How To Spend Your Weekend Wisely 2022: Best Ways To Have Fun With Value

How To Spend Your Weekend Wisely: Changing activities over the weekend can help you regain strength and rest. And if the activity is good for the environment, pride and self-respect will be added to pleasant emotions.

How To Spend Your Weekend Wisely

Asya Wildt, head of social projects and charity at Leroy Merlin, tells how to have a good rest and make life around a little better.

In order not to waste time, think over a plan in advance and combine business with pleasure. If you love nature, search city forums for outdoor environmental events. If you play sports, sign up for a city marathon. Or provide targeted assistance to those who need support the most.

Conduct A De-Clutter At Home

Decluttering is not a trivial cleanup, but the first step to conscious consumption and an exciting experience. In the process, you can find things that you have never used or do not even know why they are needed.

Decluttering will help to bring cleanliness and order in the house, to realize how pointless consumption is, and not so much is needed for a comfortable life.

You can also help people by donating excess clothes to the reception center for the needy, and donating unnecessary books to the nearest library.

How to spend your weekend

Take A walk of Good Deeds

If the weekend is caught by surprise and you have not had time to plan anything, just leave the house and go for a walk. Set a goal to do 10 good deeds.

Any little things are taken into account: pick up the garbage and throw it into the trash can, help the young mother bring the stroller into the staircase, hold the door for an elderly person, slide the open sewer hatch cover, cheer a crying child on the playground, compliment a stranger.

Come Out For A Big Cleanup

Take part in a big clean-up day – help clean up trash, plant trees and flowers in the city park. Organize spring cleaning in your house, invite neighbors to tidy up the playground, paint benches, arrange flower beds.

After working together, treat everyone to homemade cookies. Participants will get a good mood, a beautiful courtyard, and warm neighborly relations.

How to spend your weekend

Sign Up For A Bike Ride

If you are into sports, check the city portal about the major sports events that are planned for the coming weekend. Choose a comfortable distance, challenge yourself and go for a race or bike ride.

How to spend your weekend

The parks often host volleyball and football competitions or table tennis tournaments for children and adults. You can act like an organizer and create such an event in your yard.

Contribute To Architecture

Another good thing for the weekend is community work to restore monuments and other architectural objects. Various companies, such as Tom Sawyer Fest, together with Leroy Merlin, regularly hold such events in different cities, providing building materials and tools for the restoration of objects.

You can join their team and make your city more beautiful.

Become A Volunteer

The desire to help people can be directed to social facilities. You will be welcome in hospitals, orphanages, hospices, nursing homes. You can do important routine work or organize creative evenings and concerts to make people feel warmer and happier in difficult circumstances.

You can also work in dog and cat shelters, where there is always a shortage of volunteers.

How to spend your weekend

Discover interesting places in your city

Explore your hometown and its history. Perhaps you will discover unusual places that few people know about. Add their photos and coordinates to the city’s online map to increase the tourist attraction of the city.

Gambling will help you feel like a tourist in your hometown and learn about places you haven’t been to before.

Plan a trip to nature

You can expand your search for interesting places and go out of town. Perhaps you live on the banks of a beautiful river or in a conservation area. Plan a real expedition: take high-quality photos, describe the area, find out interesting details.

It can be rare plants and animals, a special ecosystem, famous springs, or historical facts associated with this place.


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