Most Intelligent Dog Breeds in The World: Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds: You may be surprised at the number of intelligent dog breeds. These ten “Einstein” dogs have two qualities: the ability to quickly learn new commands, and their execution by more than 95%.

At a time when not every dog ​​can make it on this list, recent research by Dr. Brian Hare has shown that most of them are far smarter than one might imagine.

This article provides an overview of the smartest dog breeds mentioned in Dr. Stanley Coren’s groundbreaking book, Dog Intelligence. These greatest breeds include guard dogs, workers, doctor dogs, and police dogs.


Let’s get to know these outstanding minds of the canine world!


Australian Cattle Dog | 10 MOST INTELLIGENT DOG BREEDS

There are many reasons people are encouraged to have dogs of this breed! These beautiful animals are the result of a unique cross between a shepherd dog with a marbled blue coat, brought from England and the Australian dog Dingo.

Energetic and hardworking, they are very active. They really enjoy outdoor games, command execution, shepherd challenges, and flyball.


How to Care for Rottweilers in Heat: The Ultimate Guide – The German Shepherder

The ancient Romans used these dogs for driving livestock, transporting carts and guards. Being in the circle of family and friends, this breed is distinguished by a kind disposition, as well as strength and courage when it is necessary to protect them. Careful training and constant communication are key to transforming puppies into good adult dogs.


Premium Photo | Papillon dogs in studio
The name of this breed came from the ears of the dog, similar to the graceful wings of a butterfly. Back in the 16th century, portraits of royals often depicted small spaniels resembling these animals. Papillons are active, socializing, and easy to train, being the smartest among dwarf breeds.


67,075 Labrador retriever Stock Photos | Free & Royalty-free Labrador retriever Images | Depositphotos
It is the most popular dog breed in the United States, named for its place of origin, the coast of Newfoundland with its cold currents. The short, thick coat, webbed paws and thick tail help this intelligent dog swim long distances in cold water.

In addition to hunting, Labradors are very often recruited by people as rescuers, in providing medical care and training other dogs. In addition, they successfully participate in dock diving competitions.


How Often Do Shelties Go Into Heat? – Embora Pets
The Sheltie is very similar to the Miniature Collie, although it is a variety of the Icelandic Sheepdog breed first discovered in the Shetland Islands. Thanks to these small dogs, a unique breed of shaggy collie dogs was subsequently bred.

The playful and energetic Sheltie is equally at home in the countryside, working on the farm, and in the city, demonstrating agility, good flyball performance, and accuracy in command execution.


How Much Does A Doberman Pinscher Cost? - TheGoodyPet
For the first time, this breed of dog appeared thanks to a German who works as a tax collector. She acted as a defender of his property. Modern dogs are much less aggressive and are wonderful friends for their owners, they love to play and have a very loyal character.


COMPARATIVEECUADOR by fernandpe1999 on emaze
Originally from Scotland, this popular breed of dog was bred in 1865 by crossing a yellow-haired puppy from the litter of a black curly-haired retriever with a Spaniel water dog belonging to Baron Tweedmouth.

This friendly dog ​​with great looks continues to dominate the service dog in terms of training, agility, and command. But most of all, retrievers love to be in a home circle.


German Shepherd Guide Dog Breed Complete Guide | AZ Animals
This breed was standardized by breeder Captain Stefanitz in 1889 with the aim of producing a useful and intelligent dog.

As a result of the development of Germany, demand for them declined, and von Stephanitz began working with the police and kennel clubs to develop a set of dog protection and obedience tests known as the Schutzhund.


How many types of poodle are there?
Poodles make it onto the list of the smartest dog breeds every time, and not only because of their breathtaking haircut. This intelligent dog was originally bred in Germany to hunt waterfowl.

Throughout history, they have skillfully performed many functions in various situations, from grazing livestock to delivering medicines to the wounded. These hunting dogs are distinguished by a loving character, good learning ability, intelligence, and a sense of humor.


Here's What 576 Border Collies Gathered in One Place Looks Like | Mental Floss
And finally, no list of the smartest dog breeds would be complete without mentioning this beautiful animal. Originally known as the Scottish Shepherd, this dog is native to the highlands on the border of England and Scotland.

Created to think for themselves and be at great distances from the shepherds, they can solve any problem on their own and maintain strong control over the flock on their own. This hunting dog knows 1,022 toy names, which is one of the unparalleled qualities of its breed.

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