How To Build Muscle Mass Fast And Get A Relief Body 2022

Many beginners and advanced athletes want to get a sculpted body, but face a lot of difficulties and questions. How To Effectively Build Muscle Mass Fast. This is often due to a lack of knowledge about the biochemical and physical processes of the body.

How To Build Muscle Mass Fast

We turned to Pavel Syroezhkin, a fitness specialist at Herbalife Nutrition, a world expert in the field of balanced nutrition, for help, and asked the most frequently asked questions.

Paul’s recommendations will help you adjust your diet and exercise plan, thereby increasing the amount of muscle mass and getting the body of your dreams.

Why Does The Body Become Embossed

An attractive athletic body with a low percentage of subcutaneous fat is based on “three pillars” – Balanced Nutrition, Regular Training, Full Recovery.

The absence of any of these elements will collapse the entire system. Therefore, such a simple scheme becomes difficult for most people, not everyone is ready to follow it.

Sudden motivation and enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle are enough for a short time, and when the heat fades, the person returns to old habits, the diet and sleep patterns are disrupted.

Often people are “tired” of the classic rules in the form of proper nutrition and stable training, and they are looking for diets and fitness marathons in a new way, where they promise quick results.

At the same time, such guys sincerely do not understand why others waste time and go to the gym for years if the result that the fitness guru promises on the Internet is so close.

In fact, a healthy lifestyle is a journey without an end goal. Therefore, it is called a way of life, and not a time period of life, or a couple of months. The sooner you are convinced of this, the easier and calmer it will be for you to follow it.

How Muscle Mass Depends On Nutrition And Exercise

The relief directly depends on these two aspects, and even if you are ideally nourished, the desired result and the traced muscles will appear only with stable training.

Proper and balanced nutrition is a safe investment in your body and health, regardless of the age at which you start choosing healthy foods. In this regard, it is never too late. This approach will have a positive effect on mood, productivity, and life expectancy.

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But if we talk about an athletic figure, regardless of the male or female sex, one cannot do without weights. Muscles become rounded, fuller, stronger, and more prominent only after training with “iron” (barbells, dumbbells, exercise equipment). *

For example, let’s say you load muscle by squatting with a 100-pound barbell. At some point, you can no longer perform any repetition – the muscles are so tired and worked “to failure.”

Coming home and fully “feeding” them, you start metabolic processes in the body, as a result of which the tired muscular system is fully restored, the muscles “understand” that they did not cope with the given load during training, and they need to become larger and stronger in order to deal with it in the next lesson.

Therefore, it is impossible to develop muscle mass without regular training.

Diet When Gaining Muscle Mass

When you are in the mood to build muscle, you need to exercise regularly, gradually increasing the load so that the muscles are hard. Otherwise, it will be just recreational physical education, which is also good, but will not affect muscle growth in any way.

Nutrition also plays an important role. You need to create a calorie surplus. This means that the calories you eat should be higher than your workout. The main difficulty is that these should be “quality calories” obtained from wholesome food and sports nutrition, not fast food and buns.

Ideally, the surplus should be about 500 extra calories. They should become that “building material” from which high-quality musculature is obtained. Baking, sweets, sausages, sausages, soda, alcohol will negatively affect her and reduce the quality of her body.

The food must be of good quality. It is advisable to eat often, for example, every three hours. It is recommended to keep the usual meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and arrange “protein snacks” in between.

During these, you can use protein bars and shakes – important components of the “sports diet”. They do not require additional time and effort for cooking and supply the body with the necessary macronutrients in the form of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

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Most importantly, it happens in the right proportions. For example, you can try foods from the muscle-building program, choosing the ones that suit your needs. **

You also need to remember about micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. During the period of “mass gain,” it is recommended to use a proven vitamin and mineral complex. Among the time-tested and proven sports, nutritionists are Herbalife 24: balanced nutrition for athletes that help meet nutritional needs before, during, and after exercise.

A balanced diet means you get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, and healthy fats (or macro and micronutrients) without consuming extra calories.

Herbalife Nutrition products are formulated with the latest scientific advances and manufactured to high-quality standards.

Calculation Of KBZHU For Guys And Girls

Everything here is individual and depends on gender, age, current state, and the final goals that you want to achieve.

For example, the norm of the KBZHU of a slender girl weighing 50 kg, who is fond of yoga, is very different from the KBZHU of a strong guy weighing 100 kg, who is engaged in wrestling or weightlifting. Although both lead a healthy and correct lifestyle and monitor their diet.

There are general points regarding macronutrient intake. The daily diet must necessarily form proteins and carbohydrates in equal proportions, as well as unsaturated fats.

