10 Funny Reasons Why Men Are Smarter Than Women

One of the hardest things about building a relationship is that both partners think one is smarter than the other. In a healthy relationship, there are always conflicts that arise from this type of conversation: “ I’m right. “No, I’m right .”

Men Are Smarter Than Women. While I cannot talk about same-sex relationships, men and women can love each other, but agreements are not always a way out of the situation, and some couples do not even think about it. In most relationships, the debate is about who is smarter? »Happen frequently and constantly.

Why Men Are Smarter Than Women

So guys, here are 10 points that you can take on board and apply the next time your sweetheart says something ridiculous. My girlfriend and editor are women, and more than once one of them chased me with a sharp object while I was writing this. 


The first point I can make here is that the vast majority of women make an effort to beautify themselves, which, in my opinion, is completely unnecessary. I don’t encourage them not to do this, but any woman who puts on tons of makeup to look attractive in hopes of pleasing a man puts a lot of effort into it when most guys drool over her from the beginning.

Let’s be honest guys, all straight people are attached to women since birth, and most of them are ready to jump into bed, just know that the girl has been taking a shower at least in the last 3-4 days.


Reality Show Film! by Ron Knight — Kickstarter

This point has become less and less relevant in recent years, as many sources come to the conclusion that reality shows are disappearing from television screens, but for the time being, statistics have shown that women still watch such programs more often than men. In terms of entertainment, though, reality TV is the worst of the worst. 

The Bachelor, The Social Life of the Kardashians, and, of course, all those horrible talent shows are just a waste of time and are as close to reality as films for adults, where the job of a pizza delivery guy ends up in an orgy in a university dormitory.

It doesn’t seem easier to learn life by watching American Dad than all that rubbish. For anyone who is now perplexed by pointing out that men also watch talk shows, the vast majority of these programs for guys are about construction, exploration, and survival in the wild. This is the difference.


Men know they need to be happy, and they get it in simple ways. Food, sleep, sex. Everything else is just an addition. It is a sign of the phenomenal self-discovery that many men have. Women are less likely to reduce their existence to such simple things.

The need for time for girls, yoga, manicure, pedicure, shopping, 23 lattes a day, and of course time to relax, because one phrase “I just can’t right now ” indicates that they have a lot of turmoil in their lives. Just like the Reality Show section, this point is less and less important, because men increasingly complicate their existence.


As long as the guy is a hypersensitive whiner, he can laugh at himself. In most cases, he can accept any kind of humor, including jokes about him, his mom, and/or his girlfriend. Women are much more often offended by laughter, but they have the wisdom to laugh at themselves.

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If someone becomes the target of a joke, no one will earn respect by enjoying the fact that people make fun of the person. On the other hand, combative humor with anger and overreaction inevitably leads to further ridicule.


To begin with, I would like to thank the women for enduring the ordeal of having a baby. In fact, pregnancy seems awfully cute, so thank you. But my point here is that if we were required to do this, we would not accept such discomfort. Let’s imagine a Universe in which men would need to endure childbirth: the first action is to call your best friend and ask him to hit him on the head 2-4 times with a baseball bat and get the baby out as quickly as possible.

A mobile conversation will be something like: “Hey,” insert your best friend’s name here “, come here with a bat and hit me 2 times, make sure I’m breathing and call a doctor. Thanks dude, I owe you! “. Some women do what is called drug-free birth, which is commendable, but the thought is terrifying. Men can’t stand this kind of thing. Are we cowards? Maybe. Or maybe we just found ways to get around annoying things.


This is very clear and simple, men say what they think, and women – in riddles. Here’s a simple example: Jack goes to the store and asks, “ Hey Jill, I’m going to buy more condoms and beer, can I get you something? “. Jill might say something like “ I love being pampered sometimes,” which translates as “ Buy a chocolate bar and a bottle of wine .”

This translation was not invented by men, but Jack will inevitably be reprimanded for returning home with chips and sauce. On the other hand, Jill will go to the store herself, and Jack’s reaction will probably be, “ Thank you, baby. I’d like six cans of beer and an average pizza. ” No translations, only clear, clear information.


I think this is the last time you saw a man and a woman in the car, discussing why they hadn’t arrived yet. The woman will probably chastise the gentleman without stopping and asking for directions, and the man will defend his position, indicating that there is no right direction and that he has taken a scenic route.

 10 Funny Reasons Why Men Are Smarter Than Women | Rean Times

It’s always true. Not a single man has been lost yet. Our innate navigator is flawless, and any guy who seems lost has thought of this trick carefully to rise above those around him. This is a pretty fun game.


A dog is a friend of a man. Girls’ best friends are diamonds. Perhaps this is just a viral status that I saw on Facebook, but a diamond is not just a stone that costs ridiculous money just because people say so.

The dog serves in many ways. She will protect the house and family, help in the hunt. And if you have it, and the house is guarded, and the day was terrible, the dog will cheer you up. If we judge a person by company, men win. 


If a guy cries for no reason, he is probably insane. This is a reason to cry, so it’s appropriate to say that men don’t cry. Women cry for no reason and at this time can be charming, but sometimes crying is accompanied by blind rage – it’s scary.

But back to the first question. If a guy cries, Han Solo died, the dog got sick, the favorite team lost (World Series, Stanley Cup, final, whatever). For women, it can be hormones, a sad movie, or, as usual, for no reason.


Last but not least, men have been in charge for over 2,000 years. Yes, there have been some powerful women throughout history, but for the vast majority of times, men have been in charge.

Men have been able to manipulate people, advance into high society, and force others to do their will for centuries, and although women are gaining more power these days (as in Germany, for example, and see how it works), for the most part, men are – they still control everything.

So these are 10 Funny Reasons Why Men Are Smarter Than Women. It took a bunch of cunning gimmicks, strategies, nepotism, and betrayal to maintain status. This may be a terrible truth, but it is impressive.


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