How To Make Money Fast in 2022: 19 Ideas To Start Today

Would you like to know how to earn money fast? I’m sure we all would like to know how to achieve it. Is that money, since its invention, has been a determining factor for the development of societies, as well as for our personal growth.

But obtaining this necessary resource has always been a challenging process. You must spend many hours of work, effort, and dedication to obtain a monetary reward that, on certain occasions, is not equal to all that you invested to obtain it.

Hence lies the desire to find a simpler way to achieve higher monetary income. But how to get money fast if you don’t have time? Are there projects that can be successful without investing some money in them or not having some experience? And if you have to invest, where can you get the capital?

These are some questions that arise when it comes to finding an idea that makes us earn money quickly. But you should know that the magic method to earn money immediately does not exist. You must make an effort and dedicate yourself to your work to obtain the wealth that you so desire.

That is why I made this post, in order to guide you in your search for economic success. Teaching you some successful ideas that you can adapt according to your current economic status and thus achieve a profitable business that provides you with the money you want so much.

Do You Want To Earn Money Fast?

There is a very popular saying that can be applied to your desire to get quick money: “easily comes, easy goes.” It is that the idea of ​​getting quick money sounds tempting and very difficult to ignore because we all need money to be able to live comfortably and without worries.

So don’t be fooled, the methods that promise you to make money immediately don’t exist! They are just false promises from people who take advantage of people’s need to scam them and thus be the ones who get the money.

But don’t get discouraged yet, the fact that you can’t get money in the blink of an eye doesn’t mean that you can’t get it in the short term by practical and simple methods. To have a real-money income considerably fast and profitable, you must apply 3 important elements: time, dedication, and effort.

How To Make Money Fast in 2022: 19 Ideas To Start Today: Rean Times

If you invest these elements in the project you decide to undertake, I assure you that you will soon get a profitable and lucrative source of money.

Fast Money Available To Everyone: Fast Credits

One way to get that quick money without effort and that makes your eyes shine is quick credits. Surely you have seen advertisements on TV, on the internet or in newspapers about how easily you can get a few hundred euros.

Although these types of credits are tempting, they should not be your first option. Do you know exactly what they consist of and why you should avoid them? I’m going to tell you here.

What are Fast Credits?

Quick credits are an amount of money used as a financial tool that is made available to a client to cover their needs at a given time, in exchange for returning it within an agreed period of time accompanied by an additional interest payment.

They are also known as mini loans, consumer loans, or mini loans. They are a good option if you need urgent money without paying an initial fee to obtain them, in exchange for paying interest rates that are usually relatively high.

These types of loans differ from traditional credits due to their speed both in the processing of the asset, which lasts only a few minutes, as well as in the speed of receiving the money to your bank account, which would generally take less than 60 minutes.

There are several private companies that have private capital to offer fast credit services in a safe and reliable way for users, such as financial entities or banks.

In the case of financial entities, fast credits are granted to clients who have some guarantee of payment. To do this, these companies investigate your profile and financial history to find out if they can pay the loan. The request for credits is made by telephone or online. While the payment conditions, such as the interest rate and the period of time, are established by each financial company.

On the other hand, the bank offers its credits to clients who already have an active loan with them through the extension of said loans or by using the credits of their credit cards.

Quick Credits: Money To Avoid

Although they can help you quickly get out of a financial problem, these types of loans can generate larger debts. This is due to its high-interest rates, which are between 20% and 25%.

These high interests are one of the great disadvantages of fast loans. In addition, you must be careful when applying for these instant credits, since many financial companies can hide their scams within their attractive credit plans, such as fraudulent practices or abusive interest if you do not pay off the loan in the stipulated time.

For this reason, faced with the possibility of getting into debt, look for other alternatives to get the money you need. Next, I am going to give you some ideas with which you can get money.

Ideas To Earn Real Money Fast

Getting money fast is an impossible task to achieve if you use methods that are not profitable and that, in the long run, you will only end up wasting your valuable time. However, you can get real money in the short, medium, and long term, through ideas adaptable to your financial conditions.

In this list, you will find the ideas classified according to the investment you need, and in each of them, you will be able to see the advantages and disadvantages, which will help you decide which one is for you.

How To Earn Money Without Investment

1. Accommodate Tourists

If you have a free room that is well equipped, why not rent it?

Tourists are always looking for cheap accommodation to save money, so they will be glad to know that there is a nice place that is less expensive than a traditional hotel.

