running. These computers can draw power from your car’s battery at a slow but steady rate.

Although the BC consumption is tiny, the cumulative effect can drain your car’s battery when not in use for a long time. If you use your car often, this will avoid depletion of the systems, as the battery will constantly recharge during the operation of the vehicle.

How Often Car Battery Replacement | Rean Times

All wiring of the car must be completely insulated. After scheduled maintenance or installation of additional electronic equipment (if there was an intervention in the electronic system), check the correctness and isolation of this connection. Since the outflow of power to the body of the vehicle can easily weaken the AB (especially in winter).


Never leave dimensions or running lights for a long time, while your car is parked with the engine running, this can lead to a battery discharge.

It is necessary to pay part of the mechanism of a charge of the battery (generator) onboard the car. If this element is defective or does not work properly, it can directly affect the supply of charge to the battery and consequently the operation of the entire vehicle.

In winter, when the street temperature is sub-zero for a long time and the car is outdoors / on the street, it is recommended to warm up the vehicle at least once every two / three days, this action not only pumps / warms all technological fluids and drives them through the car systems. but also will recharge the accumulator and will help to keep its capacity in the necessary range of the issued power of starting current.

Let’s Get a Little Off-Topic.

Cars with start-stop technology may require a special battery. Cars with motors that implement automatic shutdown/start technology (to save fuel) put a heavy load on the battery, so 95% will require a battery with increased starting current.

How Often Car Battery Replacement | Rean Times

Check your battery on a regular basis to avoid damage

How To Determine That The Battery “Sat”

Battery testing is a simple process and each service station has its own set of electronic testers on hand to test. Regular tests can identify when a battery needs to be replaced and help you avoid awkward situations on the road. You can also perform the test yourself.

Try to start the test by turning on the headlights. If the headlights look too dim, put the car in neutral or parking (automatic), and give the load / increase the engine speed, if the light changes its brightness – this is the first sign that the battery will soon expire.

Turn the ignition key to the specified position and pay attention to the indicators of the instrument panel. If the battery does not provide the required power, the bulbs will glow dimly or flicker periodically.

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When you try to start the car, instead of a quick and brisk start of the engine, you will hear the characteristic sound of a “spinning” engine – slow and viscous.

If the car battery is very discharged, then from the hood space, during the start of the car, will be heard “clicks” from the relay and generator.

Some, most modern cars, are equipped with a voltmeter – a voltage indicator in the onboard network. According to this device, you can determine the voltage if the arrow is in the red zone, the battery is discharged.

The easiest way is to inspect the car battery itself. Some batteries are equipped with their own charge indicators “indicator” on the battery case (green/red). In this case, the battery itself will “tell” you about the charge level. That’s all How Often Car Battery Replacement.

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