How To Study Online For Free: Top Free Online Courses

Don’t know how to study online for free? Currently, there are countless online courses on various topics and you can find them on different online course pages that we will show you later, there are no longer any excuses to study from home, so keep reading!

The internet has facilitated the possibility for higher education centers to offer online university degrees, which allows them not only to reach more students but also allows many people to train professionally.

How To Study Online For Free

You no longer have to waste time in heavy traffic to attend classes, since to study online, you only need a laptop and an internet connection. There are paid online courses, but the economic factor should not be a problem either, since there are also free online courses.

Whether you want to learn English, business, cooking, programming, marketing, and advertising, in short, it is only a matter of choosing and deciding to make the commitment to be self-disciplined in your training.

Free Online Courses

The first option that we want to present to you to study online for free is through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which are distance learning methodologies, whose classes are taught by various highly recognized universities.

One of the greatest advantages of studying a MOOC online is that you do not need to have degrees, diplomas, or certifications to access any of its types of online courses.

Another advantage that MOOCs have is that you don’t need to arrive on time for classes with a virtual or face-to-face teacher (as in the traditional way), plus you don’t have the pressure of having to deliver work on a specific date, because you can study at the pace that your time allows.

What you should take into account is that MOOCs have a time limit when it comes to availability to be taken, since they are not necessarily open for more than a year.

List of Online Course Pages

Within the pages with free online courses, there are some that within their courses, offer free certifications once you have finished the modules of the course you chose, although they are of short duration, some may take longer than others, let’s see below a list of pages to study online :

1. Google Activate

In order to provide a solution to the lack of employment in the digital market in Spain, Google Spain together with the EOI (School of Industrial Organization) and the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), started online training courses, let’s see a few that offer certification:

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing: If you want to learn new skills in online marketing, study online for free this basic training in digital marketing that lasts 40 hours, in 26 modules, and is created by Google.
  • Cloud computing: It lasts 40 hours, in 7 modules, created by the EOI and this training is developed in conjunction with for Google.
  • Electronic Commerce: It is 40 hours long, divided into 8 modules and the EOI is the creator of this course for Google.
  • Digital skills for professionals: It takes 40 hours to complete, it is divided into 7 modules and the Santa María La Real Foundation is the one that has created this online course for Google.
  • Mobile App Development Course: It takes 40 hours to complete this course, it is divided into 8 modules and the Complutense University of Madrid is the one that created this free online training for Google.
  • Introduction to web development course (HTML/CSS) 1 and 2: A free online training that is divided into 2 separate courses, the first and the second part, the first lasts 40 hours in 5 modules and the second takes 40 hours and is divided into 4 modules. Both have been created by the University of Alicante for Google.
  • Personal Productivity: It takes 40 hours to complete, is made up of 8 modules, and is created by the Santa María La Real Foundation for Google.
  • Digital transformation for employment: It lasts 40 hours, it is made up of 4 modules and its creation is thanks to the EOI for Google.

If you acquire certification in any of the courses mentioned above on this Google platform, you will be able to enrich your CV, but it will also help you obtain useful knowledge for entrepreneurship or boost your business.

2. Coursera

Another online education portal, this platform that offers free online courses, currently more than 190 Universities and prestigious companies receive collaboration from Coursera.

This platform has courses for beginner, mixed, intermediate, and advanced levels, taking into account that you can also find courses to acquire knowledge and skills in multiple topics such as:

  • Computer programming.
  • Psychology.
  • Languages.
  • Behavior.
  • Evaluation.
  • Grammar.
  • Algorithms.
  • Innovation.
  • Problem resolution.
  • Analytics.
  • Architecture.
  • Climate change.
  • Analysis of data.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Power engineering.
  • User experience.
  • Artificial neural network.
  • Negotiation.
  • New media.

Among other.

Many of the courses to study in this online education portal have the advantage that they are in different languages, so it is recommended that if you are looking for a specific course, you filter the category, of course, you want to study by the language you want to study. master, let’s see some of the courses that this online learning platform has :

Leading Countries in Online Education

  • Learning to learn: Course to learn various methodologies or learning techniques that will enhance your way of acquiring knowledge, even in topics that you may consider difficult to learn. If you want to learn how your brain learns, this course is available to be taken in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

    The duration of this course is 15 hours, where 4 hours in video format, 3 hours of exercises, plus 3 hours of additional materials are suggested.

