How To Read a Lot and Regularly: The Story of a Blogger

How To Read a Lot and Regularly: Myth turns 16 in June. By tradition, this month we talk about everyone who is involved in the life of the publishing house. This is, of course, you, dear readers. This is us, MYTH creators. And they are also booked bloggers, How to read a lot and regularly.

With this article, we open a series of articles about book bloggers – they will share reading tips and personal experiences. Today we will talk about rituals, life hacks that help to read several books a month.

“I Do Not Pronounce What I Have Read To Myself”

The more you read, the faster you read. My reading speed is on average 100 pages per hour, and I do not say what I read to myself. At one time, this factor was designated to me as a bad habit that slows down the reading speed.

Don’t feel guilty about abandoned books. This is exactly the kind of confrontation from which it is better to emerge as losers.

Pay attention to audiobooks, which can be listened to on the road or when cleaning up the house, and electronic format, which will help out in case of forced waiting, if there is no book at hand.

With the advent of the child, my reading productivity has increased significantly. If earlier I managed to read 10-15 books a month, now it is over 20. It may seem that I want to read all the books in the world, but it so happened that the child falls asleep wonderfully under my muttering, and even though I am limited by the house, but often not limited time.

How to read a lot and regularly

How to incorporate advice from books into your life? First, forget about excuses, excuses, and the ill-fated “somehow later.” Secondly, try to apply the advice given by the author. Something may not work out the first time, but you started to move.

The more effort is put into reading, and this can be noted, the parallel keeping of a reader’s diary, the more you will take from the book, and, perhaps, this is what will motivate you to action. Effort should never be wasted.

The best reading companion is with your phone aside and the TV turned off. Well, or if you read in electronic format, then do not be distracted by social media notifications.

Start with a conditional 50 pages every day or 30 minutes of reading, and don’t be shy. Let it be a ritual before bedtime or over a cup of morning coffee or tea. The excuse from the category “I will read more tomorrow” does not work. You won’t read it. Increase the number of pages gradually.

Make a list of books that you would like to get acquainted with within the near future, but do not make it a duty – reading should be primarily a pleasure. Concentrate on the reading process itself, not the result. Look for like-minded people and discuss what you read with them.

“I Don’t Like To Read Annotations, I Rely On Intuition”

I never count how many books I have read because it will give me a competitive effect. I know how to read quickly, but I only use it when I need to read something as quickly as possible. Usually, I still get high and enjoy the process.

Book discipline helps a lot. Plan for how many days you need to read it. Divide the number of pages by days and you get the daily rate. How to read a lot and regularly

I’ll tell you how I do when I don’t know what to read. Usually, I do not like to read annotations, I rely on intuition, I choose by genre. Sometimes I hit the target, sometimes I don’t. But there is a reader for every book. And I like to read not only new items but also what people have tested.

I go to the LiveLib website, open ratings, list the best books, and thus I already have plans for the year ahead. 🙂In addition, for myself, I have approximately identified several book bloggers with whom I have the same tastes, and I read according to their advice. How to read a lot and regularly

Try some time with us at the @ivandaryba book club in joint readings. It’s an interesting experience! Plus, we always select the very top. It is rare that a book of questionable content comes across.

Many people write quotes from books, thereby memorizing this or that experience. If something touches me, I do just that. I started a special notebook for such cases. At the right time, I put these notes into practice.

I have books everywhere: on the phone, in audio format, on an e-book, in the form of paper 🙂It has become very convenient to use audiobooks. For example, washing dishes or floors while listening to a book.

The time savings are amazing! You don’t get used to it right away, but after the first book, you already get pride that you listened, understood, and understood. It’s just worth practicing more often.

You can become a book blogger to develop a reading habit. Just 🙂kidding. 🙂Not necessary, but it really spurs! You can start a reader’s diary on Instagram and share your impressions with others. You start reading with the automatic machine on a regular basis because new acquaintances appear with whom you have something to discuss.How to read a lot and regularly

The main thing is to get involved in the book world, and everything will go like clockwork. Previously, it was difficult for me to choose: a movie or a book? Now I prefer to read. And only then look.

I Note Down The Number of Pages Read into The Book Track

I can’t say that I read too much. On average, 7-8 books per month. Reading is a habit. And like any good habit, this one also needs to be instilled: read consistently for 20-30 pages a day and over time you will understand that the book has already taken an important place in your life.

How to choose a book to read? I would advise you to subscribe to 2-3 book bloggers with similar preferences in literature, read reviews on books, and the pain of choice will disappear by itself.

How to read a lot and regularlyHow to read a lot and regularly

Regularity is important in reading. Set big and small goals, go towards them systematically, do not look for excuses for yourself, and do not forget to praise yourself for your successes. And the first successes and achievements are also very motivating. The main thing is to start!

I have a book tracker, where I enter the number of pages read every day, and since I am a neat writer, I am terribly pleased with the three-digit numbers in the tracker. 🙂And I also really like buying new books, and they need space. By the way, I donate all the books I have read to subscribers because I believe that the book will live at least one more life.

Start small – 20 pages a day, and then the number will grow by itself when you realize that you really like the book and want to know the continuation of the story. The book tracker also helps and disciplines well.

“Blog and Subscribers Motivate To Read”

Listen to advice, but choose for yourself. Read the reviews of trusted bloggers, study collections of books on various topics – in them you can find something close to what you have already read and liked. Before choosing, read the first couple of pages – if it takes too long, then this is your book.

I read 5-7 books a month. The secret is simple – in order to read, you need to want to read and give preference to reading, and not other activities. If reading is a priority, then in your spare moment your hand will reach for the book, and not for the phone or TV remote control. And yes – read any free minute and put your phone away.

What helps to read a lot and regularly? Blog and subscribers. You know that people are waiting for you to read the book and talk about it – it is very motivating. Joint readings are also good at motivating – I try to hold them on my blog once a month.

In a pleasant company, reading is more interesting, more fun, and there is always someone with whom to discuss the book. How to read a lot and regularly

To develop a reading habit, grab an engaging book – not one you never finished reading in school, but one that grabs you so you forget to eat. Carry the book with you everywhere to read in any situation – on transport, in line, on the playground.

If you are a human plan, then set yourself a goal, for example, 50 pages a day. But! Throw away uninteresting books and don’t force yourself to read when you don’t feel like it at all.

 You Should  Love Reading

If you don’t know what to read, subscribe to book bloggers with similar literary tastes and you’ll forget what “I don’t know what to read” is.

The simple truth is that in order to read a lot, you need to love reading. I do not possess the technique of speed reading, I read books for my own pleasure, 10, sometimes 12 books are published a month.

You can develop a good habit – reading every day before bed, for example, for 30 minutes, then it will be an integral part of your life.

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