Top 10 Most Addictive iPhone Games 2022

Time too much? Then install one of the following games on your iPhone (often also available for Android) and that time disappears like snow in the sun. The following are the 10 most aAddictive iPhone games.

10 Most Addictive iPhone Games

Here are the 10 Most Addictive iPhone Games.

10. Draw Something

Is anyone still playing it? A year ago, Draw Something was one of the most played games on iPhone and Android. The app was downloaded 50 million times in 50 days. Zynga was then willing to pay $180 million for this addictive game.

9. 4 Pictures 1 Word

Four pictures with a match, you can find it. Simple, but very addictive.

8. Cut The Rope

A classic, Cut the Rope. Help the sweet monster Om Nom get his candies by cutting the ropes with perfect timing and finesse.

7. Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular building strategy game. You build a village with the intention of preparing a Viking-like people to conquer other players’ villages. The more you build, the better your attack and defense. More, means keep playing and therefore addictive.

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6. Plants vs Zombies

Defend your house against goofy zombies. Not with weapons, but with the help of plants with special functionalities. Bizarre, but very addictive!

5. Fruit Ninja

Another somewhat older game, Fruit Ninja. Chop as much fruit in half as possible. Sounds boring, but it’s very addictive!

4. Tiny Wings

There is probably no simpler game than Tiny Wings. You can control your bird with ‘one tap’, you can play endlessly which makes the game very addictive.

3. Temple Run

Run, run and run some more. Temple Run is the most popular endless running game ( see our top 10 here ). The idea is simple, keep running, jumping, diving and tilting as long as possible, every time you want to go further and therefore very addictive.

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2. Angry Birds

For years the most popular game on the iPhone, but recently knocked off the throne by the number one. But of course you still want to get those pesky pigs with your birds. And then also in space, in the Star Wars universe and in all seasons.

1. Candy Crush Saga

The newest, and arguably the most addictive game ever, Candy Crush Saga. Actually, it’s nothing but Bejeweled. The developer has a very clever connection with Facebook, so you can see how far all your friends are, and of course you want that too!

How much time have you already lost playing these apps?

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