To do this, you do not need to walk with a calculator and weigh every meal on a scale, although professional athletes do this.

For the first time, elementary knowledge in this area is enough. For example, it is important to remember: 1 gram of protein is 4 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrates is the same 4 calories, but fat is as much as 9 calories. And in addition, it is better to remember that there are 7 calories in one milliliter of alcohol.

Carbohydrates are the main supplier of “energy” in the body. It is important to remember that they are divided into simple and complex, or fast and slow. This is the same. It is necessary to consume exactly the “complex” carbohydrates, with a long period of energy release, and avoid simple ones: sweets, pastries, soda.

They consist of “empty calories” that do not benefit the body and can negatively affect the internal organs and the quality of the body.

Fats cannot be completely eliminated from the diet. They are involved in vital processes in the body. At the same time, they, like carbohydrates, are divided into two groups: polyunsaturated and polyunsaturated, or “not useful” and “good”.

For example, the trans fats found in fast food are not healthy. Another thing is that Omega-3 in fish is one of the healthiest and most important fats.

What Foods Promote Muscle Growth

Muscle won’t grow without resistance training, even if you only eat chicken breast and protein bars all day long. You need to train 3-4 times a week so that the muscles have time to recover.

Now you need to revise the diet, which should be properly built. Muscle is built from protein molecules, which should be sufficient in the food you receive. Main sources: poultry and fish, eggs, cottage cheese, some types of soybeans, and legumes. This is suitable for main meals, then sports nutrition comes to the rescue.

Protein shakes and bars are best for snacks, especially in the rhythm of the metropolis, when you rush from workout to work or from one business meeting to another. Take them with you in your car, carry them in your gym bag, take them anytime, anywhere.

In the conditions of a “big city”, sports nutrition helps athletes a lot. One of these “rescuers” is the Formula 1 protein shake with vanilla flavor. It contains high-quality soy protein, dietary fiber, and a complex of 20+ vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B6, B12, D, and C.

Sports Supplements: What To Use

It is important to distinguish sports nutrition from sports pharmacology, which is often confused. Sportpit is proteins, protein bars, vitamin and mineral complexes, creatine, L-carnitine, hypotension, complexes for the health of ligaments and joints, etc.

But anabolic steroids, “growth hormone”, peptides and insulin – pharmacology. The latter is best left to professionals who are aware of all the risks of using the product.

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The second point is to consult your doctor. You may have to get tested, but you will practice calmly and know that nothing interferes with progress.

If we talk about sports supplements: everything is individual and depends on personal goals. The most universal are high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements, Omega-3, creatine, complexes with dietary fiber. And it is better not to lean on “fat burners”.

Always read the label for dosages and allowable courses of administration, and consult a specialist.

Foods That Contain The Most Protein

For one meal, the body absorbs no more than 30-35 g of protein. Even if you eat 300 g of pure protein, only 30 g is absorbed. Therefore, at the time of gaining muscle mass, it is better to eat every three hours, but little by little.

The most protein-rich foods: eggs, cottage cheese, chicken breasts, red meat, fish, soy. They are the basis of “traditional” meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In between, we make protein snacks, as mentioned above.

Also, additional high-quality protein can be obtained from a protein mixture, especially if you understand that you are not getting your protein norm from foods.

Post-Workout Nutrition

Many people know about the “protein-carbohydrate window” after training when for 45-60 minutes the body is in a state of “overcompensation” and assimilates all the foods that enter it. It is important to make sure that these are only high-quality foods in terms of the combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

The easiest solution is a protein meal, which can be consumed in the gym or locker room. Cocktails and bars are easy to use and contain everything needed for the muscles in need at the moment. When you have a snack and get home, eat well.

For more effective recovery is also possible to drink a regenerating cocktail for athletes H24. Most importantly, do not skip meals after a good workout, even if you want to lose weight.

The Main Mistakes When Gaining Muscle Mass

Let’s repeat about three whales: a balanced diet, regular exercise, healthy sleep. If you go to bed before midnight and sleep for 8 hours, but eat burgers, there will be no result. Just like if you eat perfectly, exercise often and correctly, but go to bed after midnight and sleep three to four hours a day.

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Keep track of all three components, stick to the set rules, and the result in the form of a dry body and traced muscles will appear much faster than you think.

* Before changing the exercise regimen, it is recommended to consult with a specialist.

** Any statements regarding weight control relate to the Herbalife Nutrition Weight Management Program, which includes, but is not limited to, a balanced diet, regular exercise, daily fluid intake, supplementation as needed, and adequate rest. All results are individual and may vary.

*** Before changing the exercise regimen, it is recommended to consult with a specialist.


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