How To Earn Money on Facebook in 2022

Do you want to monetize your ideas? Looking to expand your business but don’t know where to start? Instead of investing in traditional media, connect to the most famous social network in the world and apply these tips to earn money on Facebook.

How To Earn Money on Facebook

Every day a large number of applications and social networks are created, however, Facebook is still the favorite of many users, reaching a figure of more than 2 billion people. The key to its success is that it allows us to discover and connect with our loved ones and with what is happening around us.

In addition, it is continuously updated to help us create a space where we share preferences, feelings, and relevant data for a community. More and more people use this social network as a tool to improve their businesses and achieve greater visibility.

Join this experience! You don’t need to be an expert to make money with Facebook. Follow these tips and turn your FanPage into a profitable and constant source of income.

Tips To Improve Your Visibility on Facebook

Create a Specialized Page

Although Facebook has a large number of users, each person has specific tastes that determine the content they view. Many have a preference for movies, others for music, some for animals, and so on an endless number of tastes and beliefs.

Instead of trying to create content for all users, it is better to design a Facebook Fan Page with specialized content. This way you will find a stable community that shares your ideas and interests.

Social Media, Facebook How To Earn Money on Facebook in 2022: Rean Times

Once you start posting, the user will evaluate your content and determine if it is trustworthy and relevant, in order to share and comment on it to improve your exposure. You will be able to design products or services to satisfy different demands and also create strategic alliances with brands related to your interests. We will explain that to you later.

How To Create a Fan Page on Facebook?

Creating a FanPage is very different from designing a personal account. While the personal account can be configured to maintain your privacy, the FanPage is a space to make yourself known and shorten communications with your customers and potential users.

To create it correctly follow these simple steps:

1. First you must have a Facebook account to create your page. If you have not registered, go to and the option to create an account will appear on the login page. Follow the instructions until the verification process is complete.

2. Log in to your account and click on the options tab. The menu will be displayed and the option “Create a page” will appear first.

3. The page will take you to the menu and you will have to select the type of profile for your page between these two options:

  • Business or brand: aimed at companies, highlights the products and services offered.
  • Community or public figure: allows you to connect and share more personal content. It is ideal for influencers, non-profit organizations, and clubs, among others.

4.  Put the name of your page. Look for it to be original and reflect in a few words the content of your fan page. Add categories to make it easier to find you in the search engine. Put your address and phone number. Then click continue.

5. Add a profile photo and a cover photo to present your brand’s visual image.

6. You have already created your FanPage and you can invite your family and friends to give you a Like, place the services or products you offer, answer private messages, discover the statistics of your page, as well as a long list of tools and promotions that will help you spread your voice.

Generate Relevant Content

Not only is it enough to create a specialized FanPage, but you also need to generate relevant content to earn money with Facebook. Users are getting smarter every day. They demand different and entertaining content that meets their needs.

Create content that encourages action, that invites you to think, and above all to act. Ask questions, conduct surveys, stay up to date with the news, and connect it with your main theme.

How To Earn Money on Facebook in 2022: Rean TimesCreate relevant content that encourages action

When publishing, support your written content with images and videos. According to a study by Wyzowl, a platform dedicated to web content marketing, people remember up to 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they read. That is why it is important to create images that summarize your idea so that users will feel more interested in seeing the publication and sharing it.

The Facebook platform is constantly updated and has incorporated Facebook Stories into its design. This allows you to post relevant content, in the form of images and videos for a set amount of time.

The Importance of Publishing Valuable Content

By using this type of tool you can display any type of content, but it is mainly designed to humanize your brand. What does this mean? That you will be able to show your day-to-day, revealing what is behind your company as well as your creative process.

Explain how your products are made, discuss your ideas for new posts, and ask your community what they want to see. Also, post some advice or tips related to your company. It is advisable to create a routine and wish good morning, it is a way to expose yourself and show your more social side.

Before posting, ask yourself if the content is of value to your readers or will provoke some type of reaction. That’s the key to getting positive interactions. Likewise, determine what the most important content is to avoid saturating your followers with unnecessary posts.

6 Ideas To Monetize Your Facebook

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a widely used tool to promote your brand through publications of different types of content: images, videos, and ads to your main page, among others.

For a modest price, you will find different packages to promote yourself. This will help you get a targeted audience and increase your exposure. Creating a loyal community that constantly interacts will translate into potential customers who will be attentive to your publications and products.

Another benefit of this tool is that you can evaluate the performance of your promotions in real-time, so you will know if your strategy is really working, to make the pertinent changes to the promotion.

How To Use Facebook Ads?

