Madonna Net Worth 2022: Biography, Income, Concerts, Salary

How Rich is Madonna

Madonna Net Worth 2022: Madonna has been delighting her audience for an incredible 30 years. She is one of the best-known and most successful singers of all time. Madonna has an estimated fortune of around $850 Million.

She has received countless awards throughout her long career, including 10 Grammies and 2 Golden Globes. Of course, she has long since been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. So today we will be talking about Madonna’s Net Worth.

Madonna Net Worth

ESTIMATED INCOME 2022$75 Million
BirthdateAugust 16, 1958 (63 years old)
Born inBay City, Michigan, United States
Marital statusDivorced from Guy Ritchie
JobSinger, actress, producer, fashion designer, director
Full nameMadonna Louise Ciccone
Height1.64 m

Madonna has sold a total of 270 million records over the course of her career and has been one of the highest-earning singers for many years. The business magazine Forbes estimated the income at its peak at over 75 million US dollars per year. Madonna has an estimated fortune of around $850 Million.

An Incomparable Career

Music, dance, and acting accompanied Madonna from an early age. While still at school, she took piano and dance lessons, was in theater groups, and did cheerleading. Her dance teacher Christopher Flynn in particular recognized her talent early on and took her to theater performances and events and even to the gay clubs in the city of Rochester. 

In one of these clubs, she met the producer Stephen Bray, who had great credit for her later hits.

After successfully completing high school, Madonna moved to New York. She first kept her head above water with odd jobs with low wages, later she received engagements as a dancer, singer, and drummer for various dance groups and bands. 

At this time she was already writing her own songs and making contacts in the record industry. Her first single called “Everybody” sold 250,000 copies. Her album entitled “Madonna” was released in 1983 and sold 16 million copies.

Always Good For a Scandal

Her next single “Like a virgin” heralded Madonna’s career as a “scandal noodle”. When she performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, she appeared in a white wedding dress, which drew strong protests from the self-proclaimed moral guardians. But these critical voices fueled the cult of Madonna even more.

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Her followers celebrated every outfit and every new provocation of hers. And she’s had plenty of those over the years.

In 1986 her next album “True Blue” was released. It reached number one in the charts in 28 countries and sold a sensational 25 million copies. To this day, the singles that came out of it are true classics of pop history: “Papa, don’t preach”, “La Isla Bonita” and “Open your Heart”.

The album Like a Prayer followed in 1989. The video for the single of the same name drew representatives of the Catholic Church onto the scene, as Madonna used church symbols such as the cross and Jesus for it. 

The horror continued when Madonna, even more, provoked her outfit and sexual gestures during live performances to her single “Like a Virgin”. And her video for the single “Justify My Love” also showed extreme revealing and suggestiveness. 

However, all these declarations of war against prudery and ecclesiastical values ​​were well calculated. Madonna was always in control of what she did. The highly intelligent entertainer (intelligence quotient 140!) founded her first production company Maverick with part of her fortune.

At the beginning of the 90s, music became almost a minor matter for Madonna. Her album “Erotica” was again strongly sexually influenced, so it was only distributed in the USA with a note on youth protection.

Appropriately, the illustrated book “SEX” was published, in which Madonna showed herself naked and in clear positions. It sold 1.5 million copies and sold out within days.

In the following years the albums “Bedtime Stories” 1994, “Ray of Light” 1998, “Music” 2000, “American Life” 2003, “Confessions on a Dance Floor” and “Hard Candy” 2008 were released “Ray of Light” with 26 million sales.

In contrast, her 2012 album “MDNA” sold rather moderately with 2 million. The associated tour, on the other hand, was a great success, during which Madonna was able to bring in 212 million euros in gross sales with around 70 performances

That certainly appealed to the concert promoter Live Nation, with whom she had signed a contract for 112 million euros in 2007 and who could certainly still contribute a decisive part to her wealth.

Career As An Actress

In addition to singing, Madonna’s passion has always been acting. In contrast to her singing career, her activities as an actress were not always quite as successful. However, the start went quite well. Her first feature film “Susan… Desperately Wanted” was well received in 1984.

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This was followed by further appearances in the films “Dick Tracy” in 1990, “A class of its own” in 1992, and “Body of Evidence” in 1993. In 1996 she was able to get the role of Evita Peron, for which she had been trying for years. “Evita” became the most successful musical film in the 90s. 

Madonna received a Golden Globe for best actress. This should also remain her greatest success in acting so far. Unfortunately, the films “A Friend to Fall in Love with” and “Stormy Love”, released in 2000 and 2002, were not particularly successful.

The Eventful Private Life of Madonna

Madonna was born as the third of a total of 6 children to parents Silvio Anthony Ciccone and Madonna Louise Ciccone. When Madonna was just 6 years old, her mother died of breast cancer.

Madonna’s relationships with men have always been complicated. Her marriage to her first husband Sean Penn only lasted four years from 1985 to 1989. After that, she had various affairs until she got together with her fitness trainer Carlos Leon for three years in 1994. From this relationship comes the daughter Lourdes Maria

The television station ABC is said to have paid 1.4 million euros for the first recordings of the child.

In 1998, Madonna met director Guy Ritchie at a party with her colleague and friend Sting. The two become a couple. In August 2000 their son, Rocco was born. In December of the same year, Madonna and Guy Ritchie married.

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In the fall of 2006, the couple visited the African country of Malawi together, visiting aid organizations and orphanages there. In one of them, they meet the five-year-old half-orphan David and decide to adopt him. Two years later, Madonna and Guy Ritchie announced their split. 

Allegedly, Madonna will pay Guy Ritchie around 77 million euros from her assets after the divorce. This amount also includes real estate worth around 17 million euros.

Alone, Madonna visited Malawi again in 2009. There she meets the six-year-old orphan girl Mercy and decides to adopt her too.

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