How To Quit Smoking? The Best Ways To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking: It is very easy to start smoking, but not always and not everyone succeeds in quitting. You can try many recommendations, but not succeed in your fight against smoking. How to quit smoking? 

It depends on the severity of the process of getting rid of bad habits and on the individual qualities of each person who wants to quit smoking. Today we will talk about how to quit smoking and consider the best ways to combat this bad habit.

How To Quit Smoking

You can quit smoking after suffering a serious illness. You can get rid of a bad habit by arguing with friends. You can start cleansing your lungs after reading special literature, or you can search for a long and tedious method among hundreds of those proposed, and stay with your two packs of cigarettes smoked in one day.

Best Ways To Quit Smoking

We want to help you get started in your fight against smoking. We wish today to find an effective method for ourselves. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most popular options so that you can determine for yourself how best to quit smoking.

Determining The Date

So how to quit smoking on your own? A good way to quit smoking can be to set a date, so to speak, choose a time frame for this process. If you want to quit smoking, then set a specific date for such an important life event. The time will be determined, it will be possible to set up a personal wave for life without cigarettes.

The smoke draws deep into the abyss, both physiology, and psyche. Nicotine addiction is inextricably linked to important life events. How can you take a break from work without a cigarette, How to discuss all the local gossip, How nice it is to talk to friends on the phone, How to watch a football match or drink a cup of aromatic coffee?

How To Quit Smoking? The Best Ways To Quit Smoking: ReanTimes

If you decide to get rid of a bad habit in one day, without preparation, then the body just with all its fibers feels the shortage of a cigarette during telephone conversations or regular teas. Like a cup with a fragrant drink in hand, but no pleasure.

As it used to be convenient to go on a smoke break to take a break from a monotonous activity, now, what excuse to take a break? It is the beloved organism that connects pleasure and relaxation with smoking and makes the smoker return to the old path.

That is not good enough to injure your body with incomprehensible goals to get rid of smoking from tomorrow. It would be better to mark a specific date on the calendar to get rid of this bad habit.

You should not set an important date for tonight or postpone it to January 2 for the next holiday of the new year. You will need time to think things over and prepare properly, but you also don’t need to delay too much, so as not to change your mind at all.

Preparation is an important part of smoking cessation. You should get rid of the attachment of a cigarette to the relaxation of the body. Prefer to smoke earlier during a phone call? Now is the time to do it without a smoke-filled feed. Did you like to smoke immediately after eating? Now set aside smoking for fifteen minutes so you don’t associate pleasure with smoking.

If you start a preliminary cleansing of the psyche from addiction, then withdrawal without nicotine will not be so tough.

Keep a Record of Critical Cases of Cigarette Cravings and Eliminate Such Situations At The Root

If you think about it, it would be possible to reach for the pack very rarely or not at all to remember the cigarette. But … Look at your day again. Remember all the cases when the brain directly forcibly drags its hand to the cigarette.

How To Quit Smoking? The Best Ways To Quit Smoking: ReanTimes

Again, you will see in your schedule obligatory smoking rooms during coffee drinking, communication in the company, telephone conversations, morning “exercises”.

Found specific binding situations? Now it is worth finding a suitable replacement for them. Enjoy sipping cigarette-flavored coffee for breakfast? So it’s time to try drinking green tea for energy or enjoying the taste of oatmeal. With such a breakfast, you will not want to spoil your health and others’ health.

Be patient and find an adequate replacement for all situations that connect a cigarette with pleasure. It will be difficult, but for the sake of the result and reducing the consumption of nicotine, you should try hard.

Find a Smoking Alternative

If you want to choose the right date for the best way to quit smoking, then go on vacation urgently. On vacation, there are few stressful situations, and enough minutes to be engaged in vigorous activity.

Try to forget your pack of cigarettes when going on a hike, kayaking, or bus tour. Traveling without smoke is not so difficult for your body.

You need to bring your brain into a state of understanding that you smoke not at will, but out of idleness and boredom. Look for an equivalent smoking substitute. An interesting hobby will perfectly help to occupy your psyche with work and not a bad habit.