Bedroom, Interior Design, House, Room, Bed, Interior


  • You will have company at home.
  • Opportunity to learn about other cultures.
  • Good opportunity to meet people.
  • Extra income that will help you maintain your household expenses. For example, in Madrid for a private room, you could get 627 euros per month, in Mexico City 322 euros per month.


  • It is possible that, in low seasons, there is not much demand from tourists. So the income will decrease because no one will rent your room.
  • Keep in mind that when you rent a room you must offer personal hygiene products, clean the room after each stay, etc. This can mean some extra expenses, although they will not be very high, you must also take them into account.
  • Tourists can cause damage to your property, it is important to have insurance that covers this. If you do it through Airbnb, they have insurance to cover certain inconveniences.

2. Sell ​​What You Don’t Use

This is one of the easiest ways to get quick money without having to invest money because you will sell the possessions that you stopped using and take up unnecessary space.

You should only collect valuable items that you do not use and that are in good condition, and then choose the places where you want to promote them: an online store, a physical store in your home, or even both.


  • Possibility of getting money quickly without the need to invest.
  • Opportunity to free up spaces in your home by getting rid of those items that only accumulate dust.
  • It doesn’t take much time or effort, just a few minutes to post your stuff on the internet or in the showcase. Then you will have to wait for the buyers to appear.
  • You set the prices, payment terms, and delivery of items. You can even accept barter for your items.


  • Sales may not go through quickly, perhaps because the items you selected are too old, rarely used, or overpriced. You must choose items that are of great value so that you can get fast money.

3. Share The Car

A car trip can be expensive and boring. So you can share the free seats in your car to get quick money in exchange for the company, fun, and a cheaper trip.

You can offer the travel routes to your acquaintances or publish them on web pages of your community so that they know about your travel services.

Automobile, Automotive, Car, Classic, Road, Travel


  • The trip will be less expensive for you by sharing the cost of gasoline and tolls.
  • Great way to meet people and not travel alone.
  • By sharing your car with other people traveling to the same destination, there will be fewer vehicles on the road that emit polluting elements into the air and, therefore, help the environment. Likewise, you contribute to the reduction of traffic, saving you time by moving faster and easily finding places to park.


  • By sharing your car with strangers, you are unaware of the personality and habits of your potential travel companions. So you could be stuck for several hours with an irritating and unpleasant person who will make your trip unpleasant.
  • Your travel itinerary should be adapted (as much as possible) to the schedules of your fellow travelers.

4. Give Particular Classes

Take advantage of your knowledge and get some quick money by giving private lessons as a tutor. You can use various tools and platforms to communicate your content on the internet, or set up a space in your home and turn it into a small classroom.


  • There is high demand for online classes for the convenience of studying from home through simple, educational and lively content.
  • Flexible hours at your leisure.
  • You can set the number of students you want to teach, as well as the price per student.
  • It helps you keep your knowledge up to date.


  • If your classes are going to be taught online, you will need equipment so that your content is of better quality, such as video cameras and/or microphones.
  • You must handle tools such as PowerPoint or Prezi so that the content presentations are educational, entertaining, and attractive to your listeners.
  • Earnings can be slow initially because you are not known, the only thing they know is the information in the starting material you offer.

5. Offer Freelance Services

Every day, more people are looking for the services of a freelancer. That is why there are currently many platforms where you can apply to work as a freelancer. You just have to have access to the internet and dedicate part of your time to creating an attractive profile that convinces the client that you are the ideal person to execute their project.

Office, Freelancer, Computer, Business, Work, Laptop


  • Completely online method. So it is an excellent way to work from the comfort of your home, on the schedule, and receive the fees you want.
  • You can have customers from anywhere on the planet.
  • If you do quality work, you can get a fixed contract with a client.
  • Hundreds of projects come up every day, so the demand for work is high.


  • Professionals are generally the most sought after.
  • Getting started with getting jobs can be tricky, as clients rely on experience and qualifications from other projects to make hires.
  • Currently, the projects in greatest demand are those related to computer science. So if you are not an expert in these areas, you may not get as many projects as you want.

6. Advertising on Your Car

Many companies seek all possible means to make the advertising of their products available to everyone, so vehicles are an ingenious solution to achieve this. If your car is in good condition, find one of these companies and offer your car to them for advertising.


  • You don’t have to do anything at all, just drive through the city streets as you normally do.
  • There will be no marks left on your car when the ad is removed, as they do so with a special material. So you can work on multiple campaigns without damaging your car in the process.
  • You can earn more money if you accept some conditions of the company, such as taking certain routes or appearing at some events.


