iPhone is not only the main source of income for Apple but also the most popular smartphone in the world. Although the percentage of iPhone sold in 2016 was only 20%, 95% of users were satisfied with it.

After the release of the first version of the device in 2007, the mobile device market has changed beyond recognition. It cannot be said that Apple invented the mobile phone, but it was they who added the smart prefix to the devices.

All manufacturers, consciously or not, began to imitate the “apples”: the screens have increased, all applications have begun to appear, the phone has become closer to its user. Some even argue that there has been some cult following for the iPhone, but this can be considered little more than a healthy commitment to higher quality technology.


In 2016, Apple released new gadgets, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the iOS 10 operating system. New color schemes were introduced, giving the smartphone a new, premium look. iOS 10 has made fundamental changes to the smartphone system. In addition to the refined design and 3D Touch technology, the power of the devices and the quality of the camera have increased.

Whether you are a longtime iPhone enthusiast or are just getting started with the system, the system has some features that you most likely have not even thought about.


Most experts say the iPhone’s security is top-notch. Of course, there are some bugs in iOS, it’s still a human-made platform, but all the same, access to many systems is impossible for an outsider.

The iOS system implies a required password. At first, it consisted of only 4 digital characters, then the number of characters increased to 6, and now letters have been added to the numbers. This is called Free Code (letters + numbers). To install it, you need to go to Settings> Passcode & Touch ID. In the window for changing the password, you need to click on “Password options” and select an Arbitrary code (letters + numbers).

You can set any password length, but it is optimal to set from 6 to 12 characters. Although it takes longer to type such a code, the security-only increases. Just try not to forget! Also, you should not put data available to everyone as a password, such as date of birth or your own surname, again for reasons of reliability.


Template iMessage replies
Have you ever been to an important meeting or something like that, but at the most inopportune moment you hear a phone call? Of course, in such a situation, you are unlikely to be able to answer the caller. You can just ignore it and then listen to the voice message left by the other person, or take advantage of the new iOS feature: iMessage Quick Reply. This will reassure the caller that you saw the call, even though this is an inconvenient moment for you.
Depending on your iOS version, for a quick response, you need to either swipe up the call screen and select “reply with a message” or click the “Message” icon next to the reply bar. There are three messages by default in iOS:

  • Sorry, I can’t speak now;
  • On the road;
  • May I call you back?

Of course, you can also create your own message. For a friend, you can add to the templates “Since when did we start calling each other? What are you doing? ” However, there is only room for three messages in the window, so adding a new one will have to sacrifice one of the old ones.


Call back reminder
In addition to a template reply to a message, you can set a reminder to call back later. The installation method is again different depending on the iOS version. On versions 9 and 10, you simply click the Set Reminder button above the response bar. In earlier versions, swipe up and select Set Reminder to do this. Unlike template messages, you don’t have a choice of text.


There are only two options:

  • Remind me when I am at home / Remind me when I leave;
  • Remind me in 1 hour.

The first option requires your address to be set on the iPhone as home. And the timing of the reminder also depends on the geographic location. So if you are very far from home, do not be surprised by the “remind in 2 hours” option. But the iPhone will only know how far you are if the GPS function is turned on. This is not a way for the world government to keep an eye on each of us, but a simple function to make it easier to use the gadget.


Different calls for different contacts
Wouldn’t it be great to know who’s calling you without even looking at the screen? This is possible if you set individual ringtones or messages for some contacts.

To do this, you need to go to the “Contacts” application, select a contact and click “Edit” in the upper right corner. Scrolling down below, you will find the “Ringtone” and “Message melody” fields.

In the Ringtone field, you can select an entry on your phone – from standard ringtones to songs purchased from iTunes. Click “Message Ringtone” to do the same for each contact. You can also select the type of vibration in the windows of individualization of contacts. You can invent your own vibration rhythms by tapping the screen.

Now you may know that you don’t even need to reach for the phone when your annoying ex calls or you should hurry up because your mom starts to worry.