    This curriculum is offered by McMaster University and the University of California at San Diego.

  • Successful negotiation online course: If you want to know the steps to have a successful negotiation, as well as being able to close contracts that represent good profitability, then this is for you.

    To complete this training offered by the University of Michigan, you must go through the different modules in video format, the duration is approximately 15 hours, it is available in Spanish and English and at the end of these modules, you can take a final exam to so get a verified certificate. 

  • English course for business and entrepreneurship: You can enroll for free in this course created by the University of Pennsylvania, but even if it does not have a certificate, you will be able to enrich your knowledge of topics related to work at an international level and you will even learn how to compose a business plan, learning the English that is used in the world of commerce.

    This course for beginners, in which you will be able to learn the ways of researching the market, as well as the strategies to see opportunities, is made up of readings and video conferences, the approximate duration to complete this training is 25 hours, in which 5 weeks of study are suggested, using 2 to 4 hours per week.

  • Machine learning online course: Machine learning is used to make computers work without the need to program them explicitly.

    If you want to know the machine learning strategies that work best, as well as the best ways to implement them, but also about innovative practices for machine learning and artificial intelligence, be sure to access this online training created by Stanford University, which has an approximate duration of 56 hours to be completed, made up of video format and reading in 18 modules, each module has a quiz.

  • Social Psychology Course: This beginner-level training, offered by Wesleyan University, will help you understand how behavior works because some people or groups of people have preferences for someone in particular and not for another type of person.

    One of the advantages of this certificate course is that if you take it, you can receive a free membership to join the Social Psychology Network

    If you want to learn more about social behaviors, you can register for free, its approximate duration to complete the training is 39 hours, divided into 7 weeks, and is in the video, reading, and quiz format in their respective modules.

  • Course to create the first Android application: This course focuses on projects, you will be able to learn to carry out the design, and creation of your original mobile application for the Android system, in addition to being able to distribute it.

    The difference between this course is that it is focused on students who have previous knowledge in handling the Java programming language.

    If you want to acquire skills in mobile application development with the Android platform, you can register for free in this course, which is estimated to take approximately 19 hours to complete.

    It is usually divided into 4 weeks of study and is made up of modules in video format, readings and quizzes in their respective modules and is available in English, offered by CentraleSupélec.

  • Wind energy course: If you are thinking of starting a career in wind energy engineering, you can start off on the right foot by taking this training offered by the Technical University of Denmark.

    A rational understanding of how wind energy works, as well as knowing how a wind turbine can be used to generate energy with the help of the wind, is what you can achieve in this training.

    Its duration is approximately 17 hours to be completed, divided into 5 weeks of study, where it is recommended to study at least 7-8 hours a week and is made up of videos, reading, and quizzes within the respective modules.

  • Innovation management course: Through this course for beginners, you will be able to learn about various tools that are usually used for the implementation of innovation projects.

    If you are interested in learning how companies create various strategies for marketing products, as well as how innovation projects should be chosen and managed, then you can enroll at no cost in this training offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

    This training is available in the English language, has a duration of approximately 9 weeks, and is made up of videos, reading, and quizzes in its modules, plus a final exam.

  • Free computer architecture course: If you want to learn how you can carry out the design of the computer architecture of microprocessors that usually represent the complexity and at the same time are modern, you can take this training for free.

    This course is available in English, offered by Princeton University, it is advanced level and is divided into 9 weeks, taking into account that the training is in video format, reading and an exam at the end of the last module.

So far I have mentioned only 9 of the many courses that are available on this platform, but without a doubt, it is worth taking advantage of this valuable knowledge that is taught free of charge by prestigious universities around the world.

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3. EdX

One of the best free online education platforms is EdX, founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it provides MOOCs for non-profit purposes and the training is first-hand, in more than 120 institutions associated with this platform, we mention some such as:

  • University of California, Berkeley
  • The University of Texas System
  • Australian National University
  • Boston university
  • University System of Maryland
  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of British Columbia

Among other.

