7 Unusual And Most Effective Business Strategies 2022

Of course, you can build a business using ordinary methods, but there are some unusual and most effective business strategies from which you can create something new and popular, you cannot do without innovation. To do this, you need to find the courage to go ” untrodden ” paths, not to be afraid of risks, and to introduce innovations.

“ Intuition is a lot of the great. They initially know everything they need. ” Alexis Carrell

It is not always possible to explain the decision not to follow the usual business patterns. Even if you cannot explain why this is the right choice, you need to be able to follow your premonition. 

This same intuition will be the main source of strength and motivation in the event of a venture.

Next, we list extraordinary, but working methods of business development


This advice sounds crazy, doesn’t it? However, he was the one who helped Craig Newmark build one of the most popular classified sites in the world. It all started with a simple mailing to friends, now Craiglist is available in 570 cities in 50 countries in the world!

Despite its popularity, most of Craiglist’s features are still free for all users, with the exception of some special announcements. This extraordinary approach has allowed Newmark’s brainchild to reach a market price of over $ 400 million.

Refusal from monetization allowed the project to achieve fame and rapid growth in the audience. And only after the formation of a huge number of loyal users, Newmark began to provide paid features.


Unusual And Most Effective Business Strategies - Rean Times

“ If you helped others to achieve your dream, that’s a success .” Ray Leonard

Do not refuse to help others for fear of competition. Cooperation can easily return in the form of unexpected opportunities, new clients, services for you in the future.

Do not forget the old adage, “ what you sow is what you reap ”. By giving support to others, you yourself are getting closer to your goal.


Exclusivity attracts many, people are even ready to buy an unfinished product, just to get it before others. This distribution method is often used by the creators of software and premium websites.

Such buyers will bring the first profit, and they will also help to find out all the flaws and defects of the product before it goes to the general market.


Outsourcing is one of the modern ways to reduce costs. By hiring temporary performers for certain tasks, you can reduce the number of permanent staff. Experts from Asia have proven themselves very well.

Outsourcing will allow you to find the best performer for a task that you consider important, for a fee below market.


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This advice will seem trivial, but many aspiring businessmen in the heat of work begin to neglect their health. The poor physical condition often leads to a decline in business due to a lack of strength and desire to work.

Try to treat your health as a valuable business asset. To maintain it, you will need healthy eating, sports, meditation, and normal rest. You can also follow the example of many successful individuals who start their day with wellness activities. Remember that without good health you will not be able to complete a project.


A sedentary work pattern leads to health problems, fatigue, and slow mental processes. Michael Dell, Charles Dickens, Thomas Jefferson, and many others have dramatically increased their productivity by moving to a standing workplace.

Thus, you will not only burn more calories but also get more space and freedom of movement. All this will lead to an improvement in the physical and mental condition. Some scholars argue that a sedentary lifestyle is more detrimental to health than smoking e. Therefore, this advice should not be ignored.


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Sometimes our dreams provide answers to problems in everyday life. For example, it was the subconscious that led Albert Einstein to form the theory of relativity. Everyone also knows the story of Dmitry Mendeleev, according to which he first saw the famous table in a dream. 


So these are the some unusual and most effective business strategies from which you can create something new and popular, you cannot do without innovation. If you learn to decode signals correctly, dreams can be a bottomless source of inspiration.

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