  • New and/or high-end vehicles are the most sought-after.
  • Your car will only be selected if it meets the characteristics that are consistent with the advertising campaign.
  • If you don’t live in an urban area or don’t drive many miles a day, your chances of being selected decrease.
  • The payment for advertising is not that high, it will only be an extra income that will depend on the duration of the campaign, as well as its location and size.

7. Social Networks

The rise of social networks led companies to seek these means to publicize their products using influencers. These are people who have an account with a lot of followers who follow their updates, tips, and opinions. So if you are very active on social media and have a large following, why not make money from your posts?

Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Keyboard, App, Internet


  • Ease of working anywhere and at any time you want, you just have to have a mobile device with internet access to upload your content.
  • Freedom to create the content you want. It is advisable to carry a theme so that the companies in the sector are interested and can hire you.
  • In addition to economic benefit, you can receive the products you are promoting or even travel to participate in an important event.


  • It is an idea with income in the medium or long term. You will need many followers that give you the necessary visibility to get noticed by companies, which is equivalent to spending a lot of time and effort on your social networks.
  • It can be overwhelming and exhausting work because you have to constantly create quality content to keep your followers interested.
  • Many times you will have to work when you don’t want to just because you have to comply with your sponsors.
  • It is possible scams companies that do not comply with what was agreed.
  • It can interfere with your personal life, you will have less time to spend with family or friends.
  • Not everyone is going to like your content, so it is normal for so-called Haters to emerge, who go overboard in their comments, becoming malicious and offensive.

With little investment

8. Blog

Blogging has become a popular way to earn money. Either monetizing it through platforms like Google AdSense so you can generate money with publications, or investing in your own brand by becoming an expert in a niche and easily selling your products.

Wordpress, Blogging, Writing, Typing, Macbook, Laptop


  • You can work in your spare time and at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
  • If you are an expert in a niche, you can create a whole range of products associated with your personal brand and sell them on the blog.
  • The more visibility you have on your blog, the more companies will be interested in promoting their products, obtaining free products, and the possibility of attending important events.
  • You can passively earn income by monetizing the blog.
  • If your blog becomes successful, you can sell it to interested companies.


  • To get visibility, you need to publish great quality content almost every day, which would lead to being a demanding and exhausting job with long-term income.
  • You will need to invest in a copywriter, graphic designer, or digital marketing expert to help you create compelling content to increase traffic to your blog, which amounts to a monetary investment.
  • Another investment to consider is hiring a Social Media expert to create a community of followers around your blog.

9. Online store

Thanks to the exponential growth of electronic commerce, creating an online store is an excellent idea to earn money. To do this, you must establish what niche you are going to enter, look for an e-commerce type internet platform and optimize it so that it is positioned in web search engines.

Holiday Shopping, How To Make Money Fast in 2022: 19 Ideas To Start Today: Rean Times


  • There is no geographical limitation, with the internet you can sell to people from all over the world.
  • Great opportunity to expand your business by moving your physical store online.
  • You save the payment of fees by not needing employees to sell your products, the rental and maintenance costs required by a physical store, as well as advertising to broadcast your promotions and services.
  • You can make sales 24 hours a day, 12 months a year.
  • Excellent opportunity to renew the image of your company.
  • Ability to achieve more direct communication with customers.


  • You need the knowledge to create a successful virtual space. Otherwise, you should hire experts to help you design the online store, search for the platform, buy the domain and space, create the digital marketing strategy, manage social networks, create the content to be published, take photos of the products, etc.
  • You must constantly update the merchandise to keep visitors interested, which takes time and effort on a daily basis.

10. YouTube Channel

YouTube went from being a simple page of videos to becoming a source of income. Opening your channel is free, but creating your personal brand and managing it to grow takes time, effort, and some money to create your content.

Youtube, Media, Screen, Mac, Apple, Computer


  • The platform allows you to create any type of content through videos.
  • Freedom to express what you want.
  • You can optimize by internal links connecting your videos.
  • There are no age or experience limits, anyone can be a YouTuber.
  • You can get free products or trips to private events with some sponsors.
  • You can upload content at any time of the day and at any time, you just need to have a device with internet access.
  • There are no geographical limits, so you can have followers from all over the world.
  • You can place advertisements on your videos to get money every time they are viewed.


  • Due to so much competition within the platform, you will need money to invest in cameras with good resolution and in programs that allow you to edit professional videos.
  • You must maintain the interest of your followers by creating several videos a week, which must be creative, entertaining, educational, informative, and original. This equates to hours of work and effort.
  • Getting followers for your channel requires hard work, so the income will be in the long run.
  • It is possible that you are a victim of plagiarism by other YouTubers.