Without a doubt, one of the online learning platforms that help people break down the obstacles that conventional education methodologies can represent, such as the price of educational plans, location, or admission processes.

This platform to carry out your studies online, has courses for popular topics such as economics and finance, engineering, computer science and computer science, languages, ​​and also the topic of managing companies, let’s see some of its courses below:

  • Personal data protection course in the digital age: If you want to learn about how personal information should be treated online, as well as the management of the privacy of users who browse the internet.

    If you have a website, in which you usually collect data from your visitors or you want to start collecting data from potential customers who visit your website, then it is essential that you learn about how to safeguard the privacy of users who visit your website. , in order to comply with the legal regulations that establish the protection of personal data on the internet.

    This introductory level course has a duration of 5 weeks, is taught by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, is available in the Spanish language.

    The training is free of charge, but once you have completed the modules, you can purchase a verified certificate by paying the sum of $49.

  • Technological entrepreneurship course: If you want to start a venture in the technological advances market, but you don’t have know-how in this free course you can learn to identify opportunities and successfully plan a type of business related to technology.

    This intermediate-level course offered by the Carlos III University of Madrid lasts 6 weeks and is available in the Spanish language.

    If you wish, once you finish taking the modules, you can purchase a verified certificate for the price of $50.

  • Course on The brain and emotions in language: If you want to know how emotions are usually expressed through words and develop better emotional intelligence that allows you to communicate more effectively, then this course is for you.

    This free course taught by the Universidad del Rosario, introductory level and available in the Spanish language, takes approximately 5 weeks to complete, you can obtain a verified certificate for the price of $49.

  • Digital Economy Course – Regulatory Aspects: Free training available in the Spanish language, which takes 4 weeks to complete, given by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, introductory level, for those who wish to learn about the legal aspects in the digital economic sector.

    You can sign up for free and if you want, you can get a verified certificate for the price of $49.

  • Introductory C Programming Course: For those who want to learn the C programming language, this introductory-level course in the field of computer science can be taken whether or not you have computer programming experience.

    This free online training is given by the Autonomous University of Madrid and has a duration of 4 weeks to complete, it is available in Spanish and if you want to acquire a verified certification, you can get it by paying the sum of $49.

  • Upper-Intermediate English Course – Globalization:   If you do not know how to carry out letter writing effectively, through the proper use of tenses in how verbs are conjugated and you want to increase your grammar levels in the English language, then this is a good option to learn.

    This course is part of a series of 4 MOOCs in the English language, it is made up of a video format, readings, exercises, and more, which will help you to enhance your level of English, taught by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

    To complete this intermediate-level course, you must dedicate 3 to 5 hours per week, in order to complete the 4 weeks of this training, taking into account that in case you seek to obtain a certification, you can obtain it by paying $50.

  • Mandarin Chinese course for business: The Mandarin language is undoubtedly one of the most profitable options in terms of language learning, as it allows you to communicate with the Chinese community in order to conduct business in one of the largest communities in the world. world, in fact, it is the most spoken language worldwide.

    This free intermediate-level course taught by the MandarinX institution is currently available in the English language, lasts 6 weeks and verified certification can be acquired by paying the sum of $99.

  • Introductory course to software engineering: This is one of the most demanded disciplines since both large and small companies require this type of professional profile and if you are looking to start a career in the world of technology, this is one way to get into on the right foot.

    Learning what software is and how it is composed is something you can start by registering for free in this training, which lasts 5 weeks, available in Spanish, taught by the Autonomous University of Madrid and you can acquire a verified certification. once you finish the modules of this free learning, for the price of $49.

  • Course on Videogames as a means of effective communication: Do you want to learn how to design videogames and then take advantage of them to transmit a message effectively?

    If you answered yes, then this course teaches you the essential fundamentals of designing critical video games.

    As you already know, video games tend to attract a large audience, since they tend to go viral relatively easily, taking into account the interaction generated by a large number of users, so using them as a means of communication is one of the most popular strategies. effective.

    Here you will be able to play various video games and you will learn how to carry out the design of a video game that you can later use as a channel to communicate effectively.

