Mbappe to Real Madrid: Why does the club give millions for Mbappe?

Real Madrid intends to acquire the most expensive footballer in the world, PSG striker Kilian Mbappé. Mbappe to Real Madrid: Why does the club give millions for Mbappe?  Listen to the news

Creamy is counting on the 22-year-old striker to join the team in the current transfer window, but the Parisians are rejecting one offer after another. Mbappe himself is ready to continue his career in Madrid, while negotiations between the clubs are dragging on.

Mbappe to Real Madrid

Why is Real Madrid so eager to get the Frenchman? How much does PSG ask for their player? “” talks about what is happening around the transfer, which may become one of the most high-profile events of the football summer.

Long-Standing Interest

“Real” and Mbappe, Mbappe and “Real” – the history of the relationship between the most titled club in the world and the most expensive footballer on the planet has been going on for almost eight years. For the first time, Madrid tried to acquire a Frenchman when he was only 13 years old, and he played for the famous school in Paris “Clairfontaine”.Really wanted the young player, in whom the Spaniards saw great talent, to move to their academy.

Negotiations were conducted personally at that time by the head coach of the second team of the Madrid club, the 1998 world champion Zinedine Zidane, but Mbappe and his parents decided that it was too early for Kilian to move to another country. The footballer stayed in France, and two years later signed his first professional contract with AS Monaco. As time has shown, this step paid off.

Meanwhile, Real continued to follow the young talent. Even when Mbappe moved to PSG in 2017, signing a five-year contract. Moreover, it was since then that rumors began to appear regularly in the press that the creamy dreamed of a football player, were constantly in touch and called to him. By that time, Kilian was already in the status of a rising star in European football.

The Frenchman’s move to Madrid became truly real only in 2021. In the summer, there was more and more talk that Kilian wanted to change clubs. And Real made the first offer to PSG: 160 million euros for the striker. So why did Mbappe want to leave the French capital?

The Messi Factor

The transfer of the icon of world football, Argentinean Lionel Messi from Barcelona to PSG seemed like a dream come true for the French club. The Parisians have acquired the most recognizable player on the planet, a genius with whom you can win all the trophies and, finally, conquer the Champions League. But the transfer of Leo brought the bosses of PSG not only incredible joy but also a considerable headache.

Messi to leave Barcelona after failing to overcome contract 'obstacles'


Less than a week after the Argentine signed a two-year contract, the news appeared: PSG star, 2018 world champion in the French national team Kilian Mbappe wants to leave Paris. And to do this already during the current summer transfer window, that is, until August 31st. The main contender for the player is Real Madrid.

The French press claimed that the arrival of Messi was the trigger. The allegedly proud Frenchman wants to be at PSG on special conditions, an unconditional number one, because he is sure that he deserves it. Do I consider myself a star? I think yes. If a person’s face is found all over the city and around the world, this is so.

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Being a Star

Being a star is a matter of status, but it doesn’t make me any better than others. Should players be friends? No. Like a baker, you don’t have to be friends with other bakers. You don’t have to have dinner with your teammates every day to win.Kylian MbappeFrench national football player

Only in the attack of the team, does Mbappe have to compete for a place on the field and for public attention with other stars – Neymar, Mauro Icardi, and Angel Di Maria. And then PSG launched a grandiose transfer campaign in the summer, taking on the European champion, goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, Champions League winners Sergio Ramos, Ashraf Hakimi, Georginio Wijnaldum, and, of course, Messi. Against the background of such a scattering of superstars, the role of the prima in PSG for Kilian was not guaranteed. Especially with Messi. The Frenchman would inevitably fall into the shadow of the great Argentine.

“Mbappe – The Future of Football”

Mbappe has every reason to speak of himself as a star. By the age of 22, Kilian became the main forward of PSG, won the World Cup, and received the status of the most expensive footballer on the planet. The International Center for Sports Research (CIES Football Observatory) in the winter of 2020 estimated the player at 262.5 million euros. Mbappe remains the most expensive football player in the world even now.

True, the price per player dropped to 160 million euros, which does not prevent experts, coaches, and even world football stars from admiring him.  He is a fantastic player, very fast, and he will only progress in the future. Cristiano Ronaldofive-time Golden Ball winner

At the age of 15, Kilian signed his first professional contract with AS Monaco, following the path of the legendary French striker Thierry Henry. A year later, he made his senior football debut in a match against Caen and even scored a goal in the French Championship, becoming the youngest player in Monegasque history to do so. 

Soon the footballer became the main striker of AS Monaco. In the first full-fledged 2016/2017 season for the red and white, the Frenchman scored 26 goals in all tournaments, including six in the Champions League, which attracted the attention of the whole world, and most importantly, helped his club break PSG’s hegemony and become the champion of France.

After a brilliant season, many European giants wanted to get the young talent right away. But the main contender was PSG, which was rapidly gaining momentum in the transfer market, having bought Barcelona star Neymar in the summer of 2017 for a mind-boggling 222 million euros. 

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The Parisians managed to negotiate the lease of Mbappe, but with a mandatory ransom for 180 million euros, which was a record for players under 20 years old. The forward immediately joined the team and together with it became the champion of France. For the next three seasons, Kilian was the main striking force of the capital club – each time he won the League 1 scorers race

Kilian turned into a real star and finally established himself in this role after the victory of the French national team at the 2018 World Cup. At Russian stadiums, the striker showed the full spectrum of his talent, scoring four goals. And the goal against the Croatian national team in the final became the cherry on top of his performance at the World Cup.