11. Sports Bets

Many people like to bet for fun while watching their favorite sports unfold. But for others, sports betting can be practiced frequently to earn extra money. If you are one of the latter, study the statistics of the teams to have more success and profits.

  • With a single bet, you can win a large sum of money.
  • You can practice it as many times as you want, either in the same sport or in several.
  • You can bet on sports from other countries as there is no geographical limitation.
  • If you are good at guessing the results, you can earn extra money by working as a tipster, and offering betting advice.


  • You can lose a lot of money if you don’t set a limit.
  • Gambling can create an addiction that puts your assets at risk since any object can be used as an asset when placing a bet. In addition, this addiction can cause problems in your family, social, and work environment.
  • You must be of legal age to bet legally at online bookmakers.
  • There are certain pages that have a geographical limitation, so you can only bet on sports from your country.

With a little more investment

12. Franchise

This type of business is one of the most expandable business methods because it allows rapid growth with low risk.

To set up a franchise, you must look for a company that wants to transfer its brand and advertising, so that you can start your business with its name in exchange for an initial fee and monthly royalties.


  • Low risk of loss because you run a company that is already successful, taking advantage of its prestige to achieve large profits.
  • You will have access to its logo, suppliers, technology, construction, marketing, advertising, and experience, as well as advice on how to manage the business so that it continues to be successful. This equates to significant savings in staff and infrastructure.
  • If you are the one who gives away your brand, the advantage of expanding your brand through a franchise is that you can obtain a large passive income through royalties.


  • You must pay a high initial fee to be able to market with an already successful brand.
  • You will not own the brand. Therefore, you will not be able to make independent decisions such as innovating, changing marketing norms and strategies, selecting the location of the structure, etc.
  • You will always be supervised and monitored by the company.

13. Stock Market Investment

The digital age has allowed anyone with internet access to invest in the stock market, so there are many websites where you can trade your assets in real-time based on the statistics they offer you.

Stock, Trading, Monitor, Business, Finance, Exchange


  • You can earn a large sum of money quickly if you manage to make a smart investment.
  • There are many platforms that offer tools to analyze statistics. You can even simulate trading to get practice on how and when to trade.
  • With internet access, you can make your investments at the time and place you want through its online pages.
  • It is a broad foreign exchange market, allowing to reduce the risks of loss by diversifying the capital in several investments.
  • Lower risk of fraud, since trusted platforms must be regulated by regulatory entities.
  • If you do a good job of analysis and invest wisely, you can generate profitable profits to dedicate yourself exclusively to the stock market.


  • Just as you win quickly, you can lose everything in a matter of seconds. If you are not an expert in the stock market, you should prepare yourself properly by studying and analyzing the statistics to know when is the right time to invest in order to reduce the risks of loss.
  • You will need some assets or capital to be able to invest.
  • There will always be a percentage of risk, so the chances of loss will increase or decrease depending on the investment you make.
  • They are medium or long-term investments since you will not be able to use the money while it remains fluctuating in the market.

14. Investment in Funds

It is a medium or long-term investment method where you, together with other people, will place your investment in a common savings account or fund and will transfer the management of your assets to financial advisors, who will be in charge of investing it. to obtain the maximum possible profitability.


  • A security that a professional will be managing your money wisely.
  • You won’t have to do the heavy lifting like: continuously monitoring the stock market, studying and analyzing the statistics, follow up on the investment; That is the advisor’s duty.
  • You can easily follow your position in the market since the specialized platforms update the net asset values ​​of the funds on a daily basis.
  • You can transfer all your assets from one fund to another without having to pay the tax on the change to the Treasury.
  • It is a financial tool adaptable to any strategy based on the current market situation.
  • It allows you to reduce the risk of loss by dividing the assets into different investments.
  • Each fund is regulated by tax entities in the country, which impose regulations on the creation and management of funds to prevent fraud.


  • You need a large capital to invest in funds since there is an initial cost to create the fund, the fees of financial advisors paid through high commission rates, as well as the penalty of a bad movement.
  • You will not be able to have an opinion on the management of your assets since you have ceded administrative decision-making to the advisors.
  • The financial advisor is human and can make mistakes in his management, by investing emotionally and not objectively, which increases the risk of loss. Also, if you don’t have a work ethic, you may not be doing market research and investing by replicating the index of other funds.

15. Investment in New Business Angel Companies

Many entrepreneurs need enough capital to start their business, which is why they turn to the so-called business angels. You would be that private investor who would contribute his money with the condition of obtaining participation in the company that is going to be formed.