    This free online training course lasts 5 weeks, taught by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, currently available in the Spanish language and you can obtain your verified certification for the sum of $49 once the course is finished.

These are not all the courses available to study for free on this platform, there are many more, although it also has courses that are professional online certifications that do require paying to access them, they are worth the investment.

Free Online Degrees Around The World

How to study a career online for free? So far we have talked about various free online courses, but if you want to have more professional and renowned training, then you will surely be interested in free online university careers and that is what we will talk about next.

Free Online Careers in Argentina With The Universidad Austral

Whether you are in Argentina or any other part of the world and want to take free online short courses offered by the Austral University of Argentina, which makes available through the Coursera platform, massive online courses for topics such as :

  • Learn to program with Python.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Statistics applied to business.
  • Basic concepts for the study of the environment.
  • Risk coverage with futures and options for agribusiness.

You simply have to go to the Coursera platform to create a user account and thus be able to access the different courses offered by this prestigious university within this platform, in which you can do your studies online on the subject that interests you the most.

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Free Bachelor Degree Online

Are you wondering how to study for an online degree for free? Fortunately, today it is possible to access the free online university that allows you to take various online study programs that accredit university degrees that will undoubtedly help you enrich your knowledge and therefore your resume.

Let’s see below a list of free online university courses for a bachelor’s degree, taught by various distance universities …

  • Bachelor’s degree in food safety: Taught by the Open and Distance University of Mexico (UnADM) for those who wish to study online for free and train as professionals in food management in Mexican territory.
  • Bachelor’s degree in health services management: If you want to train in the management of health institutions, you can register to study this educational program for free online.
  • Bachelor of Applied Nutrition: Do you have a vocation for nutrition? If your answer is yes, then studying a free online career to train as a nutritionist and thus be able to work either in public or private institutes may be for you.
  • Bachelor’s degree in health promotion and education: This is one of the free online careers ideals for those who have a vocation to promote the physical well-being of people. 
  • Renewable energy engineering: Water, solar radiation, and air are renewable energies. If you were looking for how to study renewable energy engineering online for free, here it is.
  • Law Degree: Do you have a passion for law? You no longer have an excuse to study for a law degree online for free. The UnADM law degree program has specialties that make it unique, such as environmental law, computer law, and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in criminal matters.

Free Online Engineering Degree

While some prefer bachelor’s degrees, others take the path of studying some engineering. Fortunately, the new educational models allow the distance university to make this possible. Here is a list of free online university courses that offer an engineering degree:

  • Engineering in environmental technology: In case you want to contribute to combating the environmental crisis in Mexico, this online educational program taught by the UnaDM could interest you.
  • Biotechnology engineering: Once again the UnADM comes out with its distance study programs. Do you want to train as a professional in the application of technology for health, food, or biodiversity conservation? If you answered yes, then you can study one of their free online university degrees in biotechnology engineering.
  • Computer systems engineering: If you are a technology lover and do not know what to study online for free, then studying with the Virtual University of the State of Guanajuato (UVEG) a systems engineering may be your solution.
  • Project Management Engineering: Do you have an innovative spirit? If your answer is affirmative, you may be interested in training as a professional capable of implementing improvement strategies in companies or organizations with the UVEG.
  • Industrial engineering: This profession will open many doors for you as it has a broad field of work, encourage yourself to study this profession online with the UVEG.

Free Online Technical Careers

  • Higher university technician in medical emergencies: Taught by the UnADM for those who want to train in the intervention of medical care in emergencies that arise as a result of a natural disaster.
  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate: In Spanish, it is known as the “Google IT Support Professional Certificate”. It is one of the free online short courses that you can take with the Grow With Google initiative. This certification program is one of the most recommended for those who are looking for short careers to study online for free.

    This online educational program is ideal if you want to gain technical support skills and open up new opportunities in information technology. Many of the students who have completed this program have been able to complete it in a period of 3 to 6 months.

How Can I Study For a Bachelor’s Degree Online For Free?

The Open and Distance University of Mexico (UnADM) offers free online careers for undergraduate programs.

I hope you like the article. If you have any questions regarding how to study online for free comment below, and we will try to answer your questions.


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