Taking a photo while shooting a video
Imagine: you are shooting an important moment for you on your iPhone, but suddenly you realize that you need to take some more photos. How to proceed? Do you really have to stop recording to go into photo mode? Of course not.
Now you don’t have to stop recording exciting moments to take a couple of photos. Just click on the camera icon while recording. It can be found on the screen next to the video recording button.

But remember that the quality of such photos will be much lower than those taken with a regular camera. This is due to the fact that when shooting, you use video sensors instead of sensors of a real camera. But in a moment of urgent need, even such photos will be the way out. The quality of the shooting will not get better if you play videos and take screenshots while viewing, although there is also such a function.

The dual camera of the new iPhone 7 Plus has a much more sensitive sensor, so even photos taken in video mode will be of decent quality.


When it comes to photography, there is another trick for her. If your iPhone doesn’t have optical image stabilization (even if it does), you can use the headphone keys as a shutter button.

Plugin your headphones, open the camera app, and when you’re ready to take a photo, hit the volume button. This will prevent the phone from wobbling when you bring your finger to the shutter button.

You can also take selfies this way. Just place the phone, for example, on a windowsill and press the button on the headphones. The advantage of using headphones for this is that photos come out more natural if the phone is as far from your face as possible. In addition, selfies taken in this way look much less funny from the outside than using a monopod for this purpose.


Symbols using the keyboard
Did you know that you can add many characters directly from your iPhone’s keyboard? End copying characters from other applications. It’s easier than you think.
The next time you are typing a message or e-mail, try holding down one of the keyboard keys. Then a selection of symbols will appear above some of the keys. It will take a while to get used to this because different keys offer different additional characters, and not every key has additional characters.

For example:

  • Press and hold Latin vowels to add accents: a, e, I, o, u.
  • Press and hold! To add?.
  • Press and hold? To add?.

In older versions of iOS, you could hold down a character keyboard key and select a character without lifting your finger off the screen, as you would when choosing a keyboard language. In later versions, this was not possible. Apparently, Apple has removed this feature.


How to Use Shake to Undo/Redo on iPhone - YouTube
Popping your fingers at random at the small screen of your iPhone will inevitably end up in the wrong place. But don’t worry, help is on the way! The next time you make a mistake, whether you mistakenly deleted an entire sentence or just typed it up, simply shake the gadget to undo the action.

Apples Health Benefits

In this case, a window will appear prompting you to undo the last action. Make sure to hold the iPhone level while shaking. In newer versions of the operating system, the cancel button appeared on the keyboard itself, but it is visible only in landscape orientation and on the iPad keyboard.

Unlike the undo button on your keyboard, you can use the shake to undo feature for more than just removing a typo. For example, let’s say you accidentally sent an important email to the trash can. A familiar wave of the device – and the letter can be returned. Try to explore this convenient feature for yourself, but don’t drop your phone or end up in a hospital, enthusiastically waving your gadget in the middle of the street.


Back to top
All the previous chips can be called useful with enviable success. However, this is exactly the function that you are in dire need of, but do not think about it. The next time you flip through a long letter, article, or note, click in the middle of the notification bar (about a clock) so that the system takes you to the beginning.
Tapping the top of the screen works in all apps except those that have this type of functionality built-in. So if that doesn’t work, look for a dedicated key.

In some applications, you can undo the rewind to the beginning, perhaps the phone shake feature works here as well. The function is quite simple, and therefore works in all versions of iOS that participated in the test.


Find on page
So, now forget about going back to the beginning. This feature will change your life. The next time you explore a site in Safari, use the Find On Page feature. This is especially useful when the site is not adapted for mobile devices and therefore it is inconvenient to use the zoom and frantically search for the necessary information.

You can also find a word or expression on a page in a browser on a MacBook by pressing CMD + F. To find this function on an iPhone, click on the “Share” icon and select the magnifying glass icon.