Startup, Whiteboard, Room, Indoors, Adult, Office


  • You will be a mentor for the new companies that are emerging with your help, not only financially, but also with your advice and experience in the field of business.
  • You will have shares in companies that you are passionate about and where you see great potential.
  • You could get increased profits over time that exceed the capital invested.
  • Personal satisfaction knowing that your small businesses have grown and have become great references in the market.


  • Starting a business can be relatively expensive, so you need to have extremely large capital in order to invest in a business.
  • Your money will be invested in a new company that is entering a very competitive market, so the risk of loss is great.
  • You need to have experience and knowledge in the market in which you are going to venture with the companies sponsored by you since as business angels you must contribute your wisdom to direct the business and not fail.
  • The return on investment is long-term, so you will get the benefits in several years.
  • You have to wait for big projects to come up before you can invest, and it can take months for that to happen.
  • You will have to invest in several projects to achieve profitability.

Without Investment and in Your Free Time

These ideas to get money fast are very easy to do, so you will not have to be an expert doing it in your spare time. However, with them, you will not have high profits, but by accumulating the little you have earned daily, you can get some extra money.

16. Online Surveys

Many companies want to know the opinion of their customers about their products to know what they should improve or keep the same. That is why they pay a group of people to know what they think through surveys that are carried out on many online platforms.


  • You can do it at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world, you just have to have internet access to be able to connect to the platform.
  • It won’t take you long to complete a survey, so you can continue doing other activities in your spare time.
  • There are no age limits.
  • Method to earn some money in the short term.


  • Low incomes.
  • Due to increased demand, you may have to wait for a survey to appear.
  • You must answer personal questions in order to be assigned the appropriate surveys.
  • There are only a limited number of surveys per day.
  • You can easily get scammed by some platform that will not pay you for the surveys taken.

17. Paid Emails

If we always read our emails, why not earn some money for it? This method of earning money is based on subscribing to a specific web page that will be in charge of sending you publicity/ads, which you must read to obtain a small remuneration.


  • With internet access, you can read your paid emails at any time of the day and anywhere.
  • Everyone can register on the page.
  • Some emails offer offers, surveys,s or other methods to earn money easily.


  • The number of emails per day will vary, you can receive many in one day while few others.
  • Several emails may ask you to register to a website in order to pay you, which can be annoying if they are not to your liking or do not pay well.
  • The minimum amount to be able to pay you can be very high, which would take a long time to get each profit.

18. Apps To Earn Money

In order for people to have the facility to carry out paid activities, the platforms have been transferred to phones in the form of Apps. In this way, you will be able to access any of the paid activities available in these applications from the comfort of your phone.

Iphone, Hand, Screen, Smartphone, Apps, Mobile Phone


  • You can access the application anytime and anywhere, you just have to have your mobile phone with internet access at hand.
  • You will receive bonuses in the form of coins when you open the application so that you do not start from scratch.
  • They offer a variety of activities to earn points to be redeemed for money or gift cards.
  • Most apps allow you to earn points through referrals.


  • To earn more money, you will have to do other types of activities such as registering for paid applications, downloading random games and playing them, or watching advertising videos; all in order to earn more points that may not be worth much and you will only waste your time.
  • They can slow down your mobile by taking up a lot of space in RAM.

19. Cash-Back

If you are a lover of online shopping, cashback is a platform that allows you to recover part of the money invested in the items you bought. You just have to register on one of their websites and install the shopping bar in your internet browser.

Sponsored image


  • It is a completely free service.
  • Registration is very fast.
  • You will be able to receive cash for each purchase or reservation you make at the associated premises.
  • The profit percentage will depend on the products you buy, ranging from 5% to 30%.
  • A variety of brand stores are associated with the system, in which you can buy all the products you want with the guarantee of receiving the money in return since the cashback is applied to any product and not only to offers or to a limited number of articles.


  • The waiting time to receive the money is very long, which can take up to 4 months.

Conclusion On How To Make Money Fast

Regardless of the idea you choose to get fast money, you should be aware that you will have to invest time, effort, dedication, and (some) money in all of them. I recommend that you analyze the pros and cons of these ideas, and choose the project or projects that you consider most adaptable to your current situation.

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I also recommend that, if you do not have the capital for something bigger, do not go for the easiest solution: quick credits. Remember that they can generate more unnecessary debts. I recommend that you wait and save a little more so that you can start your project safely.

The important thing is that you do not give up and continue with your goals of getting money fast, with work and effort you will get the profits you want.

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