How To Immigrate To The United States Legally To Invest 2022

That is why here we want to show you 5 ways that will be useful for you to carry your investments successfully in the United States.

How To immigrate To The USA As an Investor

1. Investment in The EB-5 Regional Center

Invest $500,000 in a regional center approved by the government for the EB-5 program over a period of about 5 years.

In about 18 months, you get conditional green cards that entitle you and your immediate family to enter the US.

The best part: You can live, work and study anywhere in the country and there are no education, age, or English language requirements.

Take into account that this means investing your money in a third party’s business and through said commercial project at least 10 people must be employed for at least 2 years, to obtain permanent residence.


  • Low payment of $500,000 for a green card, with passive participation.


  • The money is managed by a third party.

2. EB-5 Direct investment

How To Immigrate To The United States Legally To Invest: Rean Times

Unlike the previous passive EB-5 option, this one is active, since it is your own business.

To obtain a conditional green card for you and your family, you must invest $1,000,000 in your own business and directly employ a minimum of 10 people for 2 years.

The application process takes about 18 months, but if you combine it with the E-2 visa indicated below, you will be able to enter the US in about six months.

After showing that you have fulfilled the employment of a minimum of 10 workers for 2 years and that you have maintained your minimum investment of $1,000,000, you can apply for a permanent green card.

If you invest in a high-unemployment area of ​​the United States, the amount required to qualify may be as low as $500,000.

This is a good option to combine with a possible franchise scenario, such as a restaurant or hotel chain.


  • You control your money totally.


  • It involves a hefty $1 million for a green card, plus it involves active participation.

3. Transfer Between Companies

If you are transferred from your company abroad to an affiliated US company to work as a director, executive, or someone with specialized knowledge, you can access a green card.

An example would be a Chevrolet brand manager going to the United States to run a subsidiary plant.

However, before getting the transfer, consider the following:

  • You must have worked for the subsidiary company abroad for a period of at least 1 year in the last 3 years.
  • The job you got in the United States must be similar to the one you did in your country.
  • The processing time of the green card between companies lasts approximately 18 months.


  • Cheap way to get a residence card.


  • Requires the support of an applicant company.

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4. E-2 Work Visa

If your State of citizenship has an investment treaty with the United States, you may be allowed to obtain an E-2 visa to work for a company you form in the United States.

Basically, you are the sponsor and the immigrant employee.

Point to consider:

Investment requirements vary depending on the nature of the business and its industry sector. At the low end, around $75,000 might cover you, though starting at $200,000 would make things easier.

E-2 visas are granted for periods of up to five years and are renewable indefinitely.

Spouses of E-2s can also obtain general work authorizations to work anywhere in the US.


  • The fastest way to enter the US to work.


  • It is complicated to get a permanent residence without the direct addition of the EB-5.

5. Extraordinary EB-1 Immigrants

If you have extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business, or sports, you can apply directly for a green card.

Some examples would be famous researchers, outstanding mathematicians, or well-known athletes.

You will need to demonstrate your experience or exceptional ability in a particular field by meeting the government’s criteria for an EB-1 immigrant.

These criteria include awards and honors received, as well as any laudatory publications written about your achievements. Being a recognized actor in the film world would be another example.

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  • You can apply for a green card on your own.


  • You have to be outstanding in your field to get it.


Getting a green card does not have to be an impossible job, but if you are an investor, you may consider one of the 5 options that we have shown you throughout this publication.

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