Top 5 Most Expensive Football Trophies in The World 2022

Most Expensive Football Trophies in The World: Winning matches and winning trophies are the main goals of any football team. Cups of the most prestigious tournaments are valued by football fans all over the world.

Since football is the most popular sport in the world, a lot of money is invested in the “beautiful game”. Therefore, it is not surprising that football cups have a high monetary value. 

Most Expensive Football Trophies in The World

Here are the five most expensive football trophies in the world.

5. Serie A –  € 55,000

The Serie A trophy, which is awarded to the winner of the Italian top division at the end of each season, is worth €55,000.

This cup is called the Coppa Campioni d’Italia and has been played since the 1960-61 season. However, until 2004, the trophy was never presented at the stadium to the winning team. Previously, it was awarded at the headquarters of the winning club.

This custom was changed in 2004 and the Serie A champions have received the trophy at the stadium ever since.

4. African Cup of Nations – € 127,000

The 5 Most Expensive Football Trophies in The World: Rean Times

The real value of the Africa Cup of Nations trophy reflects the importance of the championship.

The cost of the Africa Cup of Nations trophy is €127,000, more than double the value of the Serie A trophy.

3. Ballon d’Or – € 508,000

Lionel Messi has more than €3.5 million worth of Ballon d’Or trophies in his closet. Yes, yes, the most prestigious individual award in football is worth just over €500,000.

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The French news magazine France Football awards the Ballon d’Or to the best player in world football at the end of the year. The Ballon d’Or trophy is particularly richly decorated and, according to some reports, weighs about 12 kg.

2. FA Cup – €1 million

Such a surprise. The FA Cup is the second most valuable trophy in the world.

The current cup is an exact copy of the 2014 model and is made of 6.3 kg of silver. British luxury goods company Thomas Lyte spent 250 hours creating this magnificent silver piece.

Arsenal is the most successful team in FA Cup history. They won it 14 times. Manchester United is second with 12 FA Cup wins.

1. FIFA World Cup Cup – € 17 million

Naturally, the most prestigious trophy in football is also the most expensive. The FIFA World Cup is the most expensive trophy in the world. Its real value reaches €17 million.

It is made of 18-carat gold and has two malachite rings on the base. Its weight is 6.1 kg. The award is magnificent: its main part depicts two human figures holding a globe.

It is the most recognizable trophy in football and will again be awarded in Qatar this year.

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