Then enter any word or phrase in the box, and the system will find matches on the page. If there are several references to this combination, the arrows at the bottom of the screen will provide navigation between them. Matches are easy to spot: each will be highlighted in yellow.

You can also search for a word by entering it in the URL box at the top of the Safari app. You will be shown a list of links from history or your bookmarks; if you scroll down, you can see “On this page.” -> “Search”.


Save PDF Pages to iBooks
This feature is useful if you want to save an article so you can read it later (although you can also use Safari’s Reading List to do this). It is much more convenient to convert the page to PDF and then save it to iBooks.

If you want to save the page, click on the Share button in the Safari app, and then look under the Save PDF to iBooks options. This is suitable for any web page, especially HTML. The system immediately converts the page and saves it to iBooks, where it can be read at any time.


The only drawback of PDF pages is that they are preserved in their original form, which means that you have to zoom in manually to read the small fonts. Each page is also automatically saved to iCloud, from where it can be read via iBooks on a Mac. You will find your pages in a separate folder if the synchronization of your computer and mobile device was successful.


How to Identify Any Song Playing + Integrate to Apple Music - Using SIRI -  YouTube
Next time you hear a good song on the radio or played by a friend, consider using Siri to find the song. Of course, it is more usual to use Shazam for this purpose, but if your phone is limited to 16GB of memory, it is better not to download unnecessary applications.

How can you do this? Just like in Shazam, just ask Siri, “What song?” And she will try to find a song. The search result will be a link to either iTunes or Apple Music, from where you can download it. This is especially handy when you consider that Shazam does not offer this feature.

We have already tested the capabilities of the electronic assistant on several songs. Some say that Siri only recognizes songs from Apple Music / iTunes, but that seems like nothing more than fiction. You have to try hard to find a very unpopular song that she will not be familiar with. As with all questions, if the assistant cannot find the song on the Internet, she will launch an Internet search.


Search by Apps
There is no doubt that your iPhone has a search function. It doesn’t matter what search engine it is configured for, but no Internet user can do without a search. Did you know that you can search not only on the Internet? Search is now extending to iPhone apps as well. With the introduction of iOS 9 and 10, it became possible to search not only the applications themselves in the huge list of downloaded ones but also some information inside them, such as the name of the document in notes or a reminder.

This is possible thanks to the latest encryption systems common to all applications. However, not every application has yet switched to a new type of encryption, so you will have to ask the developers to update some utilities.

Using the search box, you can receive Siri suggestions for searching within the system, as well as searching the Internet. Where exactly the search will be made is in iTunes, App Store, and nearby locations. Many people no longer open Safari to search the Internet and do not manually dig over applications, because there is a search box for this.


Share your desktop
This feature only makes sense if you are using a Mac or some other iOS device. The latest versions of the software have the ability to create a shared desktop to work on multiple screens at the same time. You can copy images and text from one gadget there, and they will be displayed on another.
The desktop can be shared for two minutes, then the screen will return to its original position. This feature is especially useful for presentations or training. Naturally, the devices must be on the same wi-fi network, AirDrop, and Bluetooth. Then full desktop synchronization will be achieved.

It is not known if there is a limit to the size of the images that the user shares. However, if you want to share high-quality images like DNG or PSD, it’s better to use AirDrop or some other service for this purpose.


Emergency call
Of course, it’s best that you never need this feature, but just in case, it’s better to know how to activate it. It is available on iPhone and Apple Watch. The emergency call is automatically activated if you press the power button of the device five times in a row. Then the phone will emit a warning tone and start a countdown from three to zero. This is necessary so that you can cancel the call if, for example, your child accidentally activated it. After three seconds, the phone will automatically contact the rescue service.

The feature can be disabled by going to Settings> General> Emergency Call. It’s worth noting that this feature only appears in iOS 10.2, not earlier versions. You can customize the call, for example, mute the countdown sound.

You do not need to search and type in the emergency number in your country, the iPhone automatically detects this and contacts local services.

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