The Benefits of Sports

Sport is a wonderful effective business that helps to get rid of cigarettes. The benefits of sports in the fight against smoking have been known for a long time.

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How to quickly quit smoking while playing sports? During physical activity, thoughts are far from bad habits, the mood is high, and self-control increases.

Stretch heavy dumbbells, do barbell jerks, run a few kilometers, crawl or breaststroke, pedal your bike selflessly, then you will believe in your willpower and you can quit smoking. Develop an effective personal way to deal with the initial impulse

The desire to take the first puff often arises purely from negative emotions. Learn to stop before grabbing a pack of cigarettes. Experts have proven that an emotional impulse lasts only about five minutes. Your task is not so hard. We need to fantasize about how to fill this pause.

You can rush to squat or do push-ups, you can pick a match in your teeth, you can get a lollipop out of your pocket, or you can just count the birds on the branches of trees. I cannot force you. Choose the most suitable option yourself. But, a cigarette substitute should always be present nearby.

Social Networks are Active Helpers

There is an opinion that the best way to quit smoking is through communication on social networks. Psychologists argue this statement with an additional stimulus that arises during communication.

Don’t laugh. Even here, the Internet is one of the real helpers in the fight against smoking. Smokers who are trying to get rid of their bad habits on their own often standstill. But those who talk about their achievements on social networks move faster towards the goal.

Thousands of people hear you. You can find out those stories that ended successfully. They support you, they empathize with you, your friends are those who gave up, and not only dreamed about it. This makes it easier to learn about the best ways to quit smoking.

When we have positive examples, then the personal case ends quickly with getting rid of nicotine addiction. After all, good motivation is a strong kick that stimulates us to take action. Watch a motivating video on our YouTube channel and get started.

Mandatory Presence of Vegetables and Fruits in The Diet

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Scientists have shown that if the brain wants nicotine, it sometimes confuses this craving with a lack of fiber. This will make it easier for you to get rid of the smoke from the surrounding space and your own lungs.

Try replacing the cigarette with a fragrant apple or cabbage leaf. There is a chance that your brain will believe in this deception and will not once again demand nicotine. We recommend watching a video on our YouTube channel about the beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits, as well as learning even more secrets of healthy eating.

The Beneficial Effects of Milk

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If you want to slow down, then drink milk. It’s no secret that milk, in most cases, is a very healthy product. It is believed that such a product can be used as a way to quit smoking. This drink can impair the taste of cigarettes, which in turn reduces the desire to smoke again. But meat, coffee, and alcohol are capable of sweetening the pill.

The Effectiveness of Substitution Therapy

Many are interested in the effectiveness of substitution therapy in the fight against smoking. Not everyone is able to quit smoking in one day. Some may try special plasters, lollipops, and chewing gums on themselves. Such funds are effective at the beginning of the path to combat nicotine addiction.

But can the use of substitution therapy be considered an effective way to combat smoking? By resorting to most of these methods, you will remove the first nicotine withdrawal.

If you ask about the efficacy of electronic cigarettes, then there is still no definite answer, since there is no research done. Do you know what such popular cartridges are stuffed with? And if the harm from them is even greater than from ordinary cigarettes?

Help From Doctors

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There is another way to quit smoking – the help of doctors. No, it is not necessary to run and register with a narcologist. You can, for a start, just get to the local therapist, he will tell you the means that successfully block the necessary receptors in the brain.

With such medicinal helpers, it is easier to fight to smoke. But, we must remember that medicines have their own contraindications and side effects. Do not self-medicate nicotine addiction.


We have just discussed several effective ways to combat smoking. Your task is to understand everything, to realize, but not just stop at one option, but choose for yourself a convenient combination of those methods that are comfortable and real for your body personally.

One way may not help, but a properly built and executed smoking cessation plan will lead you to success without unbearable costs of moral and material levels. The main thing is not just to dream about the health of a non-smoker, but to set a goal and smoothly go towards getting rid of harmful nicotine addiction.

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