How To Deal With The Depression? An Amazing Story

How to deal with the depression: Bad mood, apathy, unwillingness to do anything, complete indifference to everything: if such a state lasts more than two weeks and continues for months, then all these are characteristic signs of depression. How to deal with it?

The methods are different for everyone because the reasons are also individual. Therefore, before leaving this state, you need to understand where it all began.

Using the example of my friend, I will tell you about her personal methods of struggle.

Alina was 22 years old when a recession began in her life. A graduate of a prestigious university in Moscow, but not quite a favorite profession, as it turned out in the 3rd year, she received a diploma and went home. A week before defending her diploma, she broke up with her beloved, and her desire to hand over everything and leave as soon as possible intensified even more.

She did not show her depressed state to her relatives, and each time she pulled herself out morally, but at night quite often her “strength” turned into sobs. This went on for almost 2 years. The sadness of the breakup grew into self-doubt and the fact that she could really achieve something.

The new day seemed to constantly bring even more reasons to go into depression. 7 methods that helped Alina get out of her:

Support From Relatives

After receiving her diploma and arriving home, she tried to forget the person with whom she had just parted. All this time, I was only engaged in watching TV shows, reading books, sometimes going to the movies, and meeting with friends, but returning to my room could not go out for a long time until my parents called for food.

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She ate, drank tea, and again ran into the room. Two months of spiritual emptiness. Once falling asleep in the morning and sleeping until the evening, I woke up from the voice of my dad, who swore loudly.

Alina’s father was always the support of Alina, kind by nature, he did not let her lose heart, and during the upcoming exams, he always called and conducted conversations, after which wings appeared.

On that day, she heard him screaming and did not understand the reason. As it turned out, he saw the state of his daughter and could not stand it. I went into her room and said: you are alive, but you do not live, you are healthy, but you are ruining yourself, you are happier than those who cannot afford to sleep in a warm place, you are a beautiful girl, but you put an end to yourself.

Despondency is a great sin, and you believe in God, but you continue to be despondent. If you do not stop, consider that you will kill in me the one who always thought that he had raised a strong-minded person. I will be lost if you are lost.

Dad’s words became sobering for Alina. She realized that she had relatives who were not ready to accept her in such a state and did everything to get her out of it.

Now Alina believes that even if a person is depressed and does not have any support, as she had, she can still force herself to fight on her own. There are many such examples. Sober yourself up with a slap in the face.


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It was time to look for a job, but each time she was refused for lack of experience, and she more and more stopped believing in herself. I wrote:” Self-confidence is important, but it does not guarantee victory. Even if you don’t believe in yourself or, even worse, believe that you are completely insignificant, but work hard, you will definitely succeed!

”. Thoughts that she was not capable of anything intensified, but she tried to do something.

As a result, I found a job, my colleagues were not all pleasant, only inside there was a feeling of a certain satisfaction from the fact that a small step had been taken from my past self. No wonder they say that any physical activity does not give time for bad thoughts.

A Change of Scenery

After working for some time, she decided to change the field of activity and left again for Moscow to study. Arriving in this city was not the most fun. Autumn time, rainy, gray, and after six months of study there is a desire to quit everything again and go home. However, every time something helped her not to succumb.

Taking all the will into a fist, I finished my studies, and what was the inner satisfaction and gratitude to myself that I did not give up. Do not give up what you started – this is how parents were brought up.

In Moscow I spent every day talking to myself, my friends were not around, my relatives too. Many days spent alone, all thoughts went into the diary entries, every walk to the subway, every day to get up with the words: a little more, be patient.

I returned home completely different. It was as if a trip to another country tested my resilience and came to the realization. Internal dialogues were beneficial. After them, being at home, I realized that I had forgiven people who had once hurt. It became easier to breathe.

The Strength in a Smile

Smiling at yourself, even when something doesn’t work out, is difficult, but you can force it. As a colleague says: forcibly when no one sees. In many eastern countries, a smile means victory over difficulties and strength of mind.

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In Japan, they believe that the more you smile, the better your mood. Overcoming herself Alina tried to smile every day. Many do not attach importance, but it really works, you have to try.


You have a hobby, this is also creativity, it manifests itself in everything. For some, even solving mathematical problems is a manifestation of creativity. Alina was helped by writing her thoughts in a diary and playing the guitar. I took a guitar in my hands and my fingers stretched themselves to the desired chord.

Equestrian Therapy

Alina loves animals since childhood. Coming to my grandmother in the village, she happily sat in the saddle. In the city, it was not often necessary to get out somewhere, but a strong desire to see horses made her go to the nearest hippodrome.

You come, you see your pet, you have conversations with him and the bad mood takes off as if by hand. At these moments, it seems that he, with his one presence, disperses negative thoughts.


During apathy, you always want to close yourself to four walls and not communicate with anyone. What if there are no friends? Forcing yourself to go out, walk, visit cultural places or visit orphanages, shelters, nursing homes, or seriously ill people.

Communication with such people makes you reconsider your views on life. Online dating is also one of the forms of communication that should not be ignored.

All of these methods are a personal experience of one person, but whose depression was really difficult. Thanks to her, she learned to value her life more and to do everything possible not to give in. And everyone has a bad mood for a couple of days, the main thing is to be able to come to their senses in time.

Now she is 26, a year ago her friend died of cancer, before that she managed to tell her this phrase: I know that everything you do is not in vain. You are really a very good friend. This phrase motivates her to get up in the morning every day and be glad that she is just healthy.

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