How To Overcome Problems By Yourself: Technique in 6 steps

So today we will talk about a technique that allows you to understand how to solve any problem in life using fairly simple steps. We will cover a 6-step How to overcome problems in our life.

The past … Is there a place where the past still exists? Is there some reality where this past is still happening?

No. The only place where our past is kept in our memory. Whether we like it or not, our past determines us. Past experience determines our choices in the present. Often these choices are so fleeting that we don’t track these thought processes.

However, many modern psychologists and scientists still argue that our choice is conditioned by information from our subconscious. And this is nothing but our past experience. Will this experience allow you to learn how to solve your problems?

This process can be very clearly traced to the example of the development of a phobia. How does any phobia develop? For example, xenophobia is a fear of dogs …

Most likely in childhood (and most of the problems we take with us from childhood), the child was frightened by a dog. And in the subconscious mind was deeply rooted in the installation that “dog = danger”.

How To Overcome Problems: 6 Steps

It is quite obvious to an adult that a dog does not always carry danger in itself, but a phobia formed by a child’s impression does not lend itself to any logical and critical influence. Such an attitude, created by the experienced stress in deep childhood, will torment a person for years, or even all his life.

1. Conditioned reflexes

We can say that almost all of our life is based on reflexes – conditioned and unconditioned. Unconditioned reflexes are those that are given to us by nature. Conditional – those that we acquire during life. Academician Pavlov’s experiment with a dog and a light bulb is widely known.

Ivan Petrovich turned on the light bulb, then fed the dog. The dog naturally produced gastric juices and saliva in response to food. Then the following happened: these processes began to start only when the light bulb was turned on. What is the reason?

The fact is that a neural connection is firmly entrenched in the dog’s brain, which connected two stimuli – food and a light bulb. And thus, the body’s response to both stimuli became the same. What does this have to do with phobias and problems in general in our life? The most direct.

With phobias as an example, we can see the same thing and thus highlight the technique to solve any problem. The brain of a child who was frightened by a dog in childhood “connects” two stimuli – a dog and a sense of danger. And now, even if there is no objective danger to life and health, and there is a harmless puppy in front of a person, the brain still classifies this situation as stressful and life-threatening.

It would seem that everything is simple. But how do you break these neural connections that link the two stimuli to form phobias and other negative reactions? Let’s try to figure it out.

2. Six easy steps to solve the problem

We’ve outlined a 6-step technique to solve any problem. So, we see new events in our life through the prism of our past. How can this be changed? First, you need to accept your past. Denial is a powerful defense mechanism, but alas, it plays against us. While we are denying the problem, we, unfortunately, cannot start solving it.

So, the first thing is to accept past negative experiences. Usually, understanding and realizing that there is a problem bring relief because a person spends a huge amount of mental and other energy on self-deception.

The second step is to stop looking for the culprit. While we blame someone for our problems, we do not develop. For the simple reason that by accusing someone, we are shifting responsibility for his whole life onto him.

The victim’s position is very convenient in this regard – it allows you to be inactive. But, unfortunately, it is not viable. Because while we are inactive, the problem remains, but life passes by. As soon as the search for the guilty stops, at this moment a person is already able to think adequately, and most importantly, constructively.

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3. Asking The Question

The third step is to stop asking the question so beloved by many “whiners” – “For what?” Why? Because it does not lead to a solution to the problem. And secondly, no one punishes anyone in this world. There is no overseer over us who distributes punishments.

Everything in this world was created only for us to develop. And any problem is an exam, this is a test, this is our teacher. And it would be fairer to ask not “For what?” and for what?”. How to solve the problem yourself? If you can understand why this or that problem has manifested itself, what you must learn, what you must overcome, and so on, this is half the solution to the problem.

4. Immediate Solution To The Problem

And only after these three stages comes the immediate solution to the problem. And this question should be asked to oneself only after passing (full-fledged, not formal) the first three stages, otherwise – all answers to this question will again be reduced to either denying the problem, or looking for the guilty ones, or raising hands to the sky. with the question “For what?”

And only after working through these points, you can sensibly assess the situation and start looking for a solution. This is the fourth step in solving the problem.

5. Ask ourselves Question

In the fifth step – we ask ourselves the question – “What can this situation teach me?”

Almost everything that happens in our life can be beneficial. And any difficulties bring us not only suffering but also the experience of overcoming them. And in the process of gaining this experience, we become stronger.

6. Assess The Situation As Follows

And the sixth step – we assess the situation as follows. We should ask ourselves: We should Question ourselves.

This is how you can overcome the problem in 6 easy steps

Yes, it sounds like a paradox, but this is only at first glance. After the problem has been overcome or at least partially minimized, looking back, we can come to an amazing conclusion – all our problems and difficulties have made us stronger, happier, brought something new into our life, or got rid of something outdated and outdated. hour.

It is not for nothing that the people say, “There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.” People often repeat popular sayings, but rarely ponder their meaning. But here it is said exactly about this – problems and difficulties, in fact, lead us to find happiness, forcing us to overcome our limitations and develop.

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And the key to solving any problem is the perception of this problem as a life lesson, a complex problem in a textbook that needs to be solved. Imagine a schoolchild who, having opened a textbook and read a difficult task, begins to look for those who are to blame for the fact that he has come across this particularly difficult task or, raising his hands to the sky, shouts “Why were we given such a difficult task?”

This will not lead to anything, except a waste of time and nerves. It is much wiser to solve the problem as soon as possible, close the textbook and go for a walk in the yard. Because the task was specially invented by the author of the textbook in order to teach something, and not as a punishment. This allows us to understand that finding solutions to our problems makes us stronger.

Perceiving the problems and difficulties of our life as punishment is the same as blaming the author of a textbook for inventing too difficult problems. No, you can, of course, compose a textbook from simple tasks, or you can even publish textbooks with snow-white blank pages. And in general, you don’t have to go to school. Then there will be no difficulties. But what is the point then?

But our world is the same school. And to the question “How to solve any problem” the answer is simple – everyone here has their own life lessons.

To solve any problems in a similar way, use and think over the problem-solving technique in 6 steps. Each time, move further and further in wisdom and self-development, which we, in fact, wish you as a portal of learning and self-development.

And also look on our channel and other life hacks how quickly and constructively you can learn to solve life problems.

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