How To Feed a Dog and Cats Having Low Budget: 7 USDT a Month (There is one trick!)

Pets … They fill our home with carelessness, fun, and joy, not expecting anything in return. They are loyal and loyal to us at any time and under any conditions. How to feed a dog and cats having low budget. And we, of course, want our pets to always be healthy. Their nutrition plays an important role here.

How to Feed a Dog and Cats on Having Low Budget

Nowadays, you can easily buy a wide variety of food for cats or dogs. This is exactly what many do. But there are owners who consider homemade food to be more useful. Not to mention the substantial savings in cash.

Reconomica magazine is ready to offer a recipe for making a fairly healthy natural food for pets, which the heroine of our today’s article has kindly shared.

Editorial warning


It is believed that the presented method of preparing pet food at home can be dangerous since undercooked bones can damage the digestive tract of your pet. Before using this method, we recommend that you consult with a veterinarian.

The described method is a private experience of the author; the editors of the journal are not responsible for the possible consequences of its application!

Love For Animals Brightens Loneliness

Hello! My name is Olga Nikitina, I am 45 years old, I live in Volgograd. I want to share my experience of keeping animals, or rather give advice on their nutrition.

Before, I was always alarmed by old women who kept a bunch of dogs or cats in their apartments. It was a pity and annoyance to watch their conflicts with neighbors.

I thought that perhaps these grandmothers were not completely healthy, and it was a mystery to me how they keep such a horde of animals? Why do they need so many cats or dogs?

But then the time comes when you begin to understand, at least in part, why this is happening. It’s all to blame for loneliness and old age, as well as love for all living things.

At a certain age, internal control simply fails, and an elderly person cannot pass by any living creature on the street. In other words, they simply become children and deny themselves everything to the point of self-forgetfulness, just to pamper their pets.

New Life Situation

This partly happened to me: the children started families and left for different cities, my husband died, and to top it all off, I lost my job. By this time, there were already animals in the house: two cats and a small dog of the Russian Toy breed.

After almost all of my savings ran out, and a job with a small salary was found, an unpleasant thing came to light. I didn’t have enough money for the premium food that I used to feed my pets. This made me think seriously and take measures that would help me maintain them.

I believe that I keep my animals in excellent condition, and the transition to natural food has even helped to significantly improve the quality of their life.

When There is No Money For Ready-Made Feed

At a difficult moment, I remembered how my mother cooked food for our dog, the Irish setter. Indeed, in the days of the USSR, there was no industrial animal feed. I thought that this could be one of the ways to save money, some way out. Because it would not be hard for me, I was not going to part with the animals.

A good way to save money is to prepare food for the animals at home, rather than buying from the store.

A person is so arranged that he likes the variety in food, but our pets, who have lived side by side with us for years, do not need such delights. Animals are not gourmets, they do not need this variety at all. On the contrary, they are very wary of everything new, but we do not even know about it.

cat hugs a dog

The friendship between a dog and a cat is not uncommon.

We see them often beg for food from us during breakfast, lunch, and dinner with equal persistence. One might get the impression that cats and dogs, like humans, also love variety. However, it is not. For centuries they have just got used to eating from the master’s table.

Found a Way Out – We Cook At Home

Animals, unlike humans, can eat the same thing for years without any harm to themselves. Provided, of course, that their food is well balanced. My animals have always eaten the same premium food, and I decided to find the optimal recipe solution to start making my own pet food at home.

Of course, I had to make a lot of effort, but the reward was the good condition of my pets, shiny with hair. They even look better outwardly now than they did when they ate premium food.

I have been using this feeding method for several years now, and I have no concerns about the health of animals. I will say more, even when my financial situation improved, I still continued to feed them as well.

Ideal Feed Composition

I describe my method, maybe it will come in handy for someone. I do feed preparation a couple of times a month. I have it completely balanced.

For 1 kg of meat products, I add 0.5 kg of vegetables and cereals, as advised by leading veterinarians. It is the basis of any natural food.

dog and cat steal cutlets

What to feed the pet, dry food or natural food – the owner decides.

Meat can be anything except pork, vegetables – except onions and potatoes. Various cereals, undesirable – peas, and barley. Experiment, these are the basics. I’ll tell you about my recipe. You may need to adjust it to suit the taste of your pets.

The cheapest feed with an optimal price-quality ratio:

  • 1 kg of chicken necks.
  • 100 g of rice.
  • 300-400 g of cabbage with carrots.

Cabbage and carrots – in any proportion.

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Cooking Technology

I prepare food in my pressure cooker in stages, you can simply cook in a saucepan. It is better not to cook chicken necks for a long time, otherwise, the cartilage will harden and will scratch the stomach of the animal. I boil them in a pressure cooker for only 5-7 minutes in one glass of water, take them out with a slotted spoon.

bowl of natural food

Natural food preparation does not take much time.

Then I put rice and coarsely chopped cabbage with peeled carrots into the broth. I set the time – 3 minutes. And after turning off the fire, I stand it for another half an hour. Then I take it out, cool it, and grind it through a meat grinder. Usually, I do not salt or I do it very rarely. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of mustard, linseed, or sunflower oil.

The food is very satisfying, and this is what my pets like, and everyone else. It is eaten with equal pleasure by both cats and dogs. My dog ​​weighs a little, only 1.6 kg; in cats – 3 kg in one, 3.5 kg in the other.

Estimated Costs

For a week, they need 2 kg of chicken necks, 200 g of rice, 200 g of carrots, and 400 g of cabbage:

  • Chicken necks – 2 kg.
  • Rice – 200 g (can be chopped, even cheaper).
  • Carrots – 200 g.
  • Cabbage – 600 g.

dog and organic food. How to feed a dog and cats having low budget

By eating natural food, your pets will be healthy.

Total, at the prices of our city, it turns out 123 rubles. per week or 500 rubles. per month. This feed can be prepared for the future for a month and a half. I sculpt it in the form of portioned cutlets and freeze it on a tray in the freezer, then put it in plastic bags.

Contain 500 rubles. 3 animals completely on natural feed without any preservatives – this is a significant savings.

This cannot be compared a price with purchased feed, the so-called premium class when only one animal per month costs from 800 to 2 thousand rubles.

Add to this the savings on trips to the vet for urolithiasis and various other diseases. I only visit the vet to get the animals vaccinated.


In conclusion, I can say that sometimes I buy beef or chicken liver, sometimes chicken breasts, when they are at a discount, in order to diversify the food. My animals get homemade yogurt occasionally. In the season I add zucchini and pumpkin to the feed.

dog with carrots in his teeth. How to feed a dog and cats having low budget

During the season, you can pamper your pet with fresh vegetables.

My dog ​​eats fresh apples and plums with great pleasure, and my cats eat watermelons. I also buy corn and fresh peas, they also love that. The dog loves to nibble on the ears of corn.

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