  1. Click on the Promotion option.
  2. Different options will appear to customize your promotion:
    • Promote your posts
    • Promote your page
    • Attract people to your website
    • Increase conversions on your website
    • Increase your app installs
    • Increase interaction with your app
    • Reach more people who are close to your business
    • Increase the number of attendees at your event
    • Get people to apply for your offer
    • Increase video views

You must choose the most suitable ad to earn money with Facebook. If your page is designed for a group, their posts like videos and photos are the most relevant. That is why the best option, in this case, would be to promote your publications. So more people will be able to know the type of content you make.

  1. Once you have chosen the type of promotion, you must fill in some boxes with the image of the ad, a brief description, deadline, among other elements that vary according to your objectives.
  2. You need to define the audience that will be able to see your ads. Add the description including location, age, gender (everyone, male or female), plus demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections.
  3. Complete all the data and finish by selecting the expense you will make for the promotion.

Generate Traffic To Your Main Page or Blog

If you have a website or blog, use your Fan Page to increase traffic to your official platforms and earn money on Facebook.

Laptop, Hands, Gadgets, Iphone, Apple, Lens, MacbookUse your Fan Page to increase your blog traffic

With the Google AdSense application, you can place ads of interest to your community on your website or blog. Then you must post the link on Facebook. Every time they click on your website or blog you will earn money for the number of visits. That’s why it’s important to keep your website up to date to increase traffic and respond quickly to suggestions from your community.

From Facebook, you can publish the links for people to enter your blog. Some idea to increase the number of visits is to place a short description of what they can find on your blog or web page, so they will stay on the lookout for your next content.

Promote Products and Services on Facebook

If you have a book, sell clothes, have designed a course, or specialize in creating a product or service, the Facebook page gives you the opportunity to open a store and promote your products and services. That way you can monetize Facebook and get some income onlineThere are two alternatives to publishing:

      • Pay website. This store shows the product or service to the user and when they click on it, they are sent to the blog or website of purchase.
      • message to buy It is a store for your customers where they can send messages to obtain more relevant information about your products or services.

Make Strategic Alliances With Other Brands

When you already have a considerable amount of Likes, you have the possibility of contacting brands or web pages that share your same interests to carry out collaborations where both parties benefit monetarily.

Girl, Woman, Typing, Writing, Blogger, Blogging

For example, if your page is about maternity, it will be interesting to contact diaper and baby clothing brands to create publications, videos, and photographs that promote the products or services of a brand. The relationship between exchanges should always be maintained so as not to confuse users.

Before accepting this type of alliance, carry out a preliminary investigation so that you know all the information about the product that you will promote. That will give you full confidence about what you recommend.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Do you have talent-recommended products? Does your Facebook community engage with your posts frequently? Then try an Affiliate marketing strategy to earn money on Facebook.

Affiliate marketing consists of recommending a product or service through your Facebook page and adding a link that allows the user to reach the web page where they can purchase the merchandise.

For each purchase made from the link you promote, you will get a small percentage of profit. Having a strong community will make it easier for them to be interested in your recommendations and click on the products or services.

Depending on the selected brands, some have their own affiliate platforms or use intermediaries to carry out these transactions. An example of a page that practices direct Affiliate Marketing is Amazon, allowing you to create links that lead directly to products.

At Amazon, you will find an extensive list of products to compare them with each other and offer other options to satisfy the different tastes of your users. There are also other brands that offer this alternative to publicize their services.

The links may have an expiration of 1 to 30 days according to the company’s policies, so it is important to be informed before affiliating with a page, so you can create strategies that make the most of this tool.

Develop Apps or Games

In addition to posting photos and videos, encourage your visits and earnings by developing an application or game for Facebook. The applications are viewed by users as a plus or extra that connects them and brings them closer to your community.

You can create the style of application or game you want: games that challenge the intellect, applications that improve an everyday aspect of people’s lives, always meeting the demands of your users. Various platforms help you develop your app for free or at a very low cost, such as As it becomes interactive and easy to understand, more users will participate and share.

To monetize the application or game, it is best to add a free version, so more people can discover it. However, it is possible to change some game options or levels to improve the service and unlock a level of power.

You also have the alternative of inserting ads or advertising in the application or game. In this way, each time they enter they will continue to enjoy it without any cost, but you will earn money for their time invested.


By following these simple tips you can easily earn money on Facebook. Remember that in addition to using all the tools provided by the platform, the most important thing is to create a guide and image that simply expresses your vision of the company. That way you will be clear about the tone of communication for your page and you will reach the desired traffic in a very short time.

Tell me, do you have a Facebook page that you already monetize? how do you do it? Share your experience in the comments😉.

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