And for winning the world championship he received about 500 thousand euros in prize money. True, the footballer donated the bonus to a French charitable organization engaged in the sports activities of sick children and children with disabilities. At the same time, Kilian explained that he does not need money, which is not surprising, since by that time he was earning more than 15 million euros a year at PSG.

The Frenchman continued to be admired. Mbappe received generous compliments, including from legendary compatriots. Mbappe resembles Ronaldo in the manner of play. 

“Pay or Play With a Golfer”

After it became known that Real Madrid was ready to take Mbappe this summer, the classic transfer saga began. Fans stocked up on popcorn, and conflicting information appeared in the press almost every day. Some insiders reported that Mbappe announced to his entourage that he was not going to leave PSG. 

Others say that the player is unhappy with the situation in the team and is determined to leave, having turned down several offers, including a new five-year contract with a salary increase to 25 million euros per year.

Real put an end to the rumors when on 24 August they offered 160 million euros for Kilian. PSG refused. Moreover, the proposal of Real Madrid caused a violent reaction in the camp of the Parisians: “They behave incorrectly, even illegally, as they have been in constant contact with the player for two years. 

Mbappé decides the date on which he will finally resolve his future

This is unacceptable and wrong for us. Real Madrid’s offer is far from assessing what Kilian is today. We still owe Monaco some of the money. We will not hold anyone back. But the players must leave on our terms. Real Madrid’s offer is not big enough, ”said the Parisian sports director Leonardo.

The brother of the owner of PSG, Sheikh Shahad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, added fuel to the fire, on the one hand, sarcastic about the Madrid offer, and on the other, making it clear that they should increase the amount for Mbappe.. Or end the season with a golfer, ”he tweeted, alluding to creamy midfielder Gareth Bale, who is not always in the main squad and is known for his love of golf.

The statements of the PSG representatives did not bother Real. Two days later, Madrid increased the amount to 180 million euros. But this figure did not impress the bosses of the Parisian club. They expect to bail out even more for Mbappe.PSG asks for 180 to 200 million euros from Real Madrid for Kilian Mbappé.

The Frenchman himself has not yet commented on the situation with a possible transfer to Real Madrid. According to insiders, Mbappe will be sympathetic if PSG doesn’t sell him now. Kilian is willing to wait until the winter transfer window, and if need be, until next summer

PSG head coach Mauricio Pochettino said that the Frenchman continues to train and prepares along with everyone for the French championship match against Reims, which will take place on August 29:

The position of our president and sports director clearly defines the situation for him. Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi trained well before the match against Reims. They will definitely get into the line-up, but we will decide later whether they will start at the start, ”said Pochettino.

Unlike the noticeably nervous Parisians, Madrid remains calm. And they don’t worry, even if Mbappé’s transition doesn’t take place in the summer: “He is a great footballer, but we also have good players. We have to compete with the best teams in the world. The Champions League with difficult matches is ahead. If we succeed in strengthening, it will be better for everyone, ”said Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti.

In any case, it seems that the transfer of Mbappe to the Madrid club is a done deal. And if the Frenchman does not move to Real now, then in any case he will do so later.

Status Issue

If the Mbappe transfer does take place, it will be the perfect solution for everyone. This is a win-win-win situation. Last season was unsuccessful for both PSG and Mbappé. The capital club lost the championship to Lille and could not overcome the semi-final stage in the Champions League, losing to Manchester City, and the forward, together with the French national team, failed the European Championship without scoring a single goal. Such failures can affect anyone.

Mbappé does not look unmotivated in the new season, in three matches of the French championship he scored two goals, but moving to a club like Real is a new challenge.

Of course, Real is most interested in the transfer. The Madrid club has only one world-famous forward – Karim Benzema. For a team that sets itself the task of winning all tournaments, this is not enough. In addition, the unspoken superstar position is vacant at Real Madrid.

The “Royal Club” faded in image after the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. And this summer, the symbol of Real Madrid, its captain, defender Sergio Ramos, who spent 16 years on the team, also moved from Madrid to Paris. The acquisition of Mbappe for Madrid is small revenge from the Parisians and the first step towards returning the status of the most powerful club in the world.

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Finally, the transfer of the Frenchman will allow Real Madrid to once again claim titles, including the victory in the Spanish Championship and, of course, the Champions League. The last time the creamy won the main club tournament in Europe in 2018, and in Madrid, they would certainly like to return a half-forgotten sense of great triumph.

PSG is in the most difficult position. The Parisians have the last chance to bail out a substantial sum for Mbappe. There will be no other such opportunity. In winter, six months before the expiration of the contract, the Frenchman will cost much less, and in the summer he will receive free agent status at and will be able to leave Paris for free.

At the same time, letting go of Mbappe now means being left without one of the most important players in the attacking line right before the start of the Champions League. The information appeared in the French media that the Parisians could replace Mbappé with the forward of Borussia Erling Holand.

It is unlikely that such a complex transaction will be completed in the days before the transfer window closes. It looks like PSG is willing to lose money to try to win the Champions League. Or will we still see Mbappe wearing a Real Madrid jersey before the fall?

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