How To Make Chicken Pakora Fritters 2022

There is no denying that iftar in Ramadan is incomplete without pakoras. Iftar is incomplete without fritters in Ramadan.

All of us may or may not get something for Iftar, but we would love to eat pakoras, but by eating the same pakoras every day, everyone would surely want to have a new style of delicious pakoras at Iftar.

How To Make Chicken Pakora Fritters

That’s why here’s a simple recipe for Chicken Pakora fritters that can be used to make delicious fritters.

How To Make Chicken Pakora Fritters


Cabbage – a cup

Carrots – a number – grated

Capsicum – one number – chopped

Noodles – half a packet

Boneless chicken – 250g – finely chopped

Flour – half a cup

Cornflour – a quarter cup

Rice flour – a quarter cup

Egg – a number

Macaroni Spices – One Number

Oil – for frying


In a bowl, mix together the cabbage, grated carrots, capsicum, noodles, boneless chicken, flour, rice flour, eggs, and macaroni spices.

Put the oil in a pan and cook over medium heat and then deep fry the dumplings.

Serve hot chicken dumplings Pakoras with